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What is the Glee cast doing now?

  • Amber Riley: Effie White on Dreamgirls
  • Kevin McHale: He co-created +one
  • Jenna Ushkowitz: Marie on Hello Again
  • Chris Colfer: The Land Of stories is being made into a movie
  • Lea Michele: Valentina on The Mayor 
  • Cory Monteith: I miss you
  • Dianna Agron: No idea, she got married recently
  • Naya Rivera: She’s a mom now
  • Heather Morris: She’s gonna be Lily St Regis on Annie 
  • Mark Salling: hopefully he is in jail 
  • Harry Shum Jr.: Shadowhunters
  • Jonathan Groff: He is in the gap ad campaign
  • Ashley Fink: No idea
  • Chord Overstreet: His new album is out
  • Darren Criss: he is gonna be Versace on American Horror Story
  • Damian McGinty: He rejoined Celtic Thunder
  • Vanessa Lengies:  Kordie on Lego Star Wars
  • Alex Newell: He is doing things with Broadway Dreams
  • Melissa Benoist: Kara Denvers on Supergirl
  • Jacob Artist: Currently shooting Misfortune
  • Blake Jenner: Currently shooting American Animals
  • Becca Tobin: part of the Lady Gang podcast
  • Noah Guthrie: He has an album out
  • Samantha Ware: Peggy on Hamilton 
  • Billy Lewis Jr: He is gonna be in Camp Watanachi
  • Laura Dreyfuss: Zoe Murphy on Dear Evan Hensen
  • Marshall Williams: Currently shooting Supergrid
  • Jane Lynch: Co-Host of Earth Live
  • Jayma Mays: Carol Ann Keane on Trial and Error
  • Matt Morrison: Co owner of sherpapa
the signs as mpgis characters
  • aries: Brittnay Matthews
  • taurus: Deandra the New Girl
  • gemini: Mackenzie Zales
  • cancer: Trisha Cappelletti
  • leo: Shay van Buren
  • virgo: Matthew Derringer
  • libra: Jenna Darabond
  • scorpio: Rachel Tice
  • sagittarius: Tanner Christiansen
  • capricorn: Ashley Katchadourian
  • aquarius: Jona(than) Getslinhaumer
  • pisces: Saison Marguerite

Appreciation post for the queer characters of The Most Popular Girls in School, whether they’ve outright come out in the show or showed it through their actions (e.g. Lunch Lady Belinda’s massive crush on Cameron Van Buren, Jenna Dapananian asking women if they want to go make out for a bit).

there are some concept art pieces from the pre-production of “Balto” featuring Balto originally looking more like the random background dog from the beginning of the movie (behind Jenna, Sylvia and Dixie, while Dixie says “Good Morning, Jenna…”) and Jenna with orange, rather than red, fur, looking slightly more shiba-inu-ish (I’m pretty sure she was still a husky, she just looked plumper than in her finalized design).
(Yes, I could say Balto looked kind of like Aleu, but Aleu wasn’t even a thought during the production of the first movie, so I decided not to make the comparison)

Go google search “balto concept art”–there’s some seriously cool stuff to see. :3

Oh, look, and a sketchy Jonathan got in there, too….actually, he was drawn first, so I guess Balto & Jenna are the ones that crashed his party…


“This isn’t suppose to be funny, that’s my serious moment! I’m gonna do it again and I want you all to cry.”