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Can we talk about Rosewood High’s terrible choices regarding teaching staff?

You got Emily over here overstepping professional boundaries and blackmailing a student, Alison crazy ass is grabbing somebody’s child like she done lost her mind, and Jenna calling her all types of bitches out in the open with witnesses lmao 😂 they be wildin’

how pll characters reacted to finding out who a.d. is
  • aria: who IS this monster? but like really, is it spencer or her evil twin?
  • alison: but *I* was supposed to be the one with an evil twin
  • caleb: ...seems fake but okay
  • emily: whaaaat
  • ezra: i wrote a whole book about alison and her friends but i missed the fact that there were TWO spencers? fffff
  • hanna: why are there two spencers? shit i think i really do need glasses
  • jason: i have ANOTHER SISTER?
  • jenna: lmao i knew who she was before all of you and i only have four senses
  • mona: you would make a great doll for my parisian dollhouse
  • peter: i have ANOTHER KID?
  • spencer: i know i should be more scared but imagine how much shit i could have gotten done with two of me
  • toby: WHAT THE FUCK
  • wren: *shining bright like an eternity stone*
In the Eye Abides the Heart

Epsiode 7x15 is called ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart’. This is originally a German song by Franz von Kobell. I rewatched 3x03 and noticed a few things.

In episode 3x03 (Kingdom of the Heart) Aria and Jenna play the song together.

And at the end of the episode Mona sings the song as well.

Mona is also seeing holding the Queen of Hearts card.

There has been a lot of references to hearts when Aria is around, in episode 5 and 7 of season 3 for example.

I always had the feeling there was something between Aria and Mona. Now we know that Aria is going to the dark side. Maybe she’s working with Mona?

We still don’t know what Aria whispered in Mona’s ear that made her break down in tears and run off.

In 3x03 it is revealed that Jenna has her eyesight back. So maybe in 7x15 the liars find out Jenna can see again! 

Notice that Jenna reads her Braille differently in 3x03 than in 7x11. I read that the most efficient way to read braille is to use both hands. But I don’t know alot about Braille so this could be nothing. I read that the braille she’s reading in 7x11 is actually nonsense and doesn’t corelate with what she says.

This is also the episode that Lucas supposedly visits Mona in Radley but 7x14 revealed that Lucas was best friends with Charles so maybe he was visiting him.

So that’s everything I noticed about this episode. Please correct me or add things you find out! 


★ countdown to 7b ★
     ≈ “the darkest knight” (7x10)

Happy PLL Day!


★ countdown to 7b ★
        ≈ “along comes mary” (7x05)

PLL - Unanswered Questions!

1) Why did Sara appear to be stalking Emily in 6B?

2) Who is “AD”/”Amoji”?

3) What is “AD’s” connection to Charlotte?

4) How did “AD” end up in possession of Charlotte’s belongings?

5) How did “AD” know which hotel Hanna and Jordan were staying in 6x16, considering Jordan claimed he found the hotel randomly?

6) Why would “AD” send Alison a message about Archer, which implied that Archer knew why Charlotte left the house the night she was killed?

7) Why did Charlotte call Wren and tell him about what Melissa did to Bethany “that night”?

8) How did Charlotte find out about what Melissa did to Bethany “that night”?

9) What was Sara looking to find in the old Radley Sanitarium?

10) Who did Aria see leaving the police station after she was brought in for questioning by Tanner in 6x18?

11) Who was anonymously threatening Melissa about her taped confession to Spencer?

12) How did the person blackmailing Melissa know about the tape of her confession to Spencer, considering Spencer claimed that she destroyed the tape?

13) Who left Mary’s Radley file in the old Radley Sanitarium?

14) Who was Spencer texting in 7x01 when she asked the person how they knew Hanna was alive?

15) How was Charlotte able to regularly visit the Amish farm with Archer, considering she was in Welby?

16) How did Alison not know about Archer taking Charlotte to the Amish farm?

17) How did Alison know that Charlotte was at the church?

18) Where was Alison when Charlotte was on the phone to Mona?

19) How did “AD” know about Emily being late for her test in 7x05?

20) Considering she has been proved to be lying on separate occasions, what have been Mary’s true motives?

21) How long had Charlotte been searching for her birth mother?

22) How did Charlotte find out she was adopted?

23) Why did Charlotte lie about being Jessica’s and Ken’s daughter?

24) Why was Sara killed?

25) How did Jessica get the picture of Red Coat at “Alison’s grave”?

26) Why did Noel steal Mary’s file from Toby’s place?

27) How long had Noel been helping Charlotte when she was “Big A”?

28) Why was Mary at the blind school in 7x10?

29) Did Jenna work for Charlotte when Charlotte was “Big A”?

30) Why were Noel and Archer in contact with each other? 

31) Who used Archer’s identity to travel to France?

32) Why was Spencer shot in 7x10?

33) How long has Sydney been working for “AD”?

34) Where did Mary go after she killed Jessica?

35) When did Mary find out about Charlotte being alive?

36) Who is the father of Alison’s baby?

37) How did Mona know about the recording of Peter and Mary discussing Jessica’s death?

38) Who attacked Emily outside the Two Crows?

39) Why did the person in the SUV want the piece of metal Emily found?

Add to this list!


I love the Groundhog Day family!

Holden is Involved?

Holden. I keep thinking about his latest appearance in the # 3x06 . Emily, in that episode, discovers Holden’s tattoo. The tattoo was made at the entrance of NOEL KAHN’s party. Well, Emily also remembered in # 3x06, that the night when “Alison’s body”(it was Bethany) was stolen in # 3x01, someone took her to Ali’s open grave at the cimitery. She remembered being in the car with Jenna and NOEL and also being in a bar with HOLDEN, and there in the bar somebody left a message saying, “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.” Now, I don’t think Holden was made to come back without a sense. A character who was linked to the Noel Kahn’s party, and who returns on stage AFTER Noel’s death. In conclusion:

- In 3x01, HOLDEN brings Emily to a cafe, and apparently leaves her there. In #3x03, Jenna reveals to the liars that she found Emily on the edge of the drunk road, while in # 3x08, Noel tells the truth. They found her in a cafe alone. Jenna said, “I lied because I was protecting someone.” And again, someone left Emily the message “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.”, DON’T FORGET THAT. On a note book at the cafe where Holden took her and where she left her alone. Clearly he left the note. Shouldhe leave her alone, because it was the precise orders of Jenna, Charlotte, and all the team?

- During season 3, Holden went to the Noel Kahn’s party, and when Emily noticed the tattoo, understanding the connection with Noel’s parties, in #3x06, Holden became strange and shady, and said, “Sorry, I have to go.” . NOEL KAHN’S PARTY, one of Charlotte’s minions at the time, and A.D. before he died.

- Lastly, Holden comes back in Aria’s life shortly after Noel’s death. Because? Perhaps, with Noel’s death, A.D. need another minions and then called Holden?

I would really try to reflect on these clues that I mentioned because they’re too strange. Holden left Emily in that cafeteria because he had to. Jenna and Noel had to pick her there. He left the excuse for abandoning her. Jenna lying about where they found Emily because she was trying to protect someone that night, or the one who brought Emily to the cafeteria, HOLDEN. And don’t forget, all the plan to bring Emily to the cemetery was a Charlotte plan foro photograph her and liars in front of Ali’s open grave. Think about it.

I feel like this would of made more sense if Mary would of found Alex years ago in London when Alex ran away from the orphanage and took her back to america, Mary would explain how she had a twin sister who lives with their dad in Rosewood. Imagine the whole Charles/Charlotte story wasn’t real but Alex became friends with a girl named Cece who was also friends with Ali and dated Jason and she roped her into this whole game. Alex was jealous of Spencer’s life, she had ride or die friends, she had parents, she was rich and she also had a sister, everything Alex ever wanted but she got the short end of the stick. She hated Ali because she saw how Ali was with Spencer and the rest of the girls. A couple of times she would take Spencer’s place just to get a feel of what her life was really like. That night when Ali went “missing” it happened for a reason Alex had knew about her Aunt Jessica who was having an affair with Bethany Young’s dad and she knew how much Bethany hated Ali so she helped her escaped so they could get rid of her. So Bethany hit Ali with a rock and both girls buried her. Bethany started to freak out and so Alex decided to kill Bethany then she ran away hence that’s why Melissa saw “Spencer” with the shovel and decided to bury Bethany thinking that whole time it was Spencer who killed Ali. After that Alex decided to go into hiding for a while but always still watching (that’s where those realistic mask come to play) Of course Mona was orignal A because of her getting bullied by Ali. After Mona got caught, Alex wanted to keep the game going so she made friends with CeCe, Melissa, Wren & Lucas all while wearing a mask for them to  never know her true identity but knowing that she was uber A and that’s another reason she was always one step closer to the girls. She had CeCe go and visit Mona at Radley a couple of times to get information from her about the liars since she knew everything about them. She had CeCe wear the red coat, Melissa and Lucas wear the black hoodie at times and kept Wren close to Spencer and that’s how all of that tied in. She also had Melissa wear the black veil to Wilden’s funeral. She made the dollhouse because wanted to keep all the girls including Mona forever, she was the one dressed up with the mask on and that’s why Spencer said it felt as if she knew the person when she was really little. When the girls got out of the bunker she revealed herself to Cece and wren explaining everything making them both feel bad for her and asked Cece to take the blame for it and that she did. Alex thought maybe it was time to stop because she knew she could never be the Spencer Hastings. Alex would go and visit CeCe in radley since both girls were close, Wren also helped Cece get out of radley to live a normal life. Once Cece had gotten out that’s when Mona decided to take matter’s into her own hands and she killed her because of all the stuff she had went through in the dollhouse. When Alex was going to meet up with Cece she found out that someone killed her and became furious thinking maybe one of the liar’s killed her only best friend! That’s when she came up with the board game. She still had Melissa, Wren and Lucas wrapped around her finger so she could get them to help her. Lucas let Hanna stay at his loft which was set up with camera’s to spy on the liars. She started to pop in and out as Spencer yet again and became more addicted to being her this is also when she started to like Toby and wanted the friendship with the girls even more. When all the liars found out about Spencer having a twin they all rushed over to the house Toby build and of course Alex kept saying that she was the real Spencer. At the end of it all the real Spencer would be locked away at Welby while Alex would be living her life as Spencer and it would of been cool if we the audience didn’t know that until the end when Alex would go and visit her at Welby and have Spencer say something like “You’ll never get away with this they will know who you really are.” and have Alex turn around and say in her accent “I did though didn’t I? I’m you and you’re me.” then switch to an american accent and say “Goodbye Alex.” while walking out smiling and laughing while Spencer is yelling and screaming like a crazy person. The whole Addison ending was stupid she’s irreverent ! And for me I think that Mona deserved a better ending by her and mike getting engaged and her finally getting accepted by the liars.


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        ≈ “hit and run, run, run” (7x04)