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Ok, so here goes:

1. Favourite movie? Why?

It is next to impossible to choose an all-time favorite movie because I have been a movie fanatic all my life, but I think if I had to choose one that has been at the top of my list for the last year or so, it would have to be Carol. It is a captivating love story between two stunningly beautiful women, and everything about it is gorgeous–the story, the acting, the cinematography, the color palette–just everything about it is so incredibly artful. I love that if you’re not paying attention and just watching what’s on the surface, you’ll miss the whole story. It’s a movie about what is said in a glance and what is understood in silence. It’s loaded with subtlty and symbolism and I am a total sucker for that aesthetic. Also, it was something that made me happy during a time in my life when everything was falling apart. When I first watched it, it gave me so much hope, and it continues to do so.

2. Favourite movie quote? Why?

Again, too many to choose a favorite, but here’s one I’ve always loved from Shawshank Redemption.

Red: I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don’t wanna know. I would like to think they were singing about something so beautiful it can’t be expressed in words and makes your heart ache because of it. I tell you those voices soared higher and farther than anybody in a gray place dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little cage and made these walls dissolve away. For the briefest moment every last man in Shawshank felt free.

I love it because it speaks to the power of music to transcend time, place, and understanding. With a beautiful piece of music, you don’t have to understand the words for it to reach inside and touch your heart. As someone who has studied music for my entire life for this exact reason, this quote always resonates with me (pardon the pun).

3. Favourite food/dish/meal?

I could eat beef pho every day of the week.

4. Favourite day of the week? Why?

Sundays because I always cook a bomb-ass, throw-down meal on Sundays, and I’m a damn good cook.

5. Favourite book? Why?

Stephen King’s 11/22/63, hands down. It’s about an English teacher who goes back in time to try to prevent JFK’s assassination, and it is such immersive storytelling with so many different elements–time travel, historical ficiton, romance, suspense, philosophy, intrigue. I absolutely love it.

6. Favourite author? Why?

Stephen King. I’ve read and re-read so many books of his over the years. He just has this way of grabbing your attention right out of the gate and transporting you to another place. And, I love that most of the time in his stories, the villain is not some supernatural force, but instead the darkest aspects of human nature. I’m fascinated with that part of the human experience.

7. Favourite season? Why?

I’m from Florida, so I have to go with Winter because it is the only time of the year that it’s not sweltering outside, although this year, we still never even turned off the AC.

8. Favourite colour?

cobalt blue

9. Favourite part of your body? Why?

My lips because they are full and have a nice shape. They are a combination of the best parts of my parents’ lips–fullness from my mom and shape from my dad.

10. Favourite quote/motto? Why?

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Confucious

I love this quote because life is too short to spend so much of it doing work for the sake of a paycheck. Life is for the living, not for getting sucked into the machine doing meaningless work. If you are not fulfilled in your work, whether that work is physical or intellectual labor, it renders life meaningless. Choose work that you love, and you can get the most out of the short time you have on earth, not to mention contributing something worthwhile to society.

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I would really appreciate it if people would spread this around! What YouTube is doing to LGBT+ videos and content creators is affecting intersex people, and, between the lack of intersex voices on the internet as a whole and the lack of people talking about intersex issues at all, this has a huge impact on what little we’ve been able to put out there.

One of the reasons we’ve been unable to create as much as other LGBT+ groups on the internet is because the stigma against us and how strong it is. What YouTube is doing is revoking the visibility we are getting and reinforcing the stigma that keeps us hiding.

The solution here is not as simple as turning off restricted mode. This sends a message to people that who they are is unfit to be seen, especially when done by such a huge, popular company whose tagline used to be “Broadcast Yourself”. And this still affects kids whoee parents won’t let them turn off restricted mode.

Please don’t just let this get 10 notes and disappear, please reblog this and make people aware. And, if you can, I encourage you to support intersex content creators on YouTube, including Emily Quinn (Intersexperiences), Pidgeon Pagonis, and Jenn Levine. You can find plenty of other good videos if you search “intersex” on YouTube.

@therealjacksepticeye: Seán, thank you for giving me one of the best birthdays ever.  I didn’t even tell you my name (Jenn) and I feel like I didn’t get to properly convey just how important it was for me to meet you, nor did I get to tell even a fraction of my story, (hence why I wrote a letter).  Your positive outlook on life has inspired me to be a better person, both towards myself and others.  It is my hope that if I get a chance to meet you again next year, I’ll be in much better physical condition and won’t need a cane to walk.

Also, I’m so sorry that you’re sick with the PAX Plague and I hope you have a speedy recovery from it!

Turns out there’s a reason they call it falling in love, because when it happens - really happens - that’s exactly how it feels. There’s no doing or trying, you just let go and hope that someone’s going to be there to catch you.
—  Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato
As You Wish

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 996
Warnings: Light smut, nothing graphic
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @castiels-ass-butt-1967. Prompt: Cosplay / Quote: “As you wish”
Challenge: Written for @avasmommy224‘s Jenn’s Birthday Challenge. My movie quote was from The Princess Bride: “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”

I combined this Celebration Request with a Challenge because I’ve been wondering what to do with this Challenge Quote for awhile and it fits perfect with the Celebration prompts requested.

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Commission Updates :o

Eyyy; the prices for commissions are a little different now, so check them out here if you’re interested:

Portraits (Portrait/Full Body):
Pencil Sketch- $5
Digital LineArt (no color)- $10
Colored Digital Art- $20

Extra $5 For Additional Characters

Extra $10 for Backgrounds

Fully Colored Chibis:
$10- Heads
$15- Full Body

10 seconds- $50
30 seconds: $75
60 seconds: $100

And yes; I do NSFW and bloody graphic things if you’re interested in that sort of thing

Please send your request to my email at
with the subject, “Commission Request”
You can also shoot me a message on tumblr here:

Please make all payments out to my PayPal, which is

Also, just wanted to say thank you. I honestly didn’t expect so many people to be interested in my art. But holy moly, I have been proven wrong.

Thank you very much. This is something I’ve always dreamed of.

Dating Alex Standall Would Include...

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My friend asked me to do a dating Alex Standall Would Include so this is for you Jenn :)<3

- Meeting him through your parents, your dad is a cop and is friends with Alex’s dad and one day they decide to have a family dinner together and that’s where you first meet Alex becoming instant friends.

- Alex asking you out, Alex asks you out after the ninth joint family dinner with the Standall’s, you’re both laying on Alex’s bed listening to a Keaton Henson song when Alex blurts out ‘Do you want to go on a date sometime?’ You’re shocked at first but agree in the end.

- Going on your first date, Alex takes you to a botanical garden where it’s so aesthetically pleasing all you do all day is take pictures and Instagram them, you eventually stop to sit down and have a picnic and actually enjoy the date.

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