jenn bb



had a great time, and it was awesome meeting so many of you! wish there was more time to hang around! HERE’S MY LITTLE BABY OBLIGATORY WRITE-UP:

alright so! rob benedict’s band louden swain totally made my whole weekend, really. the r2m panel had me in tears (which is what my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTES are about), and everyone signing the fanart (thanks again kari!!) was precious and their faces are something i’m going to think about during rough days for sure oh gosh. i didn’t even think i’d be able to do it!

AND i got a little pop!cas from winjennster!! (thanks so much hon!!  he’s going to be so at home on my desk ;u;) and my copy of RADAK got signed by misha! (i think it definitely has a future to do some good in other hands as well!)

AND OF COURSE, jared and jensen. i. you guys. jensen grabbed my hand, pulled me to his chest, and gave me the longest, most awkward handshake. this handshake was so close it had to be sideways between us. he stared at me for a few seconds and said, “hey. hey how are ya. i’m good” with this ginormous toothy grin so i just stared at the eyelashes and kept shaking his hand and nodded and muttered “g-good how’re you” and he repeated “yep i’m good” and just kept shaking my hand and smiling and all i could think was why are you DOING THIS TO ME but i kept the smooth facade of an old brick wall during an earth quake

jared then turned me and stared at my shirt and said “WHICH ONE AM I. WHICH ONE. ON YOUR SHIRT WHERE AM I” i replied, “I– UM, [BLANKS] ALL OF THEM. what am i even wearing” and jensen turned me and said “what are you–OH AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” all i could do was nod and say “OK ARE HUGS COOL” and they shouted “YEAH!!” and then picture

i basically stumbled out of this con like i was on a roller coaster

i also met A TON OF CUTE LITTLE KIDS (there were some kickin rad parents there too who you could tell were just lettin their kids live the dream. you guys rock). i have never seen so many cute little kids around SO PUMPED about jared and jensen and i think that that sort of light in their eyes is what keeps me and everyone else going–SORRY I’M SAPPIN

–SO, HAD A GREAT TIME, and if we talked feel free to stop by and tell me!! i didn’t catch many urls but a lot of you guys started stopping me!