jenna kerr


My sketchpad is full of Blake’s 7′s, because the prophecy has come to pass AGAIN and I’m re-watching it all. Send help except don’t.

Did these sketches as an attempt to get used to the characters again, since the last time I drew them, it would have been… 2008?

I also started listening to the Liberator Chronicles (the ones I can get my hands on) and oh gosh I want to draw some of the things from those. So maybe my next project…

Some rough sketches which began as a way of practising drawing Jenna in particular, since she is the Series ½ character I find most difficult to draw. Anyway, I started with ‘What if Jenna was a Formula 1 racing driver?’, which is always a good question to start with in any situation, which led to this:

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BLAKE has persuaded the enemy to fight in the rebellion!!

JENNA attacks! The attack does critical damage!!

VILA is afraid and cannot attack!!

GAN’s limiter prevents him from attacking!!

AVON has found the enemy’s weakness. CREW ATTACK +3!!

CALLY has sent a telepathic message to the enemy. The enemy is frozen!!