JenKat’s Dolls

I’ve created a new personal BJD blog dedicated to my new Ball Jointed Doll crew as they develop and my new resin hobby direction as I return to the world of BJD collecting myself with new purpose. After almost 13 years of limited income I finally returned to full-time work 4 months ago so I have decided to fulfill a promise to myself in being more deliberate and purposeful in my collecting plans so that I can “do this hobby properly”, the way I would have liked to when I first started out almost a decade ago.

Although there’s not much there at the moment and it’s likely to run fairly slow for the time being as bits and pieces arrive , you can find my new blog at 

Ok, I thought it was about time for a resin comparison pic, especially whilst all the above resin is still new, all 2017 cast & all recieved within the last 2 months.
1,2 & 3 at the top are all varieties of NS whilst 4, 5 & 6 are all WS resin parts.

1. Zaoll Dreaming Luv head back - Normal

2. Zaoll Luv head back - Normal. Ordered from Dollmore at the same time as 1 but possibly either from 2 different resin batches and/or one is a slightly older in-stock head whereas the other was cast more recently.

3. Doll Legend 70cm Male jointed hand in Normal Yellow

4. Luts Senior Delf flip flop foot in Real Skin White

5. Immortality of Soul Class 70 foot in New White. As you can see, Luts Real Skin White & IOS New White are a very close resin match.

6. Doll Legend 70cm Male jointed hand in White - very much yellower in colour than IOS or Luts white.


The other week (whilst I was still working in outsourced ICT faults support services hell) I had a happy heavy resin arrival ^^ Sadly, I honestly didn’t have time to enjoy it at the time but Wulf’s New White IOS Class 70 body turned up! Wow, and so smooth, not a seam line on the outside anywhere, only place I’ve seen any is the inside of his leg joints & on his knee peanuts! 

Very happy I ended up going for the Class 70 body for Wulf, at least then I have a definite resin match & it’s not a bad looking body, and again, so smooth!  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

The knee joints don’t allow for full flexibility & aren’t terribly pretty when bent as far as they can go without elastic showing but this isn’t too different to a lot of 70cm boy bodies, to be honest. The upper torso has a good lock mechanism to allow it to bend forward into nice natural, not hyper-extended poses & the elbow joints allow for decent flexibility. If there’s one thing, really, I can see what people say about the IOS big boy bodies having a serious case of Yaoi hands! Despite knowing nefore hand that there would be a bit of a resin match difference, I’m definitely happy I sent for the WS Doll Legend hands for him as they are much more in proportion with the rest of him, and good looking and fun to play with as well - that is until I have to go trying to wire them this week, that’s not so fun     “(´≖ ‸ ≖`)” 

And now to wait for Wulf’s head to make its way back to me once complete. I have seen a progress pic and am more than happy to wait as long as it takes, definitely going to be worth it =^-^=