jenna is crazy


-Hayley Williams

Jenna Mcdougall photoshoot

Gifs are not mine (except one), but i edited them :)


Missy : Say something nice.
Clara : No!

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Doctor Who Comic Con 2015 Panel: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat (July 9, 2015 - SDCC)

  • roller coaster operator voice: well this was a pile of shit. haleb got nasty, emison was rushed, toby cheated on his fiancée and i guess ezra did too. hanna should never be able to go 'rouge' again and this was almost as disappointing as the last mid-season finale. mona vanderwaal appeared only to be useless which was a total waste™ of her existence and the brief reign of noel kahn has come to an end and jenna and paige are both crazy ex girlfriends. the greatest character to ever exist might be dead and i'm ready to hang a sigh "bitch can see". the most predictable reveal in pll history happened and now we wait until april to tune in for another game of shitty plotline roulette!

So crazy in love.