Supernatural GIF Challenge

every 3rd gif

1. Meeting Sam and Dean

2. Killing your first ghost

3. Meeting Bobby

4. Having your first near death experience

5. Dean’s death

6. Dealing with Sam and Ruby

7. Dean comes back from hell

8. Opening gates of hell

9. How you spend the first day of the Apocalypse

10. Meeting Castiel

11. Getting attacked by angels

12. Meeting Crowley

13. Your visit to heaven

14. End of your first Season

15. Finding out about the Leviathen

16. Meeting Kevin

17. Meeting Charlie

18. Helping to kill Dick Roman

19. Dean and Castiel’s disappearing act

20. Sam going AWOL

21. Finding out Dean was in Purgatory but is back now

22. Starting the trials

23. Meeting Abbadon

24. The Men of Letters bunker

25. Meeting Metatron (Megatron? No Sam, Metatron)

26. The angels falling

27. End of another season

28. Kevin’s death

29. It’s winter hiatus, now what’re you gonna do now?

Some Sony™ Bullshit

-Refuses to break a contract with an artist, despite the multiple forms of abuse she faced from her producer (Kesha)

-Drops artist 4 days after she notifies them she is pregnant (Kreyshawn)

-Pays female actors less than their male costars (Amy Adams and Jenifer Lawerence)

-Executives caught making anti-black jokes (directed at Obama)

-Executives caught making transmisogynistic jokes (directed at Caitlyn Jenner)

-Out of 17 executives making $1,000,000+ a year in 2014, only one was a woman

I feel like a lot of people missed the point of American Hustle.

It kinda reminds me when the same people watch Lost In Translation. I think American Hustle created these characters in their own worlds. And your not suppose to cheer them on and they shouldn’t be totally easy to read. Their human and flawed and thats really beautiful to me. I think the movie deals with corruption and inner battles better than 12 Years a Slave and Wolf of Wall St. American Hustle comes off shallow to some but I think theirs a lot of substance to each character. It’d be a shame if Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence lost because I think its both of their best performances. I like Cate in Blue Jasmine but it just didn’t seem like it was better than The Aviator or either Elizabeth movie. And Lupita in 12 Years has a visually compelling performance but it doesn’t really make you go home and think about it other than the surface. Christian Bale is at his best too but I can’t say anything about that cause I’ve yet to see Dallas Buyers Club. Who knows I’m just rambling because I hate seeing American Hustle bailed on buy some pretentious opinions, I’m still lost on how you could think thats paced slow and 12 Years is not….