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My mom says we’re all connected–people and plants and animals. We all know one another on the inside. It’s what’s on the outside that distracts. Our clothes, our words, our actions. Shark attacks. Gunshots. We spend our lives trying to find other people. Sometimes we get confused and turned around by the distractions.” He smiles at me. “But we didn’t.
—  Jenn Bennett, Alex, Approximately 

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Rebel captain please! I never should have pucked up that book

Jyn thought this as she gritted her teeth and watched as Bodhi doubled over, drawing his laughter from deep within himself as she protested again that she had “not chosen that book to read; it was to kill a bloodsucking insect that was bothering me.”

“Sure, sure,” Bodhi replied, cracking The Rebel and the Captain open to a page where he started reading, loudly, “There was only one bed, and Jenn wasn’t so tired that she didn’t feel how the heat pooled in her belly at the prospect of her and the captain sharing it tonight.” Bodhi smirked and looked up, “Say, this is really about you and Cassian, isn’t it?”

“Stop it,” she said, grabbing for the book, but even if she could disable a man a head taller than her with a stick, she was still petite and Bodhi wasn’t the enemy, usually.

Cassian walked into the tent then and asked, “What is about me and Jyn?” and was met only by silence and the sound of the book hitting the ground.

anonymous asked:

Hey Jenn! I don't have a summer internship yet and I'm starting to get nervous. Any advice?

hello! you don’t as in you haven’t heard back from the ones you’ve applied to, or that you haven’t started searching/applying yet? if you haven’t heard back then keep applying, you never know, you might find one at the very late minute. i usually say 20-30 is a good amount of places to apply to hear back from at least 7-10 of them. i also don’t want to try to discourage you but i think most app deadlines are around early/mid march (if their start dates are around the end of may/early june) but if you’re looking for ones that start in july-sept their deadlines are obviously extended (mid/late april). but also don’t get your hopes up, sometimes places don’t reach out for offers until the end very end of april. realize this process isn’t ever easy, but honestly companies are always looking for interns, you just need to find them. (i have a friend who started applying around late may and literally got an offer the first week of june. while rare, it is still possible)
again, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get one. there’s always places to volunteer at, which honestly is basically the equivalency of doing an unpaid internship. or look into a research position (usually paid) with a professor at your university. if it ends up being the case that you don’t receive an offer, my biggest tip for the following summer is going to be to apply to more places AND apply early (between dec-feb), most big organizations or companies will even start the app process for the summer as early as oct. or even apply during the fall/spring semesters (if your schedule allows) when there’s a lot less competition and you’ll have a lot better chance of being called for an interview/getting the position.