Here is a picture of Jennis Kids & two grand-daughters that she left behind :’/.

First row: 1st picture: Daughter Chiquis (Jennay) & 2nd Daughter Jacky (Jacqueline)
Second row:  3 picture: Jenni, Jacky & Son Mikey (Micheal) & 4th picture Daughter Jenicka & Jenni
Third Row: 5th picture Youngest son Johnny & his sister Chiquis & 6th picture
Jenni & both grand-daughters babygirl Luna & Jaylah. 

“La admiracion que siento por ellos es inmensa! Aun en dolor siguen adelante con el legado de nuestra Diva y sobre todo hacernos parte de ellos!! GRACIAS por ser como son, Los AMO porque eligo amarlos y siempre estare para apoyarlos y mantener el legado de mi Diva En alto!! :”)) @jenicka_lopez @juanriveramusic @rosierivera_jrr @my_key_cultureaspects @dreai @jmelina217 @chiquis0626 GRACIAS por todo!! #familyrivera #rosie #juan #jenicka #jacqie #chiquis #mikey #drea #JENNIVIVE2013

in-fitnessandin-health replied to your post: I really wish I didn’t hate myself so …

You have absolutely ZERO percent of you to hate. You are an upstanding, genuine, talented and ambitious person with a glowing soul and kind heart.Please don’t listen to those absurd thoughts, you’re much too smart to fall for it. <3

Thank you for such a kind message Jenicka.  I really appreciate it.  I just wish I could believe what you see in me.  I’m having so much trouble lately seeing the good things.  Believing them.  I have low self-everything.  It’s awful.  I feel totally useless, unlovable, and just that I’m an awful person.

<3 and *hugs*