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The Widow of Windsor:

And it was all over. Albert was dead.


“There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea is asleep and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.”

Knee Troubles- Josh Dun

From Josh

Y/N where did you go?

Received 2:58pm

To Josh

I’ll be right there.

Sent 2:59pm

You quickly removed the pack of ice off of your injured knee and made your way back to the arena trying not to limp. The night before tour began you had tripped on the stairs and twisted your knee. To say the least it hurt like a bitch. You didn’t want to tell Josh because you didn’t want to ruin the tour. Now 4 days later it still hurt and you’ve been icing it in secret.

If Josh found out he would just want to take care of you the whole time, but you liked being independent. If Tyler found out, being the brother he is, he would probably cancel tour until you felt better.

Although you were in a lot of pain you didn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

Walking into the venue you put on a smile and went up to Josh trying your best not to scream from the shooting pain in your knee.

“There you are. Where did you go?” Josh asked pulling you into a hug.

“Oh you know, just around.” you said not looking into his eyes. You couldn’t lie to Josh and after 4 years of dating he always knew when you were.

“Are you okay? You’ve been acting really strange since tour started.” he asked concerned.

“Yeah just teird I think.” he gave you a strange look as if he was trying to figure out the actual problem.

“Hey guys Jenna and I are going to explore the city for a few hours, wanna come.” Tyler asked as he interrupted Josh’s stare at you.

“Sure, man. I don’t wanna be telling my future grandkids about all the dressing rooms I got to see in the world.” Josh joked.

“Actually you go. I’m gonna go lay down I think.” you said.

“Y/N are you okay?” Tyler asked.

“Yup, just wanna sleep that’s all.” you snapped back. You didn’t mean to, but you were in a lot of pain and standing wasn’t helping.

“Okay calm down.” Tyler said putting his hands up in defense. “Are you sure you’re just tired? You’re not acting like the Y/N I know. You seem off.” Tyler asked trying to get the answer out of you.

“I’m fine.” with that you started to walk off attempting to hid your limp.

You didn’t make it far before you heard Josh and Tyler coming up behind you.

“Babe why are you limping?” Josh asked.

You just shrugged.

“She knows why. She just won’t say. Y/N you better tell us now before I get mad. Are you hurt?” Tyer said aggressively. He hated seeing you in pain. Ever since you were little he always knew what was wrong before you even did.

“Did you hurt your knee or something.” Josh asked.

You couldn’t hold it back anymore so you stopped walking and just let out a few tears.

“Yeah and it hurts like fucking hell.” you said as both of the boys held you up.

They brought you to the bus where you told them how it happened and Josh looked at it.

“Y/N it’s really swollen. I think we should bring you to the doctors.”

“Why didn’t you tell us before. We could of taken care of you.” Tyler said getting ice out of the freezer for you.

“I don’t want to ruin the tour.”

“You wouldn’t of been ruining it, you come before anything or anyone else in my book.” Josh said helping you out to the car to bring you to urgent care.

Tyler followed with the ice. “Y/N, don’t tell the others but you’re my favorite sibling.” he joked. “You wouldn’t of ruined anything. I’m seriously concerned about the swelling though.”

Once arriving at the place was really crowded.

“Guys the wait is over 3 hours. You won’t make it back in time for your show. I’ll just stay here alone.”you said.

“Um. That’s not happening. We’re staying right here with you.” Josh said.

“We’ll just cancel the show. It’s not a big deal. People will understand.” Tyler said.

“No. Please, don’t cancel it. Can you have Jenna stay with me? I want you guys to go and play for the fans. Some of them need you a lot more than I do.” you practically begged. They gave each other a look and Tyler stood to go call Jenna.

50 minutes later

“Oh my god Y/N are you okay?” Jenna asked walking into the waiting room.

“Yeah, I mean no, but yeah.” you replied. “Guys you need to go if you want to make it back in time for the show.” you said to Tyler and Josh.

“Okay keep us updated please.” Tyler said getting up.

“Seriously I want to know when you finally get seen and what they say.” Josh said standing up still holding your hand.

“I will, plus Jenna will make sure I’m okay. Now go love you.”

“I love you too.” Josh kissed you and they both walked off.

In the meantime you and Jenna talked about everything. You guys were like best friends and sisters.

When you finally got called back to be seen you texted Josh really quick.

To Josh

Hey babe. I just got called back. I doubt you’ll see this because you have a show in like 3 minutes. Anyways, good luck I love you.

Sent 8:56pm

From Josh

Of course I would see it. I love you. Keep me posted at all times.

Received 8:59pm

“So Ms. Y/L/N, we took an x-ray and we don’t see any breaks or fractures. The swelling is concerning so I say you did a good sprain on that knee. I want you to take it easy for the next week. Keep it elevated constantly, ice 20 minutes on 20 minutes off, and rest. I’ll prescribe some painkillers for the pain that will also help with the swelling.” the doctor said after examining you.

After checking out of urgent care you text Josh because there was still about 20 minutes of the show left.

To Josh

Just finished I’ll tell you more when I get back. I’m fine though, should be better in about a week.

Sent 10:35pm

From Josh

Okay love. See you then.

Received 10:37pm

After picking up the prescription and getting back to the arena you were never so happy to be in the small bunks.

Jenna set you up with some ice, elevating your leg, and some medicine before she left.

You nodded off to sleep and were woke by Josh getting into the bunk.

“Sorry babe, did I wake you?”

“Yeah but it’s fine. How was the show?”

“Great as usual. Jenna told me what the doctor said, so I want to to sleep. I love you.”

“Okay. I love you too.”

You thought the next week of being on the couch was going to be dreadful, but it wasn’t. Everyone hung out with you until they had to play a show and the Jenna would stay with you and watch movies with you. You couldn’t ask for a better brother, friend, and boyfriend. They were all so kind and wanted the best for you.

anonymous asked:

Does BMC handle having a plus sized (jenna rolan) character well? I'm so tired of things where I find out they have one plus sized and I go "great cant wait to see what they do with it." and then its handled horribly. I mean I'm always expecting tokenism/all the body related issues being projected onto that character/girl ones being portrayed as "not rly girls" etc. and I can't rly find a lot on what her character does online :P Sorry for this way too long ask

np! and to answer your question, it’s not an issue! jenna’s weight is never brought up as a topic in the musical :0c

Don’t let the past effect our future- Josh Dun

Josh’s P.O.V.

God she was beautiful. Her smile could light up a dark room, her laugh could cheer up anyone, and the way she passionately loved life made me love her even more. If that was possible. From the first day I met her, she was stuck in my mind. When she said yes to go on a date with me I saw her in my future. She was perfect. There was never a day I didn’t think about her. In the past 2 years that we had been dating she came with me on every tour and moved into my apartment with me. I loved waking up next to her every morning and I loved being able to spend everyday with her. I trusted her with everything and she trusted me. Our relationship was as perfect as it could be. She made me a better person and she completed my heart.

Today I was going to bring her to the park for a picnic. Little did she know I was going to propose to her. I woke up that morning with her in my arms. I watched her sleep so peacefully (not in a creepy way). Once her eyes started to open I kissed her forehead.

“Good morning love.”

“Morning.” she said her voice heavy with sleep. “Do you have any plans today?”

“Well I was planning on bringing this beautiful girl on a nice date to the park.”

“Well you two have fun.” she said giggling. Her giggle was adorable.

I got out of bed and made my way to the shower. The whole time I was thinking about what I was going to say when I proposed to her. I practiced a few things with Tyler but I didn’t want to sound rehearsed.

Around noon I called Tyler feeling like my nerves were gonna take over my body.

“Hey dude. Today is the day.”

“I know. I’m getting really nervous, what if she says no?”

“Your kidding right? Josh, Y/N is madly in love with you, she told Jenna that. Plus you’re head over heals for her. Don’t worry just talk to her like it’s any ordinary day.”

“Thanks Ty. I’ll call you later with what happens.”

“Good luck, go get yourself a dime piece wife like I have.”

I ended the call and headed into the bedroom where Y/N was getting dressed.

She wore a simple white top and a pair of black shorts. I started at her for too long and she caught me. God I loved he body. All her flaws made her prefect.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare or are we gonna get going?”

“Right sorry. I could help but stare you’re gorgeous.”

“Well thank you. You’re not too bad yourself Dun.” she said as she grabbed my hand and we made our way out the door.

I put everything in the car and opened the passenger seat door for her.

“I’ll be right back I forgot my phone.”

I lied and ran back into the house to grab the small black velvet box that held the ring.

Jenna helped me pick out the perfect ring for her. It was simple but I knew that’s what she wanted.

She was a shy and laid back person and this ring would complement her personality perfectly.

Once arriving at the park I took her hand and carried everything in my other hand.

“Josh I can carry stuff if you want me to.”

“No, today I’m treating you like the princess you are.”

“You treat me that way everyday.” she said with a smile.

We took the spot under the tree by the pond. It was the same spot I took her on our first date. It was perfectly shaded for a hot summer day like today and it was away from all the chaos of kids on the playground.

I placed the blanket on the ground and we sat down together.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah. What did you bring?”

“I made your favorite sandwich.” I said as I pulled 2 sandwiches out of the bag.

“Thank you. You’re the best at making these.”

We sat and ate and talked about her job and the tour that was coming up.

Once we were both done she cuddled into my side and I held her close.

“I’ll be right back, I forgot something.”

I got up and made my way back to the car to get the ring.

I was only gone for about five minutes but what I was about to go back to I never expected.

Y/N P.O.V.

Josh had brought me on a picnic date. It was perfect just like him. He was such a great boyfriend and I loved him to pieces. I had since the day we first met. Something was just so different yet special about him.

“I’ll be right back, I forgot something.” Josh stood and started to walk back to the car. That’s when I noticed a familiar looking man sitting on a bench near by.

When Josh was out of sight the man stood and came over to me.

“Let’s go.” he said. It was my ex from 3 years ago.

“Alex, what the hell are you doing here. Leave now.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. It started to bring back all the bad memories of his abuse.

“Stop it.” I said as he pulled me up to my feet.

He covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my scream and pulled me in the opposite direction the Josh just went.

“Listen up Y/N. You can’t love anyone else than me. We’re meant to be together. Leave him and come with me.” He said with a tight grip on your arm as you reached his car. You heard Josh calling you name from a far.

His grip on your arm disappeared as he put both his arms on either side of your head and kissed you. You tried to get out of his hold but he slapped you.

“Don’t be such a bitch.” you could smell the alcohol on his breath and it brought back a memory of him pushing you to the ground in an alleyway and him kicking you until you couldn’t struggle anymore.

“JOSH HELP!” you screamed on the top of your lungs and Alex pushed you to the ground, pulling your hair so your face would meet his.

“You fucking bitch. You shouldn’t have done that. Get in the car” you just glared up at him. “NOW.” His voice raising made you jump. You stumbled to your feet as you saw Josh running towards you. Alex didn’t see Josh but he had that grip on your arm again as he pushed you into the car. You sat there shaking as Alex went in front of the car to get to the driver’s side. Josh came up behind him and punched him to the ground. You quickly got out of the car still shaking walking over to where the 2 boys were on the ground, Josh on top of Alex punching his face.

“Josh stop. Let’s leave now. I wanna go home. Please.” Josh stood up and pulled you into his chest hugging you. He put his arm around your shoulder and turned to Alex who was sitting on the hood of his car holding his jaw in pain.

“Think you saved her huh? Don’t worry I’ll win her back. She loves me still. She loves how I use to hit her and I made her cry. She’s different than she use to be because of me. I made her this way and I love it.” Josh and you were already walking away towards his car as Alex spoke.

Josh turned around and let go of you. “You fucking bastard come near her ever again and I’ll fucking kill you. Got it?” Josh was in Alex’s face screaming. You never saw this sit of Josh and it kind of scared you, but it scare Alex even more.

“Thank you Josh. You’re always there when I need you the most, I love you.” You said as Josh made his way to the driver’s seat of his car. He turned himself in the seat so he was looking right at you. He held your hand and kissed your knuckles. Your shaking finally dying down.

“Who was that? What did he mean he changed you?” That’s when you realized Josh never knew about Alex. When you met Josh you had just broken up with Alex. you didn’t want to remember all the years of abuse he put you through so you never bothered to tell Josh.

“He was my boyfriend before I met you. We dated for 3 years and he wasn’t a good person.”

You stared down at you lap that held both your and Josh’s hands.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Just know I love you.”

“No it’s time you know. I kept this secret way too long and I trust you.”

He squeezed your hand as a reinsurance to keep telling your story.

“It was all fine at first but then he started to drink more and more. When we moved in together he would beat me almost daily. I thought he loved me and I was so scared so I stayed. He would do awful things to me like push me down stairs and leave me there or one time I walked on him and another girl in our bed. For some reason I just kept staying because he said he would change, when really I was the one changing. Josh I’ve not always been this shy person. I use to be outgoing and loud, but he would hurt me if I ever embarrassed him so I became a shy, scared, laid back person.”

“Y/N why did you not tell me this before?”

“I was scared you would leave thinking I was a broken person.”

“No. You’re one of the strongest people I know. I love you, and I love who you are, god I love everything about you. I saw how you were shaking. I never want to see anyone hurt you like that again. Y/N I know this probably isn’t how you wanted this to happen but,” Josh reached into his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. “Will you marry me?”

You nodded your head as tears threatened to spill from your eyes.

“Of course Josh. I love you.”

The drive back home was filled with laughter and happiness. You really did love Josh and you were happy he was there for you when you needed him.