jenna and balto

Remember Balto and Jenna? Well, even sled dogs deserve a little time off once in a while, right?

Jenna was the winner of one of my Patreon polls, but I couldn’t just leave her by herself, and since I had never drawn either of these two, I might as well put them together, where they belong.

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there are some concept art pieces from the pre-production of “Balto” featuring Balto originally looking more like the random background dog from the beginning of the movie (behind Jenna, Sylvia and Dixie, while Dixie says “Good Morning, Jenna…”) and Jenna with orange, rather than red, fur, looking slightly more shiba-inu-ish (I’m pretty sure she was still a husky, she just looked plumper than in her finalized design).
(Yes, I could say Balto looked kind of like Aleu, but Aleu wasn’t even a thought during the production of the first movie, so I decided not to make the comparison)

Go google search “balto concept art”–there’s some seriously cool stuff to see. :3

Oh, look, and a sketchy Jonathan got in there, too….actually, he was drawn first, so I guess Balto & Jenna are the ones that crashed his party…

beware: I watched the new ep of samurai jack, can't hold in the fury

BEFORE anyone calls me “heterophobic” or whatever, a list of well written het romances, imo:
- Aang and Katara (ATLA)
- everything from ATLA actually
- Momo and [either] (Peach Girl)
- Dean and Annie (Iron Giant)
- Kim and Edward (Edward Scissorhands)
- Carl and Ellie (UP)
- Rapunzel and Eugene (Tangled)
- Jenna and Balto (Balto)
- Morticia and Gomez (Adam’s Family)
- Danny and Sam (Danny Phantom)
- Gerald and Phoebe (Hey Arnold)
- Rinko and Takeo (Ore Monogatari)

I would have been cool with a Jack/ Ashi romance, man, whatever. It just felt forced as fuck for a character who has gone his whole life without ever showing romantic attachment to anyone to *IN ONE EPISODE* turn into a squealing 15 year old boy (correct me if I’m wrong but I watched the whole series within the last few months and.. nothin)

Really fan servicey awkward jokes and awkward interactions. The kind of “UWAAA YOU’RE NAKED!” shit you’d find in an anime filler

Like I said, would have been fine if it naturally developed. They had a student/ teacher, or at least friend/ friend vibe going til Jack’s beard disappeared and 1 (one) episode later we’re suckin’ face.

This is all gonna boil down to “OH nO NoW I cAn’T dEsTrOY tHe FuTuRe caUsE my Gf iS hERe :*(”