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Well someone (jenn) doesn't know how sickness works :V Anything above or below 37 degrees even by one or two degrees is considered a very bad

That’s the Spanish system I think, it works differently for other countries

My good friend Rosie helping me through trauma…

Rosie: what is a prosecco

Rosie: in my head Vladimir Putin is perpetually topless

Rosie: (poking imaginary abs) where is the squishy

Rosie: (impression of straight coworker) you can’t just discriminate based on who I want to stick my dick in

Rosie: come be drink with us

Rosie: I don’t know what DMs are it’s just what the kids say

Rosie: hello drink you and I are going to be good friends

Rosie: lightweight means I can’t hold my prosgecko

Rosie: don’t be upsetto have some progetto

Rosie: the problem with standing up… is the alcohol

Anna: I’m canvassing squick opinion…

Rosie: aaah there’s buttons

Jenn joins transatlantically…

Jenn: my eyes are two levels down from 1080p

Jenn: I don’t care so much about the pig I just want the sausage

Rosie: I’d rather have a ham sandwich

Jenn: you and your two inch penis aren’t worth Texas…

I love my friends…

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anonymous asked:

Not bi-related, but is it inappropriate for a 20-year old college student to have 17-year-old high school seniors as friends? I started off as their tutor but now it kinda feels like I’m more like friends with them cause we chat outside of tutoring and such

I don’t see anything wrong with that!

I keep in contact with some of the other students I sorta took under my wing in a mixed-year music theater class I was in back when I was a high school senior. I’m now 21 and they’re 18, and since I graduated they haven’t been so much “people under my wing” but more “friends I occasionally gave encouragement and life advice to.” And that’s been fine for all of us.

So long as you aren’t using your age or broader life experience to manipulate them (as friendships do have the capacity to be abusive), and there’s nothing sexual going on, having younger friends isn’t inappropriate.


O: Okay, let’s find out what this dew does before I get killed or something.

*She starts to walk over to her laptop, when she stops dead in her tracks*

O: I-I can’t move

*Jenn suddenly appears behind her*

J: [Where do you think you’re going?]

O: Uh… To go online and look up what you’ve been affected by?

J: [That is none of your concern. What is your concern is the progress made on our current goal]

O: ……. My bad grades? Is that worth para…


O: W-what other goal?

J: [Did you really think I was working on your schedule for the past week? No, I’ve been devising a plan so that you can actually make things up with B and become friends again!]

O: But wait….

J: [NO! No more waiting! We’ve been waiting far too long. And, due to lack of progress on restoring your friendship, I am going to have to resort to…….. drastic measures]

O: Drastic measures? Jenn, what did that Dew do to you?I

J: [It simply showed me what was necessary. Now, are you ready?]

O: What do you… *she’s shocked* Ack!

*Jenn forces Ophelia to go over to her laptop, and activate a program*

[Recording: Start]

O: *being forced by Jenn* B? We need to talk. I want to make it up to you

[Recording: Stopped]

O: JENN! What the heck was that!

J: [Do you not want to make it up to her?]

O: I do, but….

J: [Then it’s settled]

O: Wait, no, Jenn! That isn’t the way to do this!

*She doesn’t listen, and instead taps some things on her screen*

[Recording: Sent]

O: Crap


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Jenn,,,,,, I can’t believe I never thought to ask you but after all this time Will you be my neofriend? ๐Ÿ’

omg……ive waited so long for this. yes!!! #isaidyes 💅🏻💍👭 (my user is xxsicklullabiesxx !!)

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I wasn't expecting Jenn to hop on that lap but then again, they're both adults and who would resist shirtless chef Christian? ๐Ÿค” looking forward to the next chapter, actually. I'm curious to see how you're going to drop Dabin in the midst of all of this, haha Happy new year, sweetheart. May your year be full of love, health and happiness, with warm people and your heart at ease โค

Exactly! He’s practically handing himself on a silver platter LOL jk jk 
Dabin fans will gonna love the next chapter. Lot of cute moments!
Aww thank you so much love! 💕 I hope this year will turn out exactly as you imagined and may all your dreams come true! :)

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