it doesn’t work that way
                                           wanting not to want you won’t make it so

PBS Victoria promotions under way

If you happen to live in a major city with a PBS station, you might want to check in with them as a number are showing special advance previews of Victoria Episode 1 this week and weekend. Some have already happened (sorry) but there are apparently ones happening next week.

You may also want to check your local newspapers for articles as I’ve seen a few listed on Google. Mostly just previews as opposed to new interviews and stuff like that.

By the way, the first episode according to one PBS site I checked will clock in at 2 hours. Since PBS does not air commercials that would seem to confirm the earlier reports that the PBS episodes will have extra footage (that or episode 1 will air during one of PBS’ periodic pledge drive weeks in which case they might make up the difference with appeals to donate).

Although I haven’t seen anything yet (as of Dec. 9), I would also keep an eye out for American magazines running promotional stories, perhaps (hopefully) a cover or two for Jenna Coleman, and I’m assuming that Jenna will probably be spending the first couple weeks of January in the US making the rounds of the talk shows. (My hope - Late Late Show with James Corden since Corden was a two-time one-off companion (if that makes sense) for Matt Smith.)

“I sent for Albert; he came to the Closet where I was alone, and after a few minutes I said to him, that I thought he must be aware why I wished them to come here,- and that it would make me too happy if he would consent to what I wished (to marry me); we embraced each other over and over again, and he was so kind, so affectionate; oh! to feel I was, and am, loved by such an Angel as Albert, was too great delight to describe! he is perfection; perfection in every way,- in beauty - in everything! I told him I was quite unworthy of him and kissed his dear hand,- he said he would be very happy, “das Leben mit dir zu zubringen”, and was so kind, and seemed so happy, that I really felt it was the happiest brightest moment in my life, which made up for all that I had suffered and endured. Oh! how I adore and love him, I cannot say!”

- Tuesday 15th October 1839, Queen Victoria’s journal