jenna jonathan

the signs as mpgis characters
  • aries: Brittnay Matthews
  • taurus: Deandra the New Girl
  • gemini: Mackenzie Zales
  • cancer: Trisha Cappelletti
  • leo: Shay van Buren
  • virgo: Matthew Derringer
  • libra: Jenna Darabond
  • scorpio: Rachel Tice
  • sagittarius: Tanner Christiansen
  • capricorn: Ashley Katchadourian
  • aquarius: Jona(than) Getslinhaumer
  • pisces: Saison Marguerite
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“Feathery” - All-stars

This might be my favorite all-star routine yet. I loved the moving prop and how much they danced on and through it. The choreographers were super creative coming up with different ways to interact with it. I especially liked the section after the cube was opened all the way, where they paired off dancing with Robert in the middle.

The musicality in this dance was incredible. They popped where I never expected it to happen. I love when musicality is used to this extent in contemporary! I don’t know why it’s so rare to find on this show, but I’m really glad they’re using it more and more because it’s beautiful. This choreography was so fluid and I loved it with this song. The use of the different levels in this dance was really amazing as well. There was always something going on on the floor and on the cube.

This dance was put together so well. I loved it.


“This isn’t suppose to be funny, that’s my serious moment! I’m gonna do it again and I want you all to cry.”


Having friends like you, really did change me. You made me know that good things are possible. It’s not really common to come by. And I’ll remember you guys for it. So between the tour and rehearsals and me cutting an album right after, I won’t be seeing you guys for a while. Maybe even a long while. You know we’ll keep in touch, but it’s not going to be the same. And I think that we’ve all had enough group hugs that can last us a lifetime. So I want to say goodbye my way, with a song. And then I want to walk out of here like I’m gonna be seeing everybody in Glee club tomorrow and like it’s not really goodbye… - Mercedes Jones

I was going to make a gif of Mercedes’ goodbye speech, but I decided to just quote it here, because it was such a great speech and it summed up how I feel. I fell in love with these people over the past 6 years. Thank you for the laughter, tears, and memories.