jenna brager


Here’s a tiny peek at the two zines I put together in time for the Chicago Zine Fest this weekend!

Dig Deep #6 has stories about friends, projects, adulthood, keeping your head up, etc etc. You know, the usual.

Always & Forever is a comp zine about friendship & IT FUCKING RULES. Get stoked on this killer lineup of contributors:

Brittany Maksimovic (Playing Victim)
Caitlin Constantine (All I Want is Everything)
Celia C. Pérez (I Dreamed i Was Assertive)
Heather (Dig Deep)
Jamie Varriale Vélez (Sinvergüenza)
JC (Tributaries)
Jen T (Tongueswell)
Jenna Brager (The Sinew That Shrinks)
K (Lake Effect)
LB (Truckface)
Leslie Perrine (Sometimes the Sky Explodes)
Lily Pepper (PALS: The Radical Possibilities of Friendship)
Sara Bear (Grin & Bear It)
Sarah McCarry (Glossolalia)

With a cover designed by Marissa Falco (Miss Sequential)!

Not going to be at CZF? These zines will be in the Stranger Danger catalog in the next week or two!