jenna pretty little liars


“prettylittleliars: the gAme is coming to an enD. April 18th. @Freeform. 🚨 #PLLEndGame”

okay but

the writing on the back of the car was LITERALLY the same as when Noel wrote on Ezra’s car, same sentence

and the car doors open with the alarm going off has happened like two times before

and Jenna trying to kiss Toby

someone (Noel?) almost running Hanna over like Mona did

Spencer giving the girls the name necklaces like Ali gave them the bracelets

Jason and Aria

is this season 1 or season 7 because i’m confused


Emily: Girls Wanna Bang Me So I Don’t Want Your SAUSAGE

Ezra: Grown Man But I Give Underage Girls My SAUSAGE

Alison: Found Guilty In Court So I’m Never Getting SAUSAGE

Hanna: I’m Kinda Hungry Right Now So I Could Eat A SAUSAGE

Aria: Ezra Ezra Ezra… Huh? Oh, SAUSAGE

Toby: Hate Being A Cop, Tanner’s Always On My SAUSAGE

Spencer: Handcuff Me, Toby & Gimme That SAUSAGE

Caleb: Hacking The Girls Out Of Jail So Hanna Get This SAUSAGE

Ashley Marin: Married Pastor Ted But Thinking Of Jason’s SAUSAGE

Melissa: Every Man I Had Thought Of Spencer With Their SAUSAGE

Jenna: All I See Is Black….Where Is This SAUSAGE

Mona: I’m Alive, Is It Too Late To Get Mike’s SAUSAGE

A: You’ll Never Know Who I Am So Get Off My SAUSAGE

Marlene: Ruining All Your Lives! How Y’all Like My SAUSAGE