Hi my name is Jen, full name is Jenea but no one really calls me that unless i’m in trouble. I’m a self taught photographer, i started with an old canon film SLR and although now i shoot mostly digital, film photography will always have a special place in my heart. There are so many beautiful things, places and people in the world and I love to capture the world as i see it.

Please visit my blog ( jeneawhat ) more power to all of the original photographers on Tumblr! This a great community to be a part of.

Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. Sorry for the shameless selfie today! I just got back from Lake Arrowhead, about to run the pics through post in a bit and will upload to follow within the next couple days.

Oh and Happy Mothers day to you all 💙

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Ok. Got the IG up and running. Loaded a few pics on there already to get it all going.

Tumblr, Flickr, & 500px will still be the main hub for my work. I’ll be using IG for posting low res square snippets of my photography as well as any other random iPhone shots from my travels.

Please follow me there for a daily dose of whatever crosses my lens.