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Gary hitting Amber with those court documents about Matt like OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AMBER AND SEE THE CREEP YOU’RE ENGAGED TO!

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Jenelle relationship/pregnancy timeline

2008 - Starts dating Andrew (Jenelle says they were engaged at some point of their relationship but didn’t specify when)
Dec 2008 - Gets pregnant with Jace
Aug 2009 - Jace is born and Andrew leaves
2010 - Starts dating Kieffer
Oct 2010 - Jenelle and Kieffer arrested for breaking and entering, drug possession.
Jan 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer (shortly gets back with Kieffer)
Feb 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer (gets back together shortly after)
Aug 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Sept 2011 - Starts dating Josh
Sept 2011 - Moves in with Josh
Sept 2011-  Breaks up with him after dating for 5 days
Nov 2011 - Gets back with Kieffer
Dec 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Jan 2012 - Starts dating Gary
Jan 2012 - Gets matching YOLO tattoos with Gary
March 2012 - Starts dating Kieffer again
May 2012 - Starts dating Gary again
May 2012 - Gets engaged to Gary
May 2012 - Breaks up with him 2 weeks later. Claims he stole jewelry and broke into her house
June 2012 - Gets back with Gary
June 2012 -Jenelle says Gary choked her. Both charged with assault, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and Kolopin.
June 2012 - Calls of engagement to Gary
July 2012 - Starts dating Kieffer again
Aug 2012 - Alleged engagement to Kieffer?
Sept 2012 - Moves to NJ with Kieffer
Sept 2012 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Oct 2012 - Starts dating Courtland
Oct 2012 - Breaks up and gets back together with Courtland
Nov 2012 - Gets engaged to Courtland
Dec 2012 - Gets married to Courtland
Dec 2012 - Breaks up with Courtland after a few Twitter feuds
Jan 2013 - Spends NYE with Courtland and says they never broke up
Jan 2013 - Gets matching tattoos with Courtland
Jan 2013 - Announces pregnancy
Jan 2013 -  Jenelle filed four counts of assault on a female and two counts of battery of unborn child against Courtland.
Jan 2013 - Gets back with Gary/moves in with him
Jan 2013 - the “Kool Aid” miscarriage w/ Courtland’s baby
March 2013 - Breaks up with Gary
March 2013 - Starts dating Courtland again
April 2013 - Jenelle and Courtland arrested for heroin and assault 
May 2013 - Gets back with Courtland after their heroin arrest
May 2013 - Jenelle gets pregnant with Courtland’s baby
June 2013 - Courtland goes to jail, they break up
June 2013 - Jenelle has an abortion
June 2013 - Jenelle starts dating Nathan
June 2013 - Jenelle thinks shes pregnant with Nathan’s child (she isn’t. She still had pregnancy hormones from the abortion she literally just had.)
June 2013 - Jenelle and Nathan move in together
June 2013 - Starts trying to have a baby with Nathan (yes, after being with him less than a month)
Sept 2013 - Gets matching name tattoos with Nathan
Oct 2013 - Gets pregnant with Kaiser
Dec 2013 - Announces pregnancy
Dec 2013 - Jenelle and Nathan fight, Jenelle is arrested for "breach of peace"  
May 2014 - Jenelle is finally able to (according to law in her state) file for divorce from Courtland
June 2014 - Kaiser is born
July 2014 - Nathan proposes
June 2014 - Officially divorced from Courtland
May 2015 - Jenelle is arrested for 1st degree criminal physical assault on Nathan
Aug 2015 - Calls off engagement with Nathan
Aug 2015 - Seen with Kieffer again
Sept 2015 - Starts dating David
Sept 2015 - David moves in with Jenelle
Dec 2015 - Jenelle gets pregnant
end of Feb 2016 - Jenelle has a miscarriage
April 2016 - Alleged break up with David. David changed his FB relationship status to “It’s complicated”
April 2016 - Gets pregnant with Ensley
Aug 2016 - Announces she’s having a baby girl with David
Jan 2017 - Ensley is born 
Feb 2017 - Gets engaged to David
March 2017 - Jenelle and David move into their home they built
Sept 2017 - David and Jenelle will be having their wedding on their land

I think I got it all 😅Please let me know if I missed anything/messed anything up and I will correct it 


Teen Mom 2 - S08E07
“Mothertrucker” - Aired 8/21/17
Babs talking to Jace about his mother and David getting married. Not to compare, but Cole asked Aubree if he could marry her mom before purposing, as did Javi with Isaac. Jenelle doesn’t care about how her kids feel. If I had a child and they didn’t want me marrying my boyfriend, that would raise major red flags for me. You can feel how hesitant Jace is when it comes to Jenelle and David. Jace also shared with Babs that he didn’t want to go to Jenelle’s house anymore. And Jenelle probably makes him feel guilty about it. Poor kid.