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Nikkole just called out MTV big time for failing to portray the real struggles that go with becoming a mother in your teens. And Jenelle argued this wasn’t true because apparently not being eligible for government assistance because you earn hundreds of thousands dollars each year is a struggle…

Guys, guys, guys.. Jenelle has to pay rent and utilities in FULL EVERY MONTH. The horror! Oh, she also has to pay tuition all by herself guys. How unfair.

But seriously, she thinks people making 6 figures deserve government assistance, tax breaks and help with rent… What the fuck is wrong with her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more delusional. And yes, this comment has since been deleted.

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Jenelle's brother said the baby would have Jenelle as her mother so does hat mean she's having a girl??

I don’t think we can take that text from Jenelle’s brother as a legit source….There’s no way to prove that Jenelle’s brother actually is the one that sent that text. 

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I'm in the UK watching the episode of TM2 where Jenelle and UD take Kaiser out on the boat and he's crying and behaving the way a baby does... the one where UD says something like 'he's a bitch just like his daddy' (sorry can't remember exactly what he says). Anyway... They've cut it out!!! Do you think that's because of all the backlash they received over it?! The scene still looks awful.. But they've taken out the REALLY awful bits. Even MTV know that Jenelle and UD are fucked up.

No friggin’ way!!!!!!!



I would love to be a fly on the wall of the Evans’ compound right now!

So the rumor about David getting into a car accident last week is true! And he got another charge because of it! It also looks like the rumor about about Jenelle missing Jace’s custody hearing is also true!

In the report, which I zoomed in on, it clearly states that the passenger of vehicle 1 said that “she is at least 10 weeks pregnant” and was transported to a hospital to be checked out!

I doubt Jenelle wanted the world to find out this way and she won’t be getting her tabloid payout now!

Screenshots from Twitter user @soflobeachbitch