Imagine being the daughter of Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd, and meeting Stephen Strange during your residency - Part 2

Author: @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested by: @jenandoli@visions-of-autonomy, @p0wderedtoast@tsukuyomi011, @escapemyfallingbride

Fandom(s): Doctor Strange/MCU & Grey’s Anatomy

Word count: ~5,800 (I know, it’s long)

Warning(s): SMUT, unprotected sex (always wrap it up guys), depiction of medical procedures

Link to Part 1:

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about medical procedures! Also, this part takes place roughly 6 months after part 1.






“What? We name all the hot guys, it’s not my fault.” Cristina shrugged, throwing another M&M into her mouth.

I sighed, rolling my eyes as I repositioned my phone that began to fall from its position on my pillow.

“Can we please talk about something else.”

“Sure, have you slept with him yet? I would have, you know, if I had the chance.” Cristina pointed out as she shared a devious smile.

“I scrubbed in on a corpus calloscotomy last week. It was incredible.” I smiled, changing the subject.

“A split brain surgery? I haven’t seen one of those since my internship.” Cristina gasped, the phone readjusting as she crawled closer to the screen.

“Yeah. Before that, I assisted on a hemispherectomy on a toddler.” I smiled, looking down.

I heard Cristina sigh, causing me to look up, “What?”

“I’ve seen that look before, on Meredith about Derek.” Cristina said slowly, the smile falling from her lips. “You’re falling for Strange.”

“I am not!” I shouted, jumping up from my position on the bed, quickly grabbing my phone.

“There is nothing between Strange and I, we’re nothing more than the Neuro Nerds, as the rest of the hospital calls us. We’re just like Jackson and Mark were.”

“No, you’re not. Jen, trust me. You have three options here. A) Sleep with him once, get it out of your system and never look back. B) Forget your feelings, they’ll just cause you more pain in the long run. Or C) you work out a relationship with him, like Meredith did with Derek, and like I did with Burke. You just can’t let this ruin your career. You have an amazing opportunity working underneath the number one neurosurgeon in the country, don’t throw that away for relationship.” Cristina said seriously.

“I won’t. I won’t trash my career. I promise. Neuro is how I keep Derek close to me, I wouldn’t throw that away for some guy.” I said softly, looking down.

Cristina nodded, understanding.

“Good, but god, that man is McSmexy.” Cristina laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“Goodnight, Cristina.” I laughed, ending the video call.


“Good morning, Doctor Shepherd.” Doctor Strange called, walking over to me.

“Good morning, Doctor Strange.” I smile as he approaches. “Anything good today?”

“Not yet, Doctor Shepherd, we’ll just have to see if some interesting case comes through the doors of the ER today, till then, we have post-op patients.” Strange said, leaning onto the nurses station I was currently at.

“Are we horrible people for wanting an amazing case to walk through the doors?” I asked, looking up at him.

Strange shared a half smile, “we like fun surgeries, they like living. I think it’s a good mix.”

I nod, understanding.

“I already did rounds with my interns, all of our post-op patients are still alive.” I smiled brightly.

Strange raised an eyebrow, “Have I just entered an alternate universe, or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

My smiled widened, causing Strange to roll his eyes.

“Okay then. I want hourly updates on all my patients.”

“I have Gilbert bring me hourly updates, I told him to page you as well if there were any serious complications.” I cocked my head at Stephen with my bright smile.

Strange laughed, shaking his head at me. “Looks like you’ve got everything under control. What would I do without you?”

“Crash and burn.” I shrugged.


ER 911.

I grabbed the nearest box of gloves and pull on a pair.

I push open the ER doors and rushed over to the gurney the paramedics were rolling in.

“Trauma one people!” I called out to the paramedics and my interns.

Once the man was transferred to the trauma bed, I saw the large amount of blood soaking into the bandages around his head.

“Patient’s unconscious. Page Strange right now.” I shouted to Pasley.

“What happened?” I mumbled to myself, doing a pupil check.

“Thomas Sharpe, mid-thirties, GSW to the head.” One of the paramedics answered.

Upon hearing that, I looked up from the patient. “GSW to the head and he’s still alive?”

“GSW to the head and still alive, oh this is a good one.” I heard a deep voice from behind me, I didn’t need to turn around to know it was Doctor Strange.

Strange crossed the room to be on the other side of the trauma bed. With him taking over the neurological exam, I looked for any other injuries finding nothing besides a few scrapes from the fall he would have taken from shooting himself in the skull.

“I want a CT right now. Shepherd, we’re taking him up to radiology.” I heard the click from the bed railing being put in place.

Clicking my rail into place, we began quickly moving towards the elevator.


“What do you see Doctor Shepherd?” Doctor Strange’s voice filled the room.

“A bullet. A perfect bullet, impinging on the medulla.” I whispered in awe, taking a step towards the monitor to get a closer look.

“It’s been hardened, and you harden a bullet by alloying lead with antimony. What else?” Strange asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“A toxic metal.” I nodded. “And as it leaks directly into the cerebral spinal fluid…”

“Rapid-onset central nervous system shutdown.” Doctor Strange confirmed.

“We need to get him prepped for a suboccipital craniotomy.” I said, turning to see a smiling Stephen Strange.

“Yes, we do. I hope you had a good night’s rest, because you’re going to need it.”


“Image status, STAT.” I called, knowing that we had only a small window to save the patient.

“We do not have time for that.” Strange practically growled from my left, as he took a deep breath, preparing himself for removing the bullet.

“You’re going to do it by hand?” I whispered.

“I can and I will.” Doctor Strange answered, his fingers curling around the artery forceps.

The room went quiet as Doctor Strange slowly inserted the forceps into Thomas Sharpe’s brain. My eyes darted from the open brain to the scan. They couldn’t get a clear enough image for us to get a good idea on where the bullet was exactly, or how we could get it out.

I heard a small exhale from my left, and my eyes darted to Stephen’s eyes, the only part of him I could see. To the rest of the world, Stephen Strange looked remarkably calm, but I could tell that he was just as scared as everyone else in the room.

Seeing movement to my right, I looked back up to the monitor to see that Strange was successful at grabbing the bullet.

I smiled broke out across my lips hidden by my mask at the sound of the bullet hitting the metal tray.

“Thomas Sharpe here will live to see another day.” Doctor Strange announced, beginning the process of closing the patient.


I walked out of the OR with a smile on my face. Stephen fell into step next to me as we walked down the emptiness of 3am hallways.

“That was possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” I exclaimed, before continuing to babble about the surgery I just witnessed: Stephen freehandedly pulled a bullet out of a man’s head!

Hearing a chuckle come from my right, I turned to face him.

“How did it feel?”

“Incredible. Trust me, I’m on the same high as you are right now.” He laughed, wrinkles appearing by the sides of his eyes.

My babble continues as I recite, step by step, the surgery, with wild hand movements. If it was any other attending, or doctor for that matter, I wouldn’t have done this. But Stephen and I were friends.

Our feet are silent as we walk down the darkened halls, the only sound is of my voice bouncing off the walls, and Stephen’s amused laughter.

That is until I felt a soft, but strong, hand brush against my cheek, causing me to stop walking and turn to face Stephen. The next thing I knew; a pair of soft lips were against mine.

I froze, my eyes wide, unsure of what was happening.

When I felt him about to pull away, I was pulled out of my thoughts. I laced my hands behind his neck, threading my fingers through the soft, dark hair of the back of his head, as I kissed him back.

The hand that was resting against my cheek trailed down to rest under my chin, as it gentle tipped it up, making things easier for Stephen.

A few moments passed and Stephen slowly pulled away, allowing us to breathe.

Stephen’s lips twitched into a small smile as his pale blue eyes met my green ones.

“C’mon on.” Stephen whispered, lacing our hands together as he guided me down the hall.

Stephen flicked on the lights to the on call room, nudging me in. Making sure no one saw us, Stephen followed me in, locking the door behind him.

With his attention back on me, I felt my back hit the wall, as I walked backwards, away from him, with a smile on my face.

He was a predator, and I was his prey.

Stephen pressed his body against mine, keeping me pressed between the cement wall and him, a wall of muscle. His hands griped my hips tightly as he reconnected our lips; it wasn’t sweet and gentle like the last time, it was rough and needy.

I could feel Stephen’s hand slowly start moving up from my hip, bringing my shirt with it.

His hands were cold and smooth against my skin, causing a shiver to rack my body and goose bumps to break out across my skin.

My hands moved to his hair, pulling him closer to me, at the same time Stephen dug his fingers into my waist in an attempt to bring me closer. I could feel his abs and chest against mine and it made me want to be closer. I kissed him harder, Stephen pressing me further into the wall.

I pulled away to catch my breath. I felt his hands remove themselves from my hips and replace themselves at the hem of my shirt.

Stephen’s usually light blue eyes were blown dark with lust. His hands gave a slight tug at scrubs, wordlessly asking if he could remove it. With a slight nod from me, Stephen lifted my shirt over my head, leaving me in a black and red lace bra.

Stephen threw the scrub shirt somewhere to the left of me on the floor.

His eyes traveled from mine down to my breasts, I watched as his pupils dilate even further and his tongue darted out to lick his lips.

I grasped his chin with my hand and tilted it up causing him to look me in the eye once again. I brought him closer to me, so close our lips were just barely touching. I could feel his breath again my lips as his hands ghosted up my sides causing my breath to catch in my throat and my body to shiver. My mind had fogged up and every touch from him was fiery, I wanted him.

“You’re so astonishing.” He murmured before kissing me softy with his hands in my hair pressing me closer to him.

I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip asking for entrance and I complied. His tongue pushed against mine and explored my mouth like a memorized map. I moaned against him as I moved my hands to Stephen’s chest for support.

Stephen’s hands trailed to my thighs, which he tapped, signaling me to jump, to which I complied.

Swiftly, without breaking the kiss, Stephen brought us to one of the bottom bunks, gently laying me down on the old mattress.

With my legs still hooked around Stephen’s waist, I began to roll my hips into his in an attempt for friction.

I felt him moan back against me and becoming hard beneath his scrubs just as I was becoming wet.

I pulled away from him dizzily and tried to catch my breath.

“Take it off.” I told him as I patted his chest.

He reached behind him, and in one swift motion pulled his scrub top off and threw it off to someplace beside us.

Stephen was toned, I lightly traced the outlines of his muscles of his abs starting at the hem of his pants.

The first touch was light and I drew it upwards to his belly button and I felt his muscles clench under my hand, a smirk crawled up my face. I moved my fingers north with more pressure, causing a gasp to fall from his swollen lips.

My hand dropped down to the draw string of Stephen’s scrubs, where I was about to undo it when his hands stopped me. He gently pushed my hands off his scrubs and leaned down, starting to kiss my jaw, moving down to my neck where he occasionally nibbled until he found my sweet spot that made me moan.

“What a nice little sound. I think I’ll bite there again.” Stephen mumbled against my skin with a smirk, and bite me a smidge harder, causing me to moan louder.

I dug my nails into the muscles of his lower back and felt him moan against my neck. He began to kiss down my body, occasionally running his tongue out against my flesh.

Once he reached my bra he moved so he was straddling my thighs, I sat up on to my elbows giving Stephen room to undo the clasp.

I felt his now warm hands slide across my ribcage and up my back until it reached my bra. His fingers slid between the piece of fabric and unclasped it. I felt the restraint loosen and with a smirk on his bruised lips he slowly slips the straps off my shoulders.

Finally, my lacy bra was off and thrown out of sight.

With my breasts in full view I could feel a cold breeze run through my body causing my nipples to hardened. Stephen’s breath caught in his throat and his tongue darted out to wet his lips again as his hands cupped my breasts. His thumbs rolled over my nipples lightly, provoking me to arch into him.

Stephen shifted his position so that his weight was supported by his left hand which had moved to the bed beside me, his right hands still massaging my left breast and his cock pressed against my thigh.

The very feeling of his long, thick, hard cock pressed against me, the thought of me being able to that to him made me wetter.

“Clavicle. Jugular notch. Clavicular notch. Manubrium. Sternum body. Xiphisternal joint. Xiphoid process.” Stephen named, as he kissed down my body.

His mouth moved from between my breasts to my right nipple where he took it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. My hand gripped his hair tightly trying to get him closer to me when his teeth grazed against my sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, Doctor. Please I need you.” I pleaded to him, purposely calling him by his title.

His mouth left my nipple but was replaced by his calloused hand while his soft, warm, wet lips left open mouth kisses down my torso.

My breathing got deeper with each inch closer he got to the waist band of my scrubs. My stomach clenched under him, my body was hot and each kiss from him was like a spark that ignited something deep inside me.

When his hands released their place on my breasts, I unmeaningly let a whimper slip through my lips.

Stephen’s hands, strong and steady, undid the ties on my scrubs as slowly as humanely possible.

“Please Stephen.” I begged him as my right hand reached out for him.

“What do you want me to do, Jen?” Stephen asked teasingly as he began to slide my scrubs down my thin legs. His voice was solid and sexy, a melody to my ears.

“Fuck me, hard.” I breathed out, my eyes falling closed.

“Not just yet, Doctor Shepherd.” Stephen replied pulling the scrubs from my legs and dropping them beside the bed leaving me in nothing but black, lacy underwear.

He ran his hands up my legs leaving goosebumps in their wake. Stephen’s lips charted a path to my center where only a thin strip of lace was between us. He paused for a moment, his sinful mouth so close I could feel his breath against me.

Stephen’s eyes glanced up again and I don’t think I’d never forget how he looked. His lust filled eyes piercing me, his swollen, wet, lips turned ever so slightly up in a smirk, his dark hair tousled from my hands.

All it took was for my hips to buck up to him and his lips to brush my covered clit to send a jolt of pleasure through me invoking a gasp from my battered lips.

That motion must have awakened something in Stephen because his actions because more frenetic and quick.

Stephen’s fingers looped under the waistband of my underwear and ripped them off my legs, not bothering to save them. He discarded them to the floor with all my other garments, before he ran his fingers through my wet folds, I moaned at the sensation.

He brought his hand to his lips and licked my juices off of them. Stephen groaned as his tongued lapped up my taste and his eyes fluttered closed.

When he was finished with his fingers and his eyes had opened again, “I hope you don’t have to work tomorrow.” Stephen said with a rasped voice, his hands gripped roughly, my thighs opening wider giving him more room before he placed his lips to my core.

Stephen separated my lips with a quick swipe with his flat part of his tongue which ended at my clit causing my hips to jerk forwards and my hands to grab his hair and keep his mouth where I needed it. His tongue circled my clit making me moan loudly and my hands to tug on his locks.

Stephen switched his movements to sucking my clit and flicking it with his tongue in a quick rhythm. The sudden change caused me to intake a sharp breath.

Stephen entered two of his long, thin, surgical fingers into me without warning causing me to cry out “fuck” in a slightly higher tone. He began to pump his fingers keeping his rhythm with his mouth, it took him a few moments before he found the spot he was searching for. When he did, a spasm jolted through my body and I could feel the coil begin to tighten in my lower abdomen.

Stephen quickened his pace and added a third finger into me, removing his mouth from my clit, Stephen ran his tongue over his wet lips, causing me to moan.

“Stephen, please.” I begged once again, needing to feel the Doctor inside me.

Stephen nodded, pulling his fingers out of me. His lips retraced their path up my body, where he whispered in my ear. “I don’t have a condom.”

“On the pill, we‘re fine.” I mumbled back, casing Stephen to nod and pull away to stand up.

He quickly pushed down his scrub pants and boxers, kicking them away from him, as his considerable length bounced up against his stomach.

Stephen crawled his way back up to me and kissed me hard. I could taste myself on his lips and that only made me hotter. He shoved his tongue down my throat and I moaned into his mouth.

Once he removed his lips from mine, he lined himself up with my entrance.

“Ready?” Stephen asked me in a soft whisper. I nodded lightly still unable to find my voice.

He began to push himself into me, slowly, inch by inch. Stephen’s hands found mine and held them comfortably next to my head as he gave me time to adjust to him.

His cock stretched me in all the best ways.

Stephen’s eyes were closed as he focused on his breathing, the muscles in his stomach and back contracting, trying to keep his self-control intact as he waited for me to give him a sign.

I shifted my hips into his to signal for him to move, and his eyes snapped open.

Stephen pulled himself out of me and slammed himself back in with a groan. The head of his dick hit me a spot that had me seeing stars and I arched into him with a light yelp.

He repeated the action, that time faster. I struggled against his hands pinning my wrists down wanting to get a grip on something, anything.

Once Stephen found a rhythm he was happy with, he leaned down and began to kiss and suck down my jaw leaving a trail of marks.

I began to grind my hips into his for more friction and my eyes rolled back when the base of his cock rubbed against my clit.

“Jesus fucking Christ, oh god, Stephen.” Loudly fell from my lips and his grip tightened on my wrists.

I knew there would be marks there tomorrow but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was him and me together as one in that exact moment.

My mind was foggy. I couldn’t think about anything but Stephen. His sculpted chest rubbed across my chest, stimulating my nipples. His large strong hands holding me down. His fire hot lips across my collar bone. His cock thrusting in to me. Him.

The coil was rebuilding quickly and with my sensitive flesh, the friction against my clit and the constant assault on my g-spot, I knew the pressure would be released soon.

Stephen moved my hands above my head and held them there by his right hand. His left hand roughly grabbed my right thigh and hiked my leg up over his hip giving him more room and access to a new angle.

My back arched up and a scream burned my lungs. I could feel each finger of his on my thigh, they’ll be bruises tomorrow.

Stephen released my thigh and trailed his fingers to my clit where he rubbed in quick circles sending me over the edge, pleasure ripping through me as I arched my back off the bed and my toes curled. “Stephen,” I gasped out as white light overtook my sight and fire replaced my blood.

When I came back to my senses, I noticed Stephen’s movements had become erratic and slower. His grip faltered and I knew he was close. With trembling legs and weak muscles, I met each of his thrusts with a hip roll.

His eyes were closed and his head rested against my shoulder.

I bucked up against him when he rubbed my swollen clit, the hard jump of my hips sent him over the edge.

Stephen thrusted one last time into me, burring his head deep into my neck and bit down on my collar bone as he emptied his load into me and moaned out my name.

He stayed against me for a moment before he removed himself from me.

Stephen then laid down on top of the covers beside me.

My body hurt, my legs trembled, I felt sweaty, sticky and gross. My black hair was knotted and my lungs couldn’t seem to get enough air.

I rolled over to curl myself into neurosurgeon. My head rested on his chest, which heaved as he caught his breath.

His fingers tapped my lower back, and he laughed when I answered him with an unamused sound.

“I know,” he whispered. “But we do have to get up, or at least get dressed. This is an on call room, after all.”

I nodded, pulling myself into an upright position once Stephen stood up. I watched as Stephen pulled on his boxers and scrub bottoms, and picked up his scrub top, before deciding against putting it on.

I stood, grabbing my ruined underwear off the floor and holding them up.

My unimpressed expression was met with a smirk.

“It’s not funny! What am I supposed to do? I have rounds in…” I trailed off, grabbing my pager off the ground. “Fuck. An hour and a half.”

I sent a glare in the direction of the attending. “I don’t have time to run home and grab another pair!”

Stephen just shrugged, “looks like someone won’t be wearing anything under scrubs today.”

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

I sighed, pulling on my scrub pants, and putting my bra back on, before standing to throw my underwear in the garbage.

However, instead of easily striding across the small space, I stumbled, my legs suddenly not used the weight they used to bare. I threw my hands out to brace myself against the floor, but instead of coming into contact with the cold floor, arms snaked around my waist, stopping me from falling.

“Careful. I need your brain and hands, don’t hurt yourself.” Doctor Strange laughed as he helped me regain balance.

This time, I knew what to be expecting, and easily walked across the room, before picking up my scrub top and putting it on. I set an alarm and replaced the pager on my hip before crawling underneath the covers to the bunk, wanting to get a small nap before going back to work.

“Can I?” Stephen asked, gently, motioning to the space next to me.

I pulled the covers back, and Stephen slid in next to me.

After some readjusting, I found myself on the outer side of the bunk, Stephen’s arms around my waist, my back pressed against him uncovered chest, and my head tucked under his chin.

Within a few minutes, I was fast asleep.


I woke with a jerk, to the sound of my pager going off. I quickly turned off the alarm, but not before Stephen made an unhappy sound next to me.

“Shhh…” I whispered, pulling myself from his embrace. “I have rounds. Go back to sleep. I’ll see you later.” I gently patted Stephen’s chest, throwing a look over my shoulder to see Stephen had fallen back to sleep.

With a smile on my face, I walked out of the door.


I walked into the locker room and trudged to my locker, grabbing my deodorant, make up, hairbrush, and a new pair of scrubs from the bin, before walking into the adjacent bathroom.

I walked out more presentable then I did before, dropping the used scrubs into the dirty bin.

I brushed a stay piece of hair behind my ear as I pour myself a cup of coffee from the coffee machine. With a yawn, I picked up my coffee and headed out of the locker room, heading towards the intern’s locker room to pick up my interns.

Rolling my shoulders, I straightened my posture before pushing open the locker room. Immediately I was bombarded with loud cross room conversation and lockers slamming.

I opened my mouth to call rounds, when my pager went off. Checking it, I downed my coffee, tossing the empty cup into the trash, before calling out; “McKinley, Correy, Pasley, with me, car accident. Gilbert, Wesley, there’s a stack of charts at the nurse’s station. Do your rounds, and pay close attention to Thomas Sharpe, any shift in his condition, I want to know. Okay people, moving out!”

With my three little ducks following behind me, I entered the ER. My team grabbed the first patient, the paramedics catching us up on the condition of the patient.

“Jonathan Pine, 35, possible head injury, several broken ribs, possible internal bleeding, broken left radius.”

“Trauma one, monkeys.” I call to my interns, as the paramedics push the gurney into the trauma room.

With the help of the interns, Jonathan was moved onto the hospital bed, and the interns began their assessment of the patient.

“Jonathan, can you hear me?” I ask, gently, checking his pupil response.

“I can hear you.” Mister Pine responded.

“Okay, good. Mister Pine, can you follow my finger for me?” I ask, moving my finger in front of his eyes, watching his response.

“Doctor Shepherd, his abdomen is rigid.” McKinley called.

“Patient is awake and responsive, heart rate is normal; Mister Pine appears to be stable. I want an abdomen MRI and a head CT. McKinley, call radiology, tell them you’re coming down.”

I hear my pager go off again and check it. “Correy, Pasley, Trauma two.”

I quickly throw off my gloves and put on another pair, before running to the next room.

Immediately, we were welcomed with the heart monitor going off, third year cardio Resident Doctor Aaron, with his interns attempting to clot the bleeding to a massive injury that tore through the torso of the patient.

“Doctor Shepherd, Neuro resident—” I couldn’t finish my sentence before the patient went into v-tach.

Doctor Aaron immediately began compressions while Pasley grab the crash chart; putting the jelly on the paddles. Aaron stepped out of the way giving Pasley room to place the paddles on the patient’s chest.

“Charge, 200. Clear.” The interns stepped back, and Pasley shocked the patient.

“Still no pulse.” Aaron called, as I crossed the room to be at the patient’s head.

“Charge, 300.” Pasley called, Correy rushing over to charge the paddles. “Clear.”

“Sinus rhythm,” one of Aaron’s called, when the patient got a pulse.

Immediately, all the doctors in the room rushed back to the patient. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pasley put the crash cart back in the corner of the room.

I pulled out my light and checked pupil dilation.

“Right pupil’s blown. Possible brain bleed. We need a head CT stat.” I called out to Aaron.

“Page Strange, Correy.” I called to my intern.

“There’s a piece of glass wedged between his ribs, most likely causing internal bleeding that’s leaking out through this wound. We need to repair it. Stewart, call the OR, tell them we’re coming down.”

My breath caught in my throat at that comment.

This was the exact situation Derek was in.

This is now Derek died.

“Stewart, don’t.” I called darkly. “All due respect, Doctor, Mister…”

“DeGerio, Doctor Shepherd.”

“Mister DeGerio is going to CT first, then he can go to surgery.” My eyes burn into Aaron.

“Shepherd, I’m superior to you, this is my patient, and he’s crashed twice already and he’s bleeding internally. We’re going to surgery. Stewart, call the OR.”

“If this man has a brain bleed, it doesn’t matter if you patch up his insides, because he will be brain dead. I’m the Neuro resident here, not you. Brain trumps torso injury.”

Aaron opened his mouth to argue against me, when he was interrupted.

“I believe Doctor Shepherd asked for a head CT. Pasley call radiology, tell them you’re coming down. This is my patient now, Doctor Aaron.” I deep voice called from behind me.

“Yes, Doctor Strange.” Aaron said.

Aaron, two of his interns, and Pasley, wheeled the patient towards the elevator.

“Correy, I want an update on Mister Pine. Go.” I watched as Correy began to walk towards the stairs.

“It was a good call, Doctor Shepherd.” Doctor Strange voiced with a smile, when I turned to face him.

“We should go up to radiology, see the results.” I nod, rubbing the back of my neck.

I watch as Doctor Strange tightened his lips and nod.

The walk up to radiology was silent, except for our steps on the stairs. When we reached CT, the scans were up. I stepped back as Strange walked towards the monitor. A moment passed before Strange’s voice filled the small room.

“Doctor Shepherd, come here and tell me what you see.” Strange stepped back, giving me room to look at the picture.

“There’s a tumor compressing the third cranial nerve, that’s what’s causing the singular blown pupil.”

“Correct. Doctor Aaron, you’re clear, take Mister DeGerio to surgery.” Strange nodded at the other resident, who called for his interns to move him to the OR.

“Pasley, stay with Mister DeGerio, I want to know when he gets out of surgery, and when he wakes up, okay?” Strange told my intern, in a voice that was colder than needed.

“Yes, sir.” Pasley squeaked, before walking out of CT with Aaron and his team.

Once everyone was out of the room, Stephen let out a long breath, before turning to look at me.

My cast my glance to the floor, afraid of what I would see if I met his glance.

“We need to talk.” Stephen’s voice was softer than normal, and I felt his hand rest on my shoulder.

“What’s there to talk about, Stephen? We were tired and caught in the heat of the moment. See? We’re all good.” I forced a smile, knowing what I was saying was a lie.

I watched as Stephen’s brows furrowed.

“Is that all last night was to you?” Stephen’s voice softened even further, and I may have been imagining it, but there was also a tinge of sadness in his words, as his hand fell from my shoulder.

“Was it something else?” I asked, timidly.

Stephen scoffed; causing me to look up at him.

He laughed a cold laugh, and my heart dropped to my stomach.

His voice hardened, as he rolled his eyes. One of his perfect hands rubbed his jaw before he looked at me.

“Actually yeah, it was. I like you, I know you like me, you have another five to nine years at Met-Gen for your residency and fellowship. I think we can make this work.” Stephen’s eyes fixated on me, as he crossed his arms over his chest.

My eyes widened. “What?!”

His trademark signature smirk crawled across his lips. “You heard me. I know lots of attendings who date residents and interns. Now, Mister Sharpe, our bullet wound patient isn’t dead, let’s have dinner.”

“Okay.” I whispered.

Stephen’s smirk turned into a smile as placed a hand on my cheek, and leaned down to kiss me. It wasn’t like any of the kisses we shared the previous night. This one was soft and slow. After a moment, Stephen pulled away.

“Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.” Stephen whispered, before pulling himself away from me fully.

“Dinner tonight, 7 o’clock.” Stephen patted my shoulder, “I’ll see you then.”

Stephen pressed a quick kiss to my lips, before strolling out of the scan room.

Part 3???


Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

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Tagging: @claireisbetterthandom , @jenandoli , @aj-starr

Fandom: Thor

Relationship: Established; Thor x Valkyrie  

Summary: Thor and Valkyrie are practicing on the ship and one thing leads to another…

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Ragnarok Spoilers.


Disclaimer: This will be written in first person.

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The Night Your World Fell Apart

Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested: Yes – Anonymous

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Fandom: Thor

Relationship: Married; Thor x Reader

Summary: The Reader and Thor lose their baby.

Word Count: 971

Warnings: Spoilers for Ragnarok.

                       Major Character Death.

                       Infant Death.

Disclaimer: This takes place a few years after the end of the movie, but ignores the end of the film.

Comments: Feelings… So many feelings…

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A Family Truth

Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested: Yes - @jenandoli

Fandom: Thor

Relationship: Brotherly – Thor and Loki; Father/Daughter – Loki and Hela

Summary: Loki tells Thor about his daughter, Hela.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: No spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok!

Comments: I would have loved to see Loki and Hela’s relationship explored…


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