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also fun anecdote:  i had the english ap test this morning which just absolutely fucking wiped me out in terms of being able to deal with people.  so my off period comes up and i have a group of people i’m not especially good friends with who have this habit of continuing to talk to me whenever i attempt to escape them and i was like “god damn, i am not going to get to do anything they are just going to talk to me and i am going to be grumpy and it will be awful”

but i show up, decide to sit down and watch snk because i’m in the process of rewatching it and it’s pretty low mental presence required to follow it and after like fifteen minutes alone a bunch of them come, say hi, pull up chairs and???  quietly start watching with me????

just imagine this horde of like six extroverts plus me huddled around this little computer screen watching fucking attack on titan.  and they like politely asked me questions about to plot?  and made comments about the titan butts?  it was so nice.  so fucking nice.

  1. on a scale of one to ten (with ten being the highest) how much do you like glowsticks?

probably seven or eight? i dunno theyre pretty awesome

2. what’re you gonna do for halloween?

i was hoping to dress up as america chavez. probably gonna go to a choir party

3. if you could change your middle name to your first name, would you?

well…. i kinda like Lynn, but not as much as i like Jordan

4. have you ever spat off of a high place?

its quite possible

5. what’s your favorite kind of guitar?

the strum-y kind

6. approximately how wide is your nose?

i dunno, maybe a little less than a centimeter? 

7. can you roller skate?

yes, you know this jenna 

8. what’s the last text you sent?

“yes i will let the dog out" 

9. do you have a twitter?


10. what is the last song you listened to?

Riptide by Vance Joy 

i think my favorite levi headcanon is that when it comes to sex he’s a pretty damn vanilla like “mediocre sex in the missionary position” kinda guy.  like the fact that he’s into dudes is probably the most unusual thing about him.  meanwhile over here there’s eren who’s losing his load thinking about levi beating him into a bloody pulp and calling him a dirty whore 6-12 times a week

i have exactly four things to say about this piece of writing:

  1. i’m so sorry i ended up here, writing a/b/o fic.  this is not where i wanted to be in my life and i am so so sorry
  2. i haven’t actually read a choice with no regrets all the way through so i’m talking out of my ass.  sorry for that too.
  3. there was no nice place to split this so we’re all going to have to live with it
  4. this has been sitting in my google docs for the past few days w the title “a choice with many regrets” and i think that’s funny

but yeah anyway here’s 3k words of omega!levi

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asonix replied to your post “can i just rewatch all of attack on titan and use that as material for…”

do it

“To establish its uncharacteristically serious and somewhat offbeat tone, the Attack on Titan anime both subverts the watcher’s expectations, presenting a storyline that takes several sharp, haunting turns from the typical shounen narrative, and simultaneously allows its characters to ring wholly hollow throughout the series, letting them be an amplifier of the setting rather than people in their own right.”

i’m gonna fail the fuckin ap test