jeniffer laurence

Best movie I've seen this year.

I’ve seen quite a lot of movies this year but House At The End of the Street was by far the best. The trailer gives away NOTHING, except that they moved to a house next to were two people were killed. Everything else was twisted into the plot so well i cant even take it. 

Spoilers: Every time you think that the girl was his sister, nope Chuck Testa, it was some random girl that he would kidnap and take, but of course you dont find that out untill the end of the movie, when he takes the coffee girl and makes her into a girl to look like his younger sister, who he killed by accident when he was younger. He confesses he killed his parents and not Carrie Ann. But the thing that really got me into the movie was that even after being shot and the mom hitting him in the head with a hammer he was still alive. In the mental hospital while he is doing a puzzle it brings you back to one memory. He was little around 7-10 and he has a party hat or a crown on, and his parets are calling him Carrie Ann. He tells his mom, but mommy im not Carrie Ann! then she just slaps him! Like a full on bitch slap and tells him that he is or something, so it got me thinking and very confused.

Any way, the only thing that made the movie funny was the guy doing commentary behind me and my friend. Every time she would do something he was just be like awwww hell no! Locks are for keeping people pout of things, Hoe why you open that door! It made the movie 5000000000 times better. But im still confused by it. 

My reactions at the end