Gender is not a spectrum, it is a hierarchy. You cannot look at the treatment of women globally and deny that. Gender roles are created and enforced by the patriarchy. This is why the gender roles associated with females are denigrated and seen as inferior, whereas the gender roles assigned to males, while restrictive in their own ways, are seen as superior.
—  thentheysaidburnher
Gender is the enforced behaviour of submission (feminine) or domination (masculine). It’s the idea that those behaviours are natural and right and inevitable because men and women are ‘just different’ in their heads, and if you don’t submit to the right set of behaviours, you must be the opposite sex. It’s an invention of a patriarchal society to rationalise and maintain itself.
—  robberbutton
Gender reduces women to objects under the male gaze. Lesser than objects only valued if they’re good to look at, give orgasms, and raise children. Gender may look like art, fashion, a cool manner of self-definition to you but that is gender stripped of it’s consequences and causes. (Among a privileged classes it’s a bit watered down you see, made comfy and even ‘cool’ so people will keep buying into it.) Nevertheless, gender is the expanded ideology of sexism, pervasively indoctrinated into every culture on the face of the Earth. Gender abolition is incredibly important, and gender celebration is a mindless endorsement of oppression and sexist fuckery.
—  ladymaxwell
Transsexuals = TERF Scapegoats

Now here’s the thing - if you picked a random “stereotypically feminine” woman on the street, the odds are overwhelmingly the case that she’ll be cissexual. Despite social gender stereotypes being perpetuated by billions of cis men and women, with the tiny number of trans people having about as much influence as a cork bobbing about in the wake of a supertanker, all the bad things associated with “gender” are apparently all our responsibility.

- Sarah Brown

I don’t see what’s gender non-conforming about genderqueers, Tumblr or otherwise.

What’s more gender non-conforming?

1.Saying, “The things that I like and the activities I enjoy may have gendered associations but they are not inherently sexed so there is no need to take on some kind of additional identity.”
2.Saying, “the things I like and the activities I enjoy do not align with the gendered stereotypes and norms assigned to my sex, so I must be a different gender.”
Genderqueer politics assumes the second. I assume the first, because the second reifies gender and reproduces the bifurcated gender poles and all of their attendant stereotypes by claiming that deviation cannot exist within the “binary.”

Real world example: I’m male. My voice tends to have more tone and pitch variation than is considered conventionally masculine. A lot of people pick up on that (among other things) and I get read as gay quite a bit. I could pitch it down and level it out in to a nice gruff monotone if I really wanted to, but I hate how it sounds so I don’t. I also don’t think that a gruff monotone is inherent to male beings, but rather, an artifact of masculine socialization. Because I’m not performing as a man “ought to,” I’m engaging in gender non-conformity. How would my behavior be any more gender non-conforming if I claimed to be genderqueer? All that would do is reinforce the notion that a certain class of behaviors (gruff monotone) belongs to men and another class of behaviors (tone and pitch variation) belongs to women.

—  ataulfomangos

Honest feels about sex and gender:

For me, all that defines “female” is related to reproduction and genitalia (ie having a uterus, being able to lactate, and having a vagina). That’s all- there is nothing essentialist about it. I’m a person who happens to have a vagina and has the ability to get pregnant. Cool. Vagina’s are amazing. Femininity has absolutely nothing to do with those facts about my body. Femininity is an oppressive social construct with a set of norms, behaviours, etc that were imposed on me by institutions and my interactions with people solely based on my genitalia/role in reproduction. “Woman” is a social class which varies in terms of culture, race, class, etc, yet it is always the subordinate class. Refusing to be feminine is a project I’m working on, for myself (it ain’t easy). But anyway, what’s even more important is organizing and talking about the issue of gender and defining it in a way that recognizes it as a hierarchy (vertical) and not a binary (horizontal). Like Haslanger and many others, I think we should refuse to be masculine and refuse to be feminine. 

Side note: I’m also open to/in favour of a world where female/intersex/male categories are no longer apart of our concepts/language/epistemologies, rather that we simply acknowledge these biological differences as “lactating persons”, “pregnant persons”, etc. (which I think is important for feminist reasons). 

Blah. hopefully I can fall asleep now after articulating these ideas that have been whirling around in my brain!

Thanks for supporting my right to be an individual outside of gender

I also want to say thank you to all the people who opened my eyes and released my mind from the prison that is gender.

I’ve become a totally different person and I can embrace so much every day without worrying about some jendah identity.

There is no need for me anymore to create identities depending on the stuff I prefer.

There is no need for me anymore to change my looks depending on said jendah identities.

Although I still have sex related dysphoria every now and then - now I know that my body doesn’t need to match with these countless ever changing identities. And I know some day I will defeat the dysphoria. It already has gotten much better since 2012.

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Do Tumblrtrans realize that Ru Paul isn’t trans? He’s a gay man, who does drag. It’s not the same thing. This all goes back to their reinforcement of gender norms: if you’re a male who likes to dress as a woman, you’re trans! No, you could just be a guy who likes to dress in women’s clothing. Drag queens and transvestites are the ones who are really bucking the norms.