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Ecstasy (M)

Plot: Once always ends up meaning over and over again. You had a sinful addiction towards your roommate’s boyfriend, one that really couldn’t be controlled for long.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, highschool au!

Warnings: cheating, oral (receiving), GETTING FUCKED AGAINST THE WALL BY JUNGKOOK, shower sex, (almost) getting caught

Notes: Good girl part 2, ya’ll. Since someone asked for it and I was in the mood. u caught me at a good time, anon. I hope you guys like it. I feel like the quality of my smut had really gone down so like, I”M SO SORRY. 2.5K Words

Good Girlmasterlist

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Jeon Jungkook was like a drug.

After that one hook-up in your living room, he just kept coming back for more. It was either the excitement of getting caught, or the fact that you gave him so much more pleasure than his girlfriend did.

He was still with Jenna, but at this point, you doubted he even cared about her.

Whenever she would go for parties, he would inform you when she had gotten lost in the crowd, then you would either go over to his place or he would come over to yours.

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after listening to the smartphone hour for two hours straight we have this beauty

Patching Up (Tyler Joseph)

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Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader (Platonic)
Words: 680+
Warning(s): None~
A/N: Ooo man sorry this took so long @-@, I just worked on it one day and then kinda forgot about it! But nonetheless I hope you enjoy~
Request:  fic of female reader and tyler joseph’s best friendship? strictly platonic, angsty then fluffy. au if u want

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Feels So Right (Impractical Jokers - Sal/reader)

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Prompt: “What if your towel were to just magically disappear?”

You had known Sal for 11 years. You met because you and Jenna were roommates in college in New York. After you finished college, you moved back to your home state of Washington. So you and Jenna fell out of touch.

When you moved back to New York, you and Jenna immediately reconnected. That was around a year ago.

You’d seen Sal a few times here and there since then.

You never really thought much of Sal back in college, but when you saw what he looked like now (and he acted a little more mature), you couldn’t help but put your eye on him.

This was a fact that Jenna was sniffed out the second you saw Sal again.

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Now it was a few days before the students were to go back to school. Ever since the lock down Jenna hadn’t been able to sleep peacefully in her bed, the only time she could sleep was in the morning, on the couch. Gwen, not aware of Jenna’s terrible sleep schedule, walked in to her room and woke her up.

“Morning! Oh…” She looked down and saw Jenna sleeping.

Unfortunately for Jenna, Gwen’s loud voice woke her up.

“Jenna, I’m so sorry!! You can go back to sleep.. Ehh… The others finally agreed to go to the library with me and ….. Wanna come?”

Jenna had always heard Gwen babble on about this ‘special’ library and how it has older style books and rare books as well, sometimes even scrolls. “Give me 5 minutes to get ready.”

Gwen awkwardly hugged Jenna and began to leave the room. “We’ll be downstairs!”

I Made A Mistake -  Josh Dun Imagine

Ask and you shall receive! 



Every couple fights, it’s a natural thing to do but, lately, Josh and I have been just fighting nonstop. Josh has just been distant and forgetful lately, it’s really effecting me.  Last week was our three year anniversary and he wasn’t here, he was at a friends place and he hasn’t realized it yet. I’ve vented to Jenna about it who of course told Tyler. The second Tyler found out he was so upset, Tyler is like a brother to me now after all of these years and even though he is Josh’s best friend he really looks out for me.

Tyler and Jenna both have tried to talk to Josh to try and figure out what’s been going on with him, but he refuses to talk. He just tells them that everything’s fin but the three of us know it’s not. Part of me is worried that he’s decided he has had enough of me and has gone back to Debbie since they’re still really close, even after all of this time. Jenna keeps telling me that it can’t be true since Josh loves me so much, but I just don’t know anymore.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as the front door had slammed shut. I was staring at my computer screen while sitting on the couch, reading some article about the latest idiotic thing that Trump has come out and said. I looked up and saw Josh and he looked pissed.

“Josh, what’s wrong?” I asking setting my computer aside and turning my body to face him.

“Why are Tyler and Jenna continuously pestering me about our relationship? What do you know about that Y/N? Huh?” He said his face turing red with anger.

“They’re just looking out for me, Josh. Things have been hard lately between us and I’ve been confiding in them,” I say to him calmly.

“Y/N, they’re my friends. Not yours.” Ouch. “And things have not been hard between us. What put that thought in your head?”

“You’ve been distant and we seem to always be fighting lately,” I try to say on the brink of tears. I look down at my heads and wipe my tears away quickly, hoping Josh wouldn’t notice.
“I have not been distant!” He yells. I can’t take this anymore. I stand up from the couch and walk to our bedroom.

I walk to the closet and pull out a duffle bag and start packing up my belongings. I start to really cry even though I don’t want to. I just can’t take this anymore, he just doesn’t seem to care. I try to gather my things as quickly as possible until I heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs. I wipe the tears quickly away again right as the door flings open.

“What are you doing?” His voice bellows out.

“I’m leaving,” I say in a hushed tone as I walk into the bathroom to gather my belongings that were in there.

“Why? Give me a fucking reason Y/N!” He screams. I place the rest of the belongs and zip up the bag, taking it in my hands.

“Do you even realize what last week was?” I ask in a flat voice looking at him straight in the eyes.

“There was nothing special about last week,” he harshly says crossing his arms.

“You’re oblivious, you know that? It was our three year anniversary, Josh. You spent it with your friends while I spent it on the phone crying to Jenna,” I yell at him. I push past him and head down stairs to the front door grabbing my computer, phone, purse, and keys. Just as I’m about to leave the house when Josh pulled me back to face him.

“No it wasn’t, our anniversary is the 22nd,” he says his voice softening.

“Josh, today’s the 30th. Call me when you fix and deal with what ever it is that’s going on with you,” I say waling out of the door to the car. Once in my car I call Jenna.

“Hello?” She says into the phone.

“I left,” I say crying into the phone.

“Oh, sweetie. Drive over here so we can talk, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a bit,” I say as I hang up the phone. I start the car, the engine roaring to life as I drive off in the direction of Jenna and Tyler’s house.

(Josh’s POV)

What just happened? I stare at the doorway not fully realized the damage I had caused. I felt the tears beginning to fall from my eyes. I walk over to the couch and sit down, burying my face in my hands. I just let the love of my life walk out of the door because I’ve been an ass to her lately. How could I do this to her? I could I just let her leave? Why didn’t I fight for her? I’m an idiot. I pulled out my phone and called Tyler.

“Josh, this isn’t a good time,” Tyler says answering the phone, he sounded pissed.
“What? Why?” I asked him confused.

“Because Y/N just got here. You really hurt her man, why didn’t you listen to Jenna and me when we told you to stop being a jerk?” I looked at the floor, he was right I should have listened to them.

“Is she, is she okay?” I ask timidly.

“No Josh, she’s not okay. She’s crying hysterically.”

“Tyler, how do I fix this? I don’t want to loose her man. I love her,” I say my voice cracking.

“I suggest you shape up and do some big romantic gesture and try to fix this. Now!” He says yelling into the phone hanging up.

A romantic gesture? I think I can manage that.

(Y/N POV)  

“W-who was that?” I try to ask through my crying.

“Um.. it was Josh,” I froze. Why was he calling?

“What did he want?” Jenna asked, rubbing my back trying to comfort me.

“Well, he um, he was asking how you were and something about wanting to try to fix everything. Though I don’t really know how he thinks that’s going to happen.”

“I still love him Tyler,” I say sheepishly.

“We know you do sweetie,” Jenna says hugging me. “How about you go get some sleep to help you relax a bit.” I nod my head getting up and walking to the guest bed. I was to tired to grab my stuff, I crawled into the bed pulling the covers over my body. I soon drifted off to sleep dreaming of Josh…

(Josh’s POV)

I walk into the mall thinking of a romantic gesture to do for Y/N, I feel that it needs to be extra special especially since I’ve been such an ass and I missed out three year anniversary. I walked around the mall until I found a Roseshire shop. I walked inside and looked at the various boxed arrangements. I remember Y/N saw these on Twitter and said how she would love to one day have one boxed arrangements. I picked up the Blanc box with pink roses, Y/N’s favorite. They’re expensive but it’s worth it.

I left the Roseshire shop and continue through the mall to try and find a jewelry store. A Pandora store was just around the corner from the flower shop. I walked inside, looking at the various jewelry. I think I want to get her a necklace. I walk over to the case of necklaces and instantly found the perfect one for her. It was called a Forget Me Not, it had a silver chain with flowers with a purple cubic zirconia stones with clear ones around the purple as the petals. It was beautiful. The purple will really make Y/N’s beautiful eyes pop. It was perfect for her, but not as perfect as her.

I left the mall proud of my purchases, I hope she loves them. I get in the car and set of back to the house. Once I’m home I go inside to change before I go over to Tyler’s to make amends with Y/N. I walk to the bedroom and pull out a black and white plaid shirt to change into. I changed shirts and grab my black snapback. I look in the mirror staring at my reflection, my eyes were red and puff because I’ve been crying so much.  It’ll have to do, I leave the bedroom and go to the car driving off in the direction of Tyler’s house.

(Tyler’s POV)

Jenna and I are sitting on the couch watching some movie, I wasn’t really paying attention to it though. I was worried about Y/N and Josh, I mean yeah Josh is my best friend and all but he’s been treating Y/N like crap lately. I just wished he had realized what he was doing earlier on when Jenna and I fist talked to him about it.

There was suddenly a knock on the door, wonder who that could be. Jenna moves over a bit from me so I could get up off of the couch. I walk over to the door hesitantly, once I open it there stand Josh. Jenna looks over at the door as I open it wider and she looks pissed.

“Josh what the fuck are you doing here,” she says angrily standing from the couch, her hands on her hips.

“I’m here to see Y/N, Jenna,” he says sheepishly looking at the ground. I notice that he has two boxes in his hands.

“What’s in the boxes Josh?” I ask out of curiosity.

“Oh um they’re gift for Y/N,” he replays not making eye contact.

“What did you get her?” Jenna asks, he voice softening.

“Oh, um, I got her some Roseshire roses and a Pandora necklace,” he says finally making eye contact with us.

“Wow, I bet she’ll love them,” I say reassuringly.

“Do you wanna make amends with her? Is that why you’re here?” Jenna asks.

“Yeah, I feel horrible. I’ve just been stressed out and I took it out on her. I know I shouldn’t have and I know I hurt her. But, I love her with all my heart and I honestly can’t see my life without her in it.”

“She’s upstairs in the guest bed,” I say motioning him inside.

“Thanks,” he says nodding his head. He walks up the stairs to go to the guest bed. I hope they make up.


I stirred awake, I sat up on the bed and grabbed my phone to see if Josh had texted or called. But, of course he didn’t, he probably doesn’t even care. I switched to Instagram and started looking through all the picots people were posting. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, the door to the guest bed opened and I froze. There stood Josh wearing a back and white plaid shirt, dark wash skinny jeans, back converse, and a black snapback. The snapback I bought him for our first anniversary.

“Josh, w-what are you doing her?” I asked confused. He walked further into the bedroom toward the bed, he sat down at the end of the bed looking at the ground.

“Y/N, I made a mistake, a big one. I should have never been such an ass to you,” he says quietly tears starting to stream down his cheeks. “I j-just don’t want to loose you Y/N. I love you so much and I can’t see the point of my life with out you in it.” I scooted closer to Josh and timidly placed my hand on his leg.

“I love you too Josh.” I say kissing his cheek. “I know you never meant to hurt me, I was really upset that you forgot about our anniversary.”

“I know, I feel like like a moron for forgetting. But, I bought you these to try and make up for it,” he says finally making eye contact with me.

He handed my two boxes and I look at him with confusion. I open the smaller one first, inside was a beautiful necklace from Pandora. I smiled like a child on Christmas at the sight of the beautiful necklace. I set the Pandora box next to me and moved to the bigger box. I opened it and my eyes grew wide, it was was a box of Roseshire roses. I’ve always wanted a box of them but they are so expensive I never asked anyone to buy me them, but Josh did. Tears filled my eyes and I hugged Josh.

“Thank you,” I whisper into his ear.

“You’re welcome. I just really wanted to do something special for you,” he says kissing the top of my head. “Does this mean you forgive me?” He asks sheepishly.

“Yes, but just don’t forget again,” I say with a giggle.

“Deal. I love you Y/N, so much,” he says placing his hand under my chin, lifting it so that I’m looking at him. He leaned forward and softly placed his lips on mine. I’ve missed his kisses.

“Did they make up?” I hear Jenna whisper in the hallway.

“I don’t know I can’t hear anything,” Tyler whispers back.

Josh parts from my lips and shakes his head. He places a finger on his lips to signaling to be quiet. He gets up from the bed and tip toes over to the door. Josh softly places his hand on the door knob with a smile. With no warning he pulls the door open. Jenna and Tyler landed on the floor with a thud.

“Hey what you do that for?” Tyler said complaining rubbing his shoulder. Josh chuckled.

“Cause you were eavesdropping on us and that’s rude Mr. and Mrs. Joseph,” he says shaking his head at the two of them.

“At least tell us you guys made up,” Jenna said.

“Yeah we did,” I say to her with a smile.

“YAY!” Jenna and Tyler yelled. Josh and I just shook our heads.

I couldn’t be happier in this moment. Even though with everything that had happened I still loved Josh, I will always love Josh. I agree with what he said because I feel the same, I don’t think I can imagine without Josh in it.

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Jenna has been going on little sleep. Val could have just gone over to see Shai and let Jenna sleep. She looked exhausted in her and Hayley’s IG stories. Val even said him and Maks don’t live too far from each other. But Jenna definitely flew to LA since she was on Hayley’s plane

And it looks like val just left maks and petas. If I was Jenna I would be out cold as soon as I got home lol

hello…it’s me // Twelve x Clara [Whouffaldi] s8 AU

What if Clara and the Doctor actually separated at the end of Kill the Moon. Both angry and guilty for their mistakes. After a long time of being miserable, she finally calls the Doctor to confess but of course he doesn’t pick up and it goes to the answering machine. When the Doctor finally hears the message, is it too late?