jenkins sisters

The terms of endearment I’ve given RT - A List
  1. Geoff Ramsey: “My mountain dad”
  2. Michael Jones: “My smol son”
  3. Gavin Free: “Actual birb brother”
  4. Ryan Haywood: “My murder dad”
  5. Jack Pattillo: “My ginger dad”
  6. Burnie Burns: “The daddest dad”
  7. Jon Risinger: “My weird cousin who always boasts about his sexual escapades and ruins thanksgiving every year especially since we all know none of his escapades are real and that he cries himself to sleep while listening to sonic the hedgehog themes”
  8. Barb Dunkelman: “The wine aunt”
  9. Lindsay Jones: “Mother #2″
  10. Meg Turney: “That one cousin you’re always jealous of because they look better than you all the time and have their life figured out”
  11. Ashley Jenkins: “my dream older sister that i’ll probably never have”
  12. Griffon Ramsey: “Mom #3″
  13. Kerry Shawcross: “sweet cinnamon roll”
  14. Miles Luna: “that one uncle everyone has who is kinda weird but still sweet and snuggly who has the legs to wear a dress”
  15. Joel Heyman: “Yet another father”
  16. Adam Ellis: “my other mountain dad. the mountainest of dads”
  17. Gus Sorola: “Grumpy dad”
  18. Jeremy Dooley: “big little bro whom I’m taller than but is older than me”
  19. Ray Narvaez Jr.: “Puerto Rican third cousin twice removed who is slightly estranged but he comes to all the family reunions anyway so everyone loves him”

At all interested in where these names come from? Send me the number of the person and I’ll give you the background on their nickname.

Title: Holiday on the Beach pt.1
[pt.2] [pt.3]

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Fluff
Warnings: Foul language
Recommended songs: Champagne Champion by Wes Period,The Mulatto by Dorsh, Round Two by Imad Royal, Your Love by Mick Jenkins, Pony by Pretty Sister [spotify link] [youtube link]

- - -

“Hello, anyone here?”

I step from the back room of the surf shop to meet a dark haired man waiting at the counter.

“Ah, there you are. You guys rent surfboards right?”

“Hello, sir. Yes, surfboards and scuba gear as well.” I say and lean to the counter. This customer is cute.

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