jenna phillips

When we shot that episode [PDA] I knew I was pregnant, but I hadn’t told anybody yet. When we started shooting that episode I thought to myself, If everything goes well, this is going to be a very, very convenient coincidence. A very happy accident. -Jenna Fischer

Cast List 3-17 (Early)

Man in Bar: Ben McHugh (Frederick)
Woman in Bar: 
Ginger Kearns (Kit)
Woman in Bar: Karen Marie Richardson (Stella)
Macbeth: Erik Abbott-Main
Lady Macbeth: Sarah Stanley 
Macduff: Austin Dale Tyson

Lady Macduff: Kristin Stuart
Malcolm: Tim Heck

Duncan: John William Watkins

Banquo: Daniel Staaf
Hecate: Tori Sparks
Bald Witch: Elena Valls

Sexy Witch: Evelyn Chen
Boy Witch: Steven Apicello
Porter: Shane Jensen
Danvers: Debra Zalkind
Matron: Tina Mitchell
Nurse: Jenna Saccurato
Speakeasy: Tyler Phillips
Fulton: Colin Buckingham
Taxidermist/James: Sam Asa Pratt
Agnes: Chelsea Bonosky
6th Floor Nurse: