jenn won

actual big brother us winners real not fake
  • bb1: who
  • bb2: monica bailey (won the final hoh and kicked will out the house screaming "IT'S AWN!!!!!!"; won unanimously)
  • bb3: danielle reyes (the jury never saw footage; won unanimously)
  • bb4: jun song
  • bb5: diane henry (took out drew f3 and won against c*wboy 7-0)
  • bb6: janelle pierzina (unanimous)
  • bb7: janelle pierzina (unanimous; two times in a row wow what kind of goddess)
  • bb8: daniele donato (won final hoh; ciera'd her own father in the f3 and won 7-0)
  • bb9: who
  • bb10: keesha smith (4-3 against libra thompson)
  • bb11: jordan lloyd
  • bb12: britney haynes (won the last two hoh's and singlehandedly took out the brigade)
  • bb13: rachel reilly
  • bb14: britney haynes (called dan out on his fake mist and won against jenn city 7-0; two wins slay me britdeity)
  • bb15: elissa slater (won against candice stewart 4-3)
  • bb16: donny thompson (unanimously)
  • bb17: audrey middleton
  • wow i cannot believe donny is the only male winner of big brother