jenna & jessie

“What is that indefinable quality that makes an actor a star?
Jessie Mueller, who won a Tony in 2014 for her performance in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” helped me once again answer this question. Whenever she was onstage in “Waitress,” the new Broadway musical based on the 2007 Adrienne Shelly movie, I wanted time to stop so that her performance would never have to end… the show’s heart is earned through the beauty and integrity of Mueller’s work.”


every door we ever made, we never once walked out 
something I never got the chance to ask her about 
so with flour on my hands 
I’ll show them all how 
goddamn happy I am 
sugar, butter, flour 
don’t let me down! 
let’s see the next amazing thing baking does now


ENDLESS LIST OF FAVORITE MUSICALS: Waitress by Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson 

Dear Baby, If you ever wanna know the story of how we bought
your crib, I’ll tell you. Your crib was bought with the money I was
gonna use to buy us a new life. The Springfield Pie Contest is
starting next week and you and I will not be in attendance.