How safe is it to tuck?

Someone asked us:

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve had this question before, but is “tucking” safe? What are possible side effects? What are the best methods if tucking with the least amount of adverse effects to my health?

Thanks for sending in these questions! Currently, there isn’t much research on the safety of tucking (the practice of concealing the testicles and penis) so we reached out to one of our own medical providers, Dr. Jen Hastings, who’s also on the advisory board at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health for information.

Here’s what Dr. Jen has to say: “Unfortunately, we don’t have enough research to know the answer to this question for sure. It’s possible that tucking may affect the sperm and your fertility, as the testicles are held close to the body and are at a higher temperature, which may lower sperm count and make sperm move less well. This is not thought to be permanent, and the effect on sperm should reverse within 3 months.”

“Another thing to consider is that if you use duct tape instead of a gaff, your skin could get irritated and, rarely, infected. UTIs, yeast infections, and other skin conditions are also risks if you’re improperly tucked or stay tucked for too long.” Jen suggests taking regular breaks from tucking, like when you’re asleep, at home, or in other safe situations.

Finally, no conversation on tucking safety is complete without considering your emotional and social safety. Jen says, “For many trans women, tucking is mandatory for their safety and comfort.”

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if tucking is a safe option for you and your situation, and how often you feel safe taking breaks from it.

We hope this information helps!

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

The Epic Tail of a Girl and Her Cat

Guys. GUYS.  We started doing stories before bed with my three year old.  I think it got to me.

This is Chat

Stormy Weather / Climatika

He’s friendly, playful and has no bones

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur, Rogercop

Chat is a cat

Princess Fragrance / Princesse Fragrance, The Mime / Le Mime

This is Chat’s Human


She plays with him

Darkblade / Le Chevalier Noir

And gives him scritches


But not too many (he is, after all, a cat)

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur

His Human smells like warmth, comfort and other good things


Chat loves his Human (and she loves him)


She’s his forever home


THE END =^‥^=


Sometimes, cats think they have two Humans, but it’s really the same Human twice.  Shhh.  Don’t tell him…

The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur

Link to my ML Crack Post Master List

**Disclaimer:  This was done to make people laugh and is entirely in fun.  The fact that I have to add a disclaimer stating this is not fun.  If you’re gonna hate, please take your business elsewhere.  I don’t give attention to trolls or haters.  Thanks.  Also, I’m not a LadyNoir shipper.  I’m not a Marichat shipper.  I’m an EVERYONE shipper.  Tonight just happened to be a LadyNoir post.  Or whatever the hell that was.  If reblogging tag however you want.** 

Guys. Jen stayed long enough to see Emma marry Killian. For Emma to get her happy ending. I know it’s beginning… but lets be real. Emma got her happy ending and Jen sees that as how she wants to leave her. No more monsters. No more deaths. She’s married to her True Love and that’s how she wants it to end.

I’m seriously in so much pain right now, I can’t even describe…

As much as I love all these BTS pictures of Jen and Colin, I’m really trying just to appreciate everything more. Like realistically, this is probably the last time we’ll get pictures like this. We don’t know how long Jen is filming for or how long she’ll be in Vancouver. So let’s all just be happy together. Appreciate all the blurry pictures, the fan pictures, the BTS pictures. Appreciate the promo and the episode when it comes out. Appreciate the fan video’s afterwards. Appreciate it all - every single bit. Because this is it. This is the end. And it’s been one hell of a ride.

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you give me something to think about (chapter 8)

Read on ao3.

Summary: Trini’s never been good at making friends, which only makes being stuck in the same school for seven years even more miserable. But when she finally does meet someone nice, she ends up with a whole lot more than she bargained for.

It’s gonna be one hell of a year.

The Slowburn Hogwarts AU that no one asked for.

Note: I totally forgot to make a post for chapter 7, ahaha… it’s too late to do that now, i guess. oh well.

The whole quidditch team is sprawled out on the grass in various states of exhaustion. There’s definitely leaves and grass in her hair, but Trini can’t find enough energy in herself to care. She groans, lifting her head and propping herself up on her non-aching arm

“Alright, quick break, and then we’ll run it again,” Jen calls out, despite the complaints of the whole team. Ernie gingerly makes their way to her side.

“Jenny,” they begin, and the captain raises her eyebrow at them. “You know I’m all for perfectionism, but I think in this case, we’re hardly likely to win the Cup if our team dies first.”

Jen surveys the group of half-dead teens laid out before her, before letting out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. But if we lose because we didn’t practice enough? I. Will. Kill. You.” She emphasizes each word by poking Ernie in the chest, glaring at them, before stalking off to grab a drink of water.

Ernie turns back to the team. “So, great job during practice today. I know Jen is being a little… harsh, but it’s just because this is a pretty new team, and our first match isn’t that far away. She means well, I promise.”

Trini blinks, sitting up fully. She immediately regrets it, as all of the muscles in her body scream in protest. “Wait, our first match is when?”

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anonymous asked:

Colin canceling this con at the last minute without saying a thing breaks my heart. He and Jen were the only reason why I was even going and I'm very upset. At least Jen canceled a long time in advance but for Colin to just do it now makes me so sad. I know he just had a baby but he knew about this for a long time. I wish he had warned us sooner. Why do you think they're doing this? Don't they have a PR team to advise them and tell them this looks a bit bad on them?

I’m so sorry you’re disappointed (and if you’re out any money, I’m especially sorry about that too) I have no clue why this appearance wouldn’t have been cancelled quite some time ago. Both Jen and Colin’s cavalier attitude towards cancelling appearances and then never addressing it on social media or elsewhere is not the best look for either of them. I assume Colin is just overwhelmed right now with the baby and not knowing how to deal with fans over the changes on the show, however if he is getting PR advice from someone… they should be fired. Pronto. ‘Cause they’re making him look bad.

LB Gets Woke: A Bullet-Point Crack Fic

I told @luciemiddleford​ how I would really like there to be a rival for Chat Noir’s affections in upcoming seasons.  Not like another superhero or akuma, but a normal civilian who notices how freaking awesome this cat is and makes Ladybug have to work for Chat’s affections.  Her reaction was something along the lines of “oh HELL yes” and she planted ideas in my brain, guys.  IDEAS.

I’m not a fanfic writer.  Brytte is, but she refused to turn her ideas into a fic.  Half of the blame for this goes to her.  Maybe 75%….no, no.  68.2%.

Seeing as how this glorious honor has been entrusted to me, you can guess where this is going.  Y’all should know my M O by now.

Chapter 1: The Not-So-Epic Beginning of an Average Relationship

  • Chat Noir and Ladybug Save the Day™
  • LB leaves and a civilian approaches Chat
  • Let’s call her…idk Marie-Suzanne 
  • because she’s French, you see ¬‿¬
  • she doesn’t want an autograph or anything
  • she just wants to make sure he’s ok and thank him for saving her sister
  • she has shoulder-length caramel colored hair with grey eyes that look like twin storm cl–
  • –what?  That’s been done…?
  • crap
  • ummmm….she looks like Jane Q. Public
  • that better?
  • …dammit I should’ve gone with that name…
  • ANYway, Chat is touched that some rando citizen cares about his well being
  • after blushing enough that it’s a miracle he’s still alive, they part ways…for now

The romance(?) continues after the cut…

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Okay so about Helsa in Frozen 2

At this point in time, it doesn’t matter to me if Helsa becomes canon or not. (I might have already talked about this), because thinking about it, just like any ship in the frozen fandom (besides Kristanna which is canon) Helsa is possible but still a bit of a longshot. So really at this point in time of waiting for the sequel, or even a gosh darn cast list, I don’t need a kiss or anything between Hans and Elsa.
All I’d want from the sequel, is Hans being redeemed. Him and Elsa working together in a twist of events, because that would be hella more interesting, especially for a Disney film. The villain and hero working together, maybe as a win win situation, hans helps Elsa, so Elsa helps him, or for a common goal, or to fight a common enemy.

I mean it was said 3 years ago (yes three gosh darn years ago) that the writers want to redeem Hans. But how they redeem him has so many routes to take. How Helsa becomes canon or not, isn’t a concern of mine. I love Helsa, but even to me, if hans and Elsa become friends and show signs or forgiveness, maybe even Hans showing feelings by the end of the film, that’s still canon in my eyes.
Cause that to me has an infinitely more interesting story then just a typical “problem, new character comes and helps save the day by new villian”, cause let’s be honest… Having a villain redeemed in an animated Disney film is already a huge fantastic step than doing typical things.

Also, it’s definitley a longshot rumour of Anna becoming the villain, because it makes no sense. How could Anna, who risked her life for his sister, who was shut out by her for years, randomly become evil?
I don’t know, but what I find appealing about the idea, is Elsa isn’t going along to fight Anna, but to try and save her. Just like Anna saved Elsa.
Anna didn’t give up on Elsa, so Elsa obviously won’t give up on Anna.
Plus, Elsa was in some form a villain in the first film, having her take a role similar to Anna’s in the first film is a good idea.
But how would Hans come into the mix?
Kristoff would make more sense, but at the same time, Kristoff working with Elsa could cause confusing and the idea they’d fall for each other. Hans too, still had some connection to Anna. And it would be more open to how Hans and Elsa’s relationship could grow. Become bigger enemies, just walk out of each others lives forever, become friends, or even spark affection, but again, it’s open to much more of a story arc and interactions.
Kristoff and Hans share qualities of having an unknown past according to the viewer, but all kristoff knows is how he grew up with ice harvesters. For all we know he never knew his parents, or his line of history, and a story where he finds those things out, would be more fitting in a story where Anna discovers it with him, not Elsa. And having a sequel with Elsa basically the villain again, is a boring recreation of the first movie. (That’s why it’s unfortunate you didn’t learn more about Kristoff in the first film, but they were focusing on the sisters relationship)
Hans on the other hand, We don’t know alot of why he just came to Arendelle and did what he did. All his actions and facial details, his personality changes depending on who he’s speaking to, they’re all details to a past we never learned about.
Jen Lee stated that Hans’ actions were caused by lack of love… That seems like a very important detail they forgot to add.

Ursula used to work in the palace, and was kicked out. The stepmother in snow-white didn’t want to be second most beautiful. Heck, even Turbo was explained in wreck it Ralph and he was a hidden villain like Bellweather in Zootopia (she too had her actions explained), so why would they keep that out for Hans, who was a hidden villain?
And don’t give me the bullshit of “Hans is just an evil guy”, no he’s not. Bellweather was oppressed cause she’s a sheep and said to not be able to do anything. Turbo was taken down from his pedestal of stardom so suddenly, after being the best for so long. Jen Lee had to tell everyone why Hans did what he did cause they left it out of the first film.

Connection between wanting him redeemed? Maybe so it can be explained in a sequel. I’m starting to see it that way.

(Where was I going with this.. I had a point)

Basically, Hans being in the next film, seems like it was planned to begin with.

I’ll tell you why.

Hans is connected to all the characters wether you like it or not. And if anything, he seems like he’s part of their group, more so then Gaston was to Belle, more so to King Candy to Vanellope. And you can see that too, don’t tell me you can’t.
Even the Duke of Wesleton doesn’t fit with the group.
To me, anything that was a spin-off for Frozen, *cough* Lego short film *cough*
Just didn’t seem right.. and that’s because Hans wasn’t there. Even showing him somehow, would make everything feel better.
Some people didn’t like Frozen Fever, but in a way, it was still slightly better, because they had shown Hans, because Hans is still a connection to them. And him being officially added to the gang, just… Evens things out.
I don’t know how to explain it better, but if anyone understands what I’m saying, that, Hans just has to be there. He has to be in the sequel, otherwise it won’t make sense. It won’t feel right. Then please elaborate better.
Even if he fills a silly typical revenge role, (that doesn’t fit his character) that’s more fitting then him not being in it at all.
Disagree if you want, but I’m serious. And I’m sure you’d understand too if he isn’t in Frozen 2. I can predict now that if he’s not in Frozen 2, the movie will just feel off. Somehow.

Defeat (Part 2 of High School Never Ends)

A/N: Part 2 of my Priestly Series. Part 1: High School Never Ends can be found here! Thanks for the support! Not really alot of Priestly in this but I promise in the next part…well… I cant spoil anything, right?  ;) 

Priestly x Reader

Warnings: Aggressive character…please be cautioned. Violence and Abuse(?) between Reader and another Character (Specifically Eric), Swearing, Angst

Word Count:1543

Tags: @chloe-skywalker @deanandsamsbitch @okay-okay18 @savingapplepie-eatingthings @sdavid09 @tiffanycaruso @dauntlessdiva @lipstickandwhiskey @duherica @fallen-haunted-to-the-truth @aesthetic-marvel-trash

“That asshole makes me so mad. He ruins everything and Y/N just isn’t herself when he’s around,” Tish spat as she wiped down the tables. Both Piper and Jen watched the brunette furiously rant – it was always this way. Ever since you first started working for ‘The Beach City,’ Tish had taken you under her wing and had looked at you as the sister she had always wanted. It broke her heart every time Eric came around.

“You’re preaching to the choir,” Trucker mumbled as he counted the money in the register. No matter how much they tried to talk to you, it was always the same old excuses.

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The IT Crowd autistic headcanons/examples/reasoning rambles:

I headcanon the whole of the IT department in The IT Crowd as autistic (yes that means Jen and Richmond too). This is just my headcanon! I’m not stating any facts!

(Sorry this was just supposed to be headcanons, but I’ve accidentally mixed in some of the reasons I think they’re autistic… which I guess is helpful? But yeah sorry for the mess)


This headcanon is already somewhat popular so this isn’t much new, but I’ll just go ahead anyway… 

● Special interest in computers, technology/machinery, wires, board games/roleplaying games, English, science and maths.

● Usually stims by general rocking and fidgeting, but also the big rubber band bouncy ball in their office (that all of them share).

● Sensitive to noise and heat. (“I sometimes get a hot ear”). Also very sensitive sense of smell.

● Sometimes goes nonverbal.

● Bolts pretty often.

● Has difficulty understanding when people are joking/acting. Social cues in general really.

● Can’t tell when or how to act excited for people.

● “Well that’s easy to remember! 0118 999 881 99 9119 725 3”.

● Bad at lying (“Because she’s dead!”)

● Bad at showing emotion (“Was it those bullies again?” “…Yep”)

● Avoids eye contact.


● Special interest in computers, technology/machinery, various comic books, videogames and movies.

● Stims by fidgeting too, especially by bouncing his legs, but also with the rubber band ball and with some of the toys he keeps on his desk. Also stims by humming to himself.

● Mostly doesn’t like to socialize with people who aren’t Moss, but tries to anyway (spolier: he isn’t very good at it).

● Often doesn’t notice when he’s being a bit mean to people or if he’s talking too loud.

● Gets really annoyed when he can’t understand other people’s logic and tries super hard to rationalize them for himself.

● Takes things very literally. (“I’m sorry for your loss… move on”)

● He’s actually kind of called autistic in the series (not like factually stated), but it isn’t done very well… I just thought I’d mention it anyway.


● Probably got diagnosed very late in her life.

● Special interest in shoes (and also probably other things, but I can’t remember her being particularly fixated on anything else in the series… possibly that one band?).

● Zones out quite a lot

● Bad at lying, but does so all the time anyway, to seem more confident socially than she actually is.

● Fav visual stim is watching the city from up high.

● Easily convinced of lies. (“This… is the internet!”)

● Scripts a lot and is good at “getting away with it” (hence her ending up as a ‘Relationship manager’).


● Special interest in Cradle of Filth (and probably other goth-y things… possibly fashion/makeup, but that’s his Main™).

● Very sensitive to bright lighting.

● Stims by twirling and playing with his sleeves, also probably visual stims by watching the machines’ lights flashing.

● Also spaces out a lot (when he stares into the camera).

● Has trouble expressing emotion, which is why people see him as gloomy. (“I’m not my usual cheery self!”)

● Doesn’t understand why everyone suddenly treats him differently after he became a goth.

● Accidentally infodumps about Cradle of Filth at inappropriate times because he doesn’t get that it’s rude, he just really loves this band ok!!! And he doesn’t get why Denham gets mad at him because he was genuinely trying to be nice!

● Stays in the storage room even after getting permission to “come out and play” with the others because it’s familiar, dark, quiet and comforting to him.

● Probably goes nonverbal a lot or prefers not to talk to people/being alone.

General things about all of them:

● Jen, Roy and Moss are all seen lying a lot, to try to make a social situations easier for them (it usually doesn’t work though because none of them are very good at lying). Also I don’t think Richmond lies? at least not on purpose if i remember correctly.

● Jen is the best with social skills in the group and claims to be a “people person”, but really she’s just the best at pretending she is since she has picked more up on the “rules of socializing” and scripts a lot.

● Richmond talks about how easily swayed IT people are… “That’s not true” “Yes it is” “No you’re right of course it is”.

● Moss and Roy literally use an app that tells you what to say when socializing with “real men”.

● They all have trouble with empathy or expressing empathy.

● They all infodump on each other and support each other when other people don’t (here I’m mostly just imagining what happens after the series. I think Jen ends up staying in the IT department because she realizes that she has a way easier time with her new colleagues than her old allistic friends).