jenn and jack

ok so the ~~~drama~~~ personally idc about jack dail but that doesn’t mean i don’t believe what he’s saying

the part about them “jake pauling” him?? who the fuck cares?? for them youtube is a business and taking a percentage is part of that in some cases (also jack had to agree to this too so like boo hoo you did this to yourself) however the twins not giving jack a percentage would be fucked cause like that’s his content too

also y'all really wanna get mad at them for having a mike’s hard?? relax they could get more plastered by drinking mouthwash. now the virginity/gf stuff i 100% believe him on. i hate that fans think they’re “pure and innocent” it’s so fucking juvenile. being mature for their age does not equal not being sexually active!!!! you really think because they put their life on social media they’re gunna tell us all about their dating life?? (when people think any announcement they have is them saying they have a gf…… nobody makes a video announcing that lmao) they don’t gotta tell us shit lol

i have novels i could write about the way their fans put them on a pedestal for absolutely no reason but i’ll stay mute for now

So someone mentioned Jack proposing to Bitty with the Stanley Cup. But isn’t that just perfect tho? Like, Jack had joked that of they won the cup he’d come out.

I’m pretty sure Jack would be out to coaches, team, and staff already. They’d understand why he’s not out to everyone else (pretty sure that’s how it is now for real… like in the NHL) but they kinda also get why he’s was quick to come out to them. They met Bitty. They all pretty much fell in love with Bitty instantaneously too. It’s magic. Bitty’s the magic pie making person, and also magic people-love-me person.

But he says to George that he wants to come out earlier than planned if they win. It’s totally a joke he says in passing early in the season, but as they get closer, it’s in his mind.

And they win.

Jack is so overwhelmed with emotions that when significant others get into the locker room to see the team, Jack’s eyes are bright and happy and the first thing he does and wrap himself about Bitts, then he kisses him and he says “marry me” because it’s the only thing that could really make this better.

And it’s not really a surprise. I mean, it is because Bitty really wouldn’t think that would be on his mind when Jack’s holding the holy grail of hockey and the Zimmermann name is going on there for the 4th time, but, really, it’s not a surprise because they’ve talked about it before. They’re basically living together with how often Bitts sleeps at Jacks, he just has his apartment…. because.

And Bitty says yes of course.

And Jack has a lot and really Jack is so happy because he’s reached goals and yeah he wasn’t alone but the net of people he’s got to fall back on are kind of the best. In interviews the day after the game, someone asks if he regrets college and the time he spent away from pro hockey. “This could have been your second cup.” They say to him.

He smiles and shakes his head and says “I don’t think I would have lasted without what I gained from college and my ECHL experience.” And he’s told his Samwell team how much he appreciated them so many times, but the texts he gets after that from his former team mates are pretty mushy.

The day after the celebration parade Jack has a press release coordinated by George and some other PR staff and Jack and Bitty about Jack’s sexuality. They prep him and Bitty and the rest of the team because they’re still going to be doing interviews. Not as much as they were directly after the win, but still.

And some kid, a rookie, grumbles about how this will take away from their win.

Georgia smiles “That’s why I’m happy Jack picked now actually. This is the perfect opportunity to be able to quickly deflect back to your game and your Stanley Cup. We call know Jack is a hockey robot.” She jokes and Jack turns a shade of red because he’s not even going to try and chirp back. “He just happens to be engaged to a blond southern boy instead of a blond Canadian girl. His talent hasn’t changed and he’s still the forward everyone has interviewed before. He’s still your forward.”

Jack’s right wing, and probably his best friend on the team (who’s wife has said numerous time that she would like to take Bitty home herself if he was super Jack wouldn’t hunt her down), says something about how that could still happen, the blond Canadian. He seems to understand best that Jack’s bi. But he then also says that he wouldn’t want to give up Bitty if he were in Jack’s shoes sooo….

The press release also includes the engagement announcement.

The first interview he does is with outsports because that was the best line of action they wanted to take, and outsports helped with the press release.

One of the first questions they ask is about the engagement and when the interview article comes out, it says:

“We know Jack Zimmermann is happiest when he plays hockey. I’ve interviewer Jack numerous times and while he’s friendly, he not exactly a smiley kind of guy. The moment I asked about his engagement was the moment I saw the brightest light I’ve ever seen on his face, rivaling only the images of him the moment the Falconers won the Cup earlier this year.”