I rented a bike and rode down to the seawall. Now I am sitting in the park with a tuna fish sandwich looking at a beautiful view. #jeninvan (at Coal Harbour Seawall)


i got so freaking excited when we boated up to them i actually cried a little bit i’m gonna be honest. i can’t even explain how big of a deal it was to me. like seeing wild orcas to me would be like meeting darren criss/chris colfer for you that’s how big of a deal orcas are to me.

there were seven of them (transient orcas, for those with orca knowledge) and they actually killed what we think was a harbour porpoise while we were watching. they were close enough that i could actually hear them breathing (boating rules say you have to be 200 yards away from them at all times). it was just really magical and i wish i lived here because i would go all the time. 

we also saw 2 harbour porpoises, a sea otter, 2 bald eagles and more harbour seals which was really cool, but the orcas were definitely what i came for. 

now my face is bright red and painful from wind burn. fuuuuck

the weather is so beautiful and i am eating at a place called ‘the famous warehouse’ and my waitress is literally so cute she makes it less awkward that i am eating by myself.

my room is pretty nice, only downside is that i have a roommate that i don’t know and have yet to meet. that is an adventure in itself.

anyways i am just waiting for my food, listening to the music playing in this place and feeling the warm air blowing through the open restaurant front and life feels pretty good.

spent my last day in vancouver on grouse mountain. it was absolutely beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen before. i went all the way up to the top of this giant windmill (called the eye of the wind) where you see all if vancouver and all of the mountains, a 360 degree view. i am already feeling sentimental about leaving and feeling like i want to move here more and more, but moving across the country isn’t that easy.

my plane leaves at 7am tomorrow so that’s gonna be brutal. i hope I get to come back here some day.

so yesterday i went on a 10km+ bike ride around Stanley Park and my ass hurts a lot from the bike seat but it was so beautiful and worth it, i’m glad i went out and actually rented a bike. feeling proud of myself that i accomplished something. i saw a wild harbour seal too and got a crappy photo of it, but i was so excited. 

today i am returning my bike and then heading over to stay with cheryl, and tomorrow is whale watching! eeeeee!

well today sucked.

no whales to be found today unfortunately, so i am very sad right now. in order to cheer myself up i decided to treat myself to calamari because i really like seafood and it was the WORST calamari i have ever eaten. i forced myself to eat it until the point where i was gagging because shits expensive. not worth it.

jen is sad.