jenna jabbers

  1. on a scale of one to ten (with ten being the highest) how much do you like glowsticks?

probably seven or eight? i dunno theyre pretty awesome

2. what’re you gonna do for halloween?

i was hoping to dress up as america chavez. probably gonna go to a choir party

3. if you could change your middle name to your first name, would you?

well…. i kinda like Lynn, but not as much as i like Jordan

4. have you ever spat off of a high place?

its quite possible

5. what’s your favorite kind of guitar?

the strum-y kind

6. approximately how wide is your nose?

i dunno, maybe a little less than a centimeter? 

7. can you roller skate?

yes, you know this jenna 

8. what’s the last text you sent?

“yes i will let the dog out" 

9. do you have a twitter?


10. what is the last song you listened to?

Riptide by Vance Joy 

i think my favorite levi headcanon is that when it comes to sex he’s a pretty damn vanilla like “mediocre sex in the missionary position” kinda guy.  like the fact that he’s into dudes is probably the most unusual thing about him.  meanwhile over here there’s eren who’s losing his load thinking about levi beating him into a bloody pulp and calling him a dirty whore 6-12 times a week

lovely memories from dgm fandom circa 2008-2010

  • ffn didn’t allow links in the body of a fic and consistently recognized “d.gray” as a link so like every single fucking fic had “Disclaimer:  -Man doesn’t belong to me…” in the author’s note
  • there was this one person who was the unofficial Head of the Lavi/Tyki fandom who was a total asshole & once got into an argument with someone over whether or not she was correct to say her fanfiction organization was generally friendly when she herself was not
  • people categorizing yullen/arekan based which one of them fucked the other in the butt (but not so much with any other ship??)
  • “yullen”
  • like 5000 arts/fics of kanda with cat ears & a tail for some reason
  • literally the last fanfiction with OCs that I ever enjoyed (it’s here and actually holds up decently well for me liking it when i was 12)
  • when one of the first few episodes of the dub came out and everyone lost their shit over “mighty myoogen
  • one time i read a kink meme fill where lavi had sex with himself using ink as lube (?????)

honestly one of my favorite things about kpop is that because of the industry’s insistence on including at least one rapper in pretty much every fucking group they’ve been forced to integrate rap into pop music in a way that the western music industry simply hasn’t (not to say that those styles don’t exist, but they’re far less mainstream the vast majority of the time).  and you end up with these really cool musical styles like – mamamoo???  they’ve got this retro/jazzy style which is interesting enough itself but then they’ve got moonbyul rapping and its integrated so well.  it’s so beautiful.  i love it
No Clue - pornographicpenguin - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

The camera shakes a little as Jungkook tightens his grip around his cock, but he does his best to keep still. He looks good.

Jungkook is, like, ninety percent sure this is how flirting works.

i hate having Fic Ideas and limited time because i came up with two fic ideas today which are lovely and i will probably never write:

  • vmin college au where jimin and taehyung become friends with benefits (for some reason??) & at the beginning jimin is extremely insistent that taehyung can’t have feelings for him, just sex, N O  F E E L I N G S & then like two months later jimin is pulling out his hair like “i’m in love with kim taehyung” because he’s an overemotional catastrophically romantic baby
  • namjin au (a la That One Article) where they’re randomly assigned roommates, jin is gay and namjoon’s like “yeah whatever i’m not an awful homophobe” but then jin starts going out on dates and one time he brings a dude back to the house and namjoon gets so upset and proceeds to have an epic internal struggle like “whY AM I SUCH A HOMOPHOBE???” before he realizes that the reason he’s upset is because he’s hella gay for jin

tbh one of my goals in life is to write some of the most consent-conscious abo in existence because that’s just the sort of person i am & also i’ve been in a very fluffy mood recently so this is what came outta me lmao :P

also, u are right, there is never, ever enough bottomjoon on this godforsaken planet


Namjoon strokes his knuckles down the curve of Jungkook’s cheek only to have his wrist slammed back against the wall with a flat thud!

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