Got high while listening to Willow Smith…. 


Willow Smith - Female Energy,
SZA - Warm Winds
Lion Babe - Jungle Lady
Iman Omari - Wait A Minute
BLKKATHY - Dem Bones
Little Simz - The Hamptons
D'Angelo / Khryo - Yellow Honey
Throwing Shade - Sweet Tooth
We Are Shining ft. Eliza Doolittle - Killing Me
Kevin Abstract - Drugs
Jays Ways ft. Nicole Millar - Infinity

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The Junkyard Band (Washington D.C. 1986)

An eight-member crew of Washington, DC-based youngsters, age eleven to seventeen, the Junkyard Band played their funky go-go music on overturned buckets instead of drums because they didn’t have the money for more conventional instruments. Produced by Rick Rubin, a big fan of go go, the Junkyard Band’s only Def Jam single “Sardines” b/w “The World” earned them a place among “The Greatest Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard” in Spin magazine’s August 2009 issue.

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Hahaha…  What ya’ll know about this?!?!  One of Eminem’s predecessors ….#classic 

“Keep It Real” - Milkbone (1995) 

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Sweet Connie by Meek Demeo.

Sick Sick Sick  music video. Just discovered it via jenewby

Definition of love gone wrong

Yo sometimes I do wish everybody could be black for a little while in their lives. Like forget the police stuff. It’s the 15k other little micro-aggressions that kill me. Like how in a professional setting every single thing you do is over analyzed tenfold times. Or in a interview, their main concern is not how well you can do the job, but rather how well you will interact with their conservative white clientele. ….Noting that any overt act of blackness will get you judged. Yo… I swear. It’s the little things.

They always say if you’re black you have to be 10x better than the next man, but damn, why It gotta be like that…


“Hey Black Child”   recited by 3 yr old Pe’Tehn Raighn-Kem