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Face Claim Meme

I was tagged by @dracoangelz to do the face claim meme… 

So, here we got. Just note that I chose face claims after who I woould pick to portray my characters in a movie. I don’t base characters on actors or any celebrety… I go more like “if this was going to be a movie I would love [actor] to play my character”. 

Meriana Cousland - Jenna Coleman 

Estelle Trevelyan - Margot Robbie

Cassie Winters - Emma Stone

June McArthur - Jaimie Alexander 

Alani - Michelle Ang

I tag: @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth @mimikoflamemaker @juleselyot @gwyncath @vamporchid

But only if you want to or havent done it yet!