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Okay okay, I know we’re days behind on this post but we’ve been super busy lately. Plus we never have time to keep up with Jenelle drama because once something happens another HUGE thing happens. It just never seems to end so it took us forever to put this post together so we apologize for the lateness.

Before Jenelle got back from rehab Courtland was claiming to have contact with her while she was there. He was tweeting stuff to her as if she was actually going to be able to read it. He claimed he was talking to her on the phone and sending her stuff in the mail such as letters and books. He also told his followers that Jenelle told him to tell her Canadian fans to watch Teen Mom 2 the following night.  This was apparently right after she filed charges on him and was cussing him out over Twitter. Jenelle did seem to be leaning on Courtland for a little while though because before her week long trip to rehab Courtland tweeted, “have faith !!!!!!!!!! i got this” to which Jenelle thanked him for being supportive. This right here was the first sign to us of Jenelle possibly going back to Courtland like she does with every other boyfriend. 

There was apparently a sex tape of Jenelle that was supposed to leak but never was, probably because there never was one. A source says,
“Jenelle was only in for a few weeks to detox and then left immediately. The physical addiction was over but not the mental addiction. That takes longer to get over, which is why three days after getting out she’s right back in. She’s not doing it because she wants to be clean. She’s doing it to try and save her MTV job and that just won’t work. You have to want to be clean for yourself.”

OK! Magazine released an interview Courtland did about Jenelle’s rehab stay and the truth behind her misscarraige which basically sold Jenelle out. (see our other post with the full interview.)

On March 5th Courtland ended up gong to jail for previously assaulting Jenelle and he of course had to tweet about it on the way to the police station.

He was released the next day, March 6th around 8pm. He told a fan on Twitter that his bond was 300 dollars. He then continued to tweet about how much he loves his fans, haters and daughter and how he’s going to better his life.

Any Courtland ‘fans’ out there - this is apparently your chance to meet your hero. Ha.

The assaults in which he was arrested for are said to have started in November 2012 and last until January when they broke up while Jenelle was pregnant. The story is that it all started when he allegedly pushed her head into the wall and punched her head, legs, arms, chest, etc after a night out at the bar. You’d think we would have seen bruises considering Jenelle uploads selfies everyday and her claims are quite drastic that they’d be very noticeable.

The only photo evidence we have is the picture posted below that Jenelle posted online for all to see (as usual.)

The so called bruise is hardly noticeable and is hardly proof that she got beat up as badly as she claims.

Is that a smile in his mugshot? Courtland says yes because he’s an 'innocent man.’

“We had responded to a disturbance call but it didn’t have anything to do with him,” says the police officer who arrested Courtland. “He and some other people were there and we will check and run identification to make sure they don’t have any outstanding warrants and Mr. Rogers did.” Courtland faces four counts of assault on a female as well as two counts of battery on an unborn child. Thanks to Starcasm we have his warrants for you to see for yourself.

The first one posted about is from November 16, 2012 when he allegedly bashed her head into the wall and continued to hit her.

The one posted above is from January 11, 2013 when Jenelle claims Courtland grabbed her hair and slammed her into a wall.

The third one is from January 14, 2013 where Courtland allegedly grabbed her hair.

And last but not least, the warrant posted above is from January 21, 2013 where Jenelle claims that Courtland smashed her head to the floor in an attempt to take her car keys.

Jenelle’s friend states, “Courtland was a mess and Jenelle thought he had been on drugs. He wasn’t sleeping and had been out partying and he was acting like a maniac. He started yelling at Jenelle and didn’t even care that she was bleeding and cramping and starting to have a miscarriage. He first shoved her out of the way and Jenelle tried to get away from him. That’s when things got out of control.”

An anonymous source says when Jenelle denied him sex things got even worse. “Jenelle told him no way and he shoved her onto the bed. Then when she tried to get up to go out of the room he hit her and pushed her against the wall, he got really physical with her and grabbed her around the neck in a choke hold. She was screaming at him and telling him to stop but he hit her in the head and then in the face with a closed fist. She put her arms up and tried to get out of the way, but Courtland was really controlling. When she tried to leave he would apologize and beg her to stay, telling her he loved her.”

Courtland and his baby mamma seemed to get very close once Jenelle was in rehab. So close that they decided to give it another shot (spoiler alert - it obviously didn’t last long!) Jenelle confided in Taylor after her break up with Courtland and once Jenelle went to rehab she got back with Courtland? Not surprising. First Courtland claimed his daughter was taken away then he claimed he was at the park with her the next day, so despite being totally confused we figured out that their daughter is perfectly fine and not in child services. Taylor and Courtland were posting cute lovey dovey pictures of them with their daughter and talking about their sleepovers they were having together. He also posted on his Facebook why he was done with Jenelle.

He continued to bash Jenelle and even made a disgusting claim that we’ve definitely never heard before. Ever. That Jenelle apparently pooped in his bathtub while she was high and it’s been there for 70+ days. Excuse us while we go puke……

After participating in rehab for only 2 weeks (which is a long time for Jenelle) she decided she didn’t need it. A friend says, “Jenelle just needed to spend some time trying to figure things out, she wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her.” The first thing she did once she got back from rehab was get on Twitter, because that’s what all normal people do right? But her first Twitter words weren’t about how she was back and doing fine but to tell Courtland’s baby mamma that she was officially blocked. She even tweeted to Kieffer….but before you think 'oh great here we go again’ - Don’t worry! Kieffer is happy with a new lady who’s like 30 year’s old and doesn’t want anything to do with Jenelle’s drama. Can you blame him? A smart move from Kieffer, who would have ever thought that would happen.

It seems Jenelle is giving it another shot with Courtland though. He decided to jump the rope AGAIN and leave Taylor to be with Jenelle. Taylor claims he’s not seeing his daughter again and that he’s on drugs. While him and Taylor were together just a few days ago Taylor was telling everybody he was clean and how proud she was of him…it looks like she’s changing her story now that they’ve broken up. Courtland tweeted that she is just jealous Jenelle is back and says he doesn’t do drugs only weed. Does he not realize that’s a drug too?
Jenelle tweeted for everyone to follow Courtland, followed by Courtland talking about how big Brody (Jenelle’s dog) has gotten - meaning he’s been with Jenelle. If this wasn’t proof enough for you Courtland then tweeted Jenelle, "u hog the blankets to much lol get up and help me make this bed lol.” to which Jenelle said, “Hush up hahaha I love u.” It seems they really are giving it another shot…for now.

This photo of Jenelle and Courtland out to eat was snapped the other night. I think we have enough evidence here to prove that they are back together. Oh what a great dysfunctional relationship.

Jenelle also hacked Gary’s Twitter saying he was bisexual which Gary obviously didn’t like so he called Jenelle out in multiple tweets.

There IS good news hidden somewhere under all this mess. Jenelle is now staying with Barbara and Jace and is getting to see Jace. Sadly, that’s the only good news we’ve heard revolving around Jenelle lately. We were hoping she would stay in rehab longer this time and take it more seriously and that she would get her life together because it is a MESS. But it seems to be back to the same drama as before. It’s starting to get annoying writing about all of this because it’s the same stuff over and over again. We’re hanging by a very little tiny thread that hopefully Jenelle will change soon for Jace…


While Jenelle was in rehab Courtland took it upon himself to direct message Ok! Magazine on Twitter to tell them how much he loves them even though they make him look bad sometimes. Next thing you know there is an interview out of Courtland basically selling Jenelle out - and she had no clue about it. Check it all out below.

OK! Magazine: What’s the current situation with you and Jenelle?

Courtland: Jenelle and I of course are still married. There’s a reason for that. The reason being that when we first got together we were both not doing too good on prescription drugs. We had problems. Now whenever two dead batteries try to start a car, it does not work. But for some reason it worked and she was Kieffer for three years, she was with Gary for two, she was with me for three months and she married me. So clearly sparks were enough to where she knew and I knew that we really did love each other. But then the drugs got bad on her half so she started getting bad. Every morning, throwing up in the toilet, my mom having to clean up throw up, we were staying with my mom. Her never feeling good, never leaving the room, always in the bed, always sleeping.

After all that episode, she ended up getting pregnant. Well she was pregnant while still using heroin and getting her scripts from her local doctor which consisted of 90 Percocet 10 and 90 Lorazepam which is better known as Ativan which she was still abusing. But because of the fact she was pregnant she actually did taper herself down a little. But when I say a little, to Jenelle Evans, excuse me Rogers, a little is really not that much but it was better. I was proud of her. And I’ve taken her bottles so many times and hid them. She hit me so many times for doing it. Last time she hit me 5 times with my own iPhone on the back of the head. So the drugs really destroyed our relationship.

But the past two weeks Gary and her went through their problems. Gary made love to Jade and Hannah, which is proven fact. He even instant messaged me that on Twitter. I know that for a fact and Jenelle does not like to be alone. And right now, I speak to Jenelle every single night. She called me last night. And the only thing that she talks about right now is Jace. That’s it. She cried for 21 minutes last night. I heard somebody in the background saying you got 1 minute left 15 times but she wouldn’t get off the phone because of her crying about Jace, and how Twitter has made her look like she’s bad and they don’t know the whole situation.

Long story short, she really is changing right now. And she really is getting better, for the better. Just like me. They arrested me yesterday. I got caught. I went to jail. I went to county jail. They transferred to Brunswick which is where I live, where my charges were brought out. I bailed out and we will go to court for it but the way Jenelle and I are talking right now is like a very good friendship. And it’s sober. She’s not doing drugs because she’s in rehab. I’m not doing drugs. I have the jail to prove it because they gave me a drugs test.

It’s like we’re actually friends sober too. So I do not known the future with her and I but I can tell you that right now all she cares about is her son and that is all I could have ever asked for her because in the end that is the only boy in her life that matters. So whether we stay married or not, I just want her to be that mom that I have actually seen her be with Jace. So bad. Because she deserves that and so does he. No matter what Twitter says, no matter if she took falsified charges out on me, she’s still my wife, I still love but no matter what happens between her and I, I know for a fact that I’ll always have her as a friend and that’s what counts. I want the whole world to know that I am not a crazy guy. That I was necessarily running from police that I was just scared because who innocent wants to go away. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you’re not running.

OK!: What were you actually arrested for?

Courtland: It was assault charges on a female from Jenelle when she was on drugs, when Gary talked her into taking these charges out on me. These false charges. She didn’t even want to. Gary made her because she was so bad on Xanax that she listened to Gary, took four assault on a female charges out on me and one battery on an unborn child which I never touched.

And my mom is sitting right here beside me and my sisters were there and they can all take lie detector tests, go to court, jury, whatever. We know I’m ok because I didn’t do it. It’s just Gary talked her into it and she was high at the time and now she regrets it and she wants me back. But I don’t want that right now. I want her to focus on Jace because I love her so much that I would rather her be focusing on Jace than be my wife right now. Because that is her son and that’s what he deserves. Because a lot of kids go these days without a mom or without a dad and it’s very tough and I can only imagine.

OK!: Is that why you hate Gary so much?

Courtland: The reason I hate Gary is because of the fact that the other night, I read a tweet that said, ‘Hey Courtland, if something happens and me and your wife don’t work out, give your sister my number she could get the biz.’ Now my sister is my best friend. We fight a lot but she is a year and a half older than me and she is my world and that my broke my heart. Because of the fact that my wife and my sister’s name were in the same 10 word tweet and the whole world saw that, and laughed. And he’s smashing my wife, for a better use of term, having sex with my wife. And telling her to take charges out on me, that she does not want to do.

OK!: What about the other woman in your life – do you want to be with her or Jenelle?

Courtland: Who do I really want to be with? I want to be with my daughter. I want to be with my daughter more than anything in the world. Like it’s about to make me choke up. That at the end of the day is why I don’t sleep at night because I cannot get her out of my head and for the past two months, I’ve had to be away and I couldn’t see her because of these charges that I did not do. And it’s the worst. When you have an almost two year old daughter that knows who you are that says ‘da da’ when she sees your picture, that melts your heart.  I just want to be with my daughter.

OK!: What do you see for the future for you and Jenelle?

Courtland: Right now Jenelle is my wife, she’s in rehab, I can’t speak for her we don’t talk on the phone but we don’t talk about our relationship, we talk about Jace, we talk about her making it through this. That she can do it. We talk about positive stuff and how good it feels to be able to wake up and not take a pill to survive. That’s what we talk about.

Now when she gets out we’ve discussed it, I’m going to meet up with her. I’m going to see Jace, because he’s kind of like my stepson even though Barbara is the temporary, but I love Jace. And we’re going to go to the park and Jace is going to play and Jenelle and I are then in person going to talk about what we’re going to do about our marriage. So there’s no guarantee. I love her to death and I know she loves me and we could stay married, I don’t know. The future holds that, but all I know right now is that I do talk to her, we’re on great terms.

She keeps apologizing to me, over and over, and I want to focus on my life now. I now do not have warrants, I can now go to get a job, I can now go see my daughter and be the dad I’ve wanted to be for 20 months. I can now see my mom and hug her. I can kiss my niece. I’m focusing on everything I need to and the 30 days she’s away, that gives me plenty of time to get that in order. So when she gets out, I also have that battle planned out already. I don’t know what’s going to happen.


Looks like Jenelle decided to confirm what we all already suspected regarding her mysterious 6 day hospital stay for what she claimed was ‘ovarian cyst surgery’ until now. If you haven’t been keeping up with the story search her on our blog as you will find mountains of evidence including an interview her own sister gave to Star magazine that claim Jenelle was actually involuntary institutionalized at a 'behavioral facility’ (like a mental health facility) by a judge after her mother Barbara filed an order on her behalf because of Jenelle’s ongoing drug use, most predominantly the fact that she has been taking heroin this year.

Usually with an issue this serious someone in the public eye would release a prepared statement, maybe even indirectly through a manager. This isn’t Jenelle’s style though, she’d rather add shock value by just casually dropping it into conversation like she’s talking about her nail polish. After TM2 last night she was interacting with fans and answering questions, when out of nowhere she posts this.

So in case your mobile, the text is from Babs and she is suggesting Jenelle stops spending so much time on twitter letting the world know her business and go offline for a month or two. I completely agree, it would give this blogger a much needed rest from the bullshit Jenelle-ville :P

But never fear, Jenelle has no plans to delete her twitter app anytime soon folks. As she says in the caption she likes talking to her fans online, because they connect and relate. In reply to the text, she says 'Yeah that’s what happens when you commit me to the hospital… Because you like to have things “your” way. She’s referring to the fact that being institutionalized meant she couldn’t get online for almost a week. I think that hurt Jenelle the most…

All jokes aside though, I don’t really know why else she’s coming clean now except for attention. She didn’t answer any questions and as we’ve reported she married Courtland the day after so he could become her next of kin and this wouldn’t happen again. I really don’t know whats next for Jenelle but I do worry the worst could happen someday if she doesn’t change her life.

She’s turning 21 tomorrow and rather then going clubbing she’ll be staying home with her husband and watching a movie with Jace, so that’s a plus. She’s also been talking about wanting to go back to school but says she doesn’t have enough money. In other news she brought Courtland a car this month and is in the midst of replacing her own. As always nothing ever adds up, talk is cheap, blah blah blah. Give me something in 2013 Jenelle, anything. I so badly want to write positive things about you, I want to see you succeed and be there for Jace. For now at least you’re finally being honest and hopefully the time away did some good.