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thank you :)

totally! and if you do have the cash, any conditioner that says “keratin” and “reconstructive” at say, Sally’s or a beauty store used once or twice a week will really fortify your hair even w/o damage. and pretty much anything else you do that isn’t doing harm, just have to listen to how your hair responds to certain products, too much protein for some can cause hair to be inflexible and therefore brittle, and too much moisture (from the mayo, for example) can turn some to mush, but that usually comes with chemical processing, so it all depends…massaging the scalp whilst washing or conditioning also promotes circulation and cellular growth. good luck! 


Second Generation - denoting the offspring of parents who have immigrated to a particular country.

The foundation of this country was built by people who immigrated from other countries to live the American Dream. Each of us equally as foreign as the next, we are the first generation of children in our families to be born here as Americans.

Jen( and i met back in 7th grade on myspace and she lived in Connecticut and i live in Michigan, and after 6 years of friendship we finally met in august, and now we see each other quite often, and In July i get to fly out to florida to finally meet lily my best friend.. and all i’m saying is im so grateful and that long distance friendship does work, and you can meet them, and im just really thankful because Lily and Jen are the two best people in my life and it didn’t matter that for years i couldn’t see them face to face because it’s worth it. 


Finally uploaded the videos I took at the Manchester Orchestra concert. :) They are not close but yah. :)