jenn and kian


the girls of youtube are hot


you and bobby are very close friends and you come to stay with the boys till you find your own place in LA.

You are wearing blue denim jeans with holes on your knees and along with a blue tie dye shirt. As you got off your plane you dialed an uber, and waited patiently. As you waited patiently you pulled out your phone and began to text bobby.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Text Messages~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You: Hey just landed and waiting for an uber🙂
Bobby: Cancel your uber i’ll pick you up💛
You: Awh alright💛
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You then Canceled your uber and waited for bobby. You blushed to yourself that you were gonna see Bobby. You then pulled out your phone and put your earbuds in and watched one of Bobby’s vlogs. You then start to giggle and blush at bobby on your phone. You then see Griffin and Corrina and frowned. Then bobby pulled up, but you didn’t notice it. And you continued to look down at your phone and frown.
“Why so frowny” bobby said with a slight chuckle and smiled down at you. You blush and look up at him. Bobby was wearing a yellow tie dye shirt with black jeans with holes on his knees along with his glasses. You shrugged your shoulders and blushed a bit. You honestly had a huge crush on bobby but you just didn’t wanna ruin your guys friendship at all.
“i like your spectacles” you smiled and stood up and put your phone away. you then took your luggage.
“Where should i put my luggage” you say.
“i’ll take it” he smiled and unlocked the trunk and placed it in there and closed it. You then hopped into the passenger seat, and bobby got into the driver seat and began to drive.
“Okay so Kian and Jc are filming and they want it quiet, so you wanna film something?” he asked.
“Well i’m kinda a little tired, i kinda wanted to watch a movie” you stated and blushed a bit
“We can definitely watch a movie when we get to the house” he smiled brightly at you.
“yay!” you chant and giggled a bit.
Bobby then soon arrived at the house and took your luggage and walked to the front door. You follow him and smiled to yourself. You both chuckle at the fact that you guys both heard the dogs barking.
“Hey there, stranger” Jc said and waved
Kian waved as well. Bobby smiled.
“Hey, how are you?” You ask them both.
“good” they both said in sync and they both chuckled
Bobby then took your hand.
“we are gonna go watch a movie” bobby smiled and guided you upstairs
“Make good choices you lovebirds” Kian chuckled and smirked.
Bobby rolled his eyes and guided you upstairs to his room.
“So what movie would you like to watch?” bobby asked with a smile
“umm any Jim Carrey movie” you smile a bit.
Bobby then turned on bruce all mighty. You then laid down on his bed. Bobby then went and down behind you. After awhile in the movie, you both share a lot of laughs in the movie. Bobby then slowly wrapped his arm around your waist. You then blushed and looked at the tv. You wanted to look at him so badly. You then looked back at him and then looked up at him. He then looked down at you and smiled a bit. You then got really close to his face and You two shared a kiss. You blush. He blushed as well.
“I love you.” You both say in sync

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Safe With Me (n.m.)

| Requested by anon: Love love love your imagines! Can you do one with Nate and like there’s a drunken fight going on at the party and you’re scared and he’s protecting you? Xoxo


We were at some kind of party Nate wanted to go to. It sounds like I don’t like parties, I do, but I didn’t really feel like it this time.

But since Nate started whining about going, I gave in and went with him.

It was a party at Kian and Jc’s house, they were especially known for their huge parties at their house. The people that came were a couple of people I knew, so that was a little better, though.

As we walked in we got greeted by people such as the very infamous Omaha squad, Nash, Jenn and Kian and Jc themselves.

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