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Kai’s Top Picks of 2016!

Our Teen Advisory Board members picked their favorite books/movies/CDS of 2016 and if they were looking forward to anything coming out (that they knew of) in 2017!

Canon Cockles things that don't need tinhatting~

* Cockles boat ride/date and family outing 🙈
* Cockles ice cream/frisbee date 😆
* Cockles sunset pictures (some could be used for romantic book covers 🙊)
* Cockles crab trap stories AKA ‘family stories 😜
* Cockles stripping (Misha) and the other one apparently enjoying the show 😉
* Cockles spa date (I wonder if it was a gift from Jensen to Misha for his b-day or Danneel or Vicky’s idea) 😁
* Jensen basically calling Misha handsome in his b-day tweet 😅
* Jensen liking Misha’s new cologne and Misha making sure he approved 😜
* Cockles nicknames: Dmitri ‘bring it on’, Mish, Mishka 🐻 (fave), teddy bear, puppy, and Jackles and ‘aloha cowboy’ (I would love to hear Misha call Jensen a cute name)
* Cockles on stage kiss (actually two if we count the ‘fake kiss) 😚
* Cockles longing stares, whispering in ears and arm/shoulder touches 😃
* Cockles grinding on stage and Misha’s mischievous hand on Jensen’s jewels 😅
* Jensen possessively wrapping his arm around Misha’s waist 😱
* Cockles ass tapping 😋
* Jealous cockles, kinda with Matt and Sebastian 😏
* Jensen’s grabbing Misha’s hand and gently caressing it on Matt’s shoulder (Wiggles eyebrows, they should have an emoji for that 😶)
* Jared kinda outing Cockles with his multiple suggestive jokes lol ( God bless that big moose 🙏🏼)
*Cockles Twitter flirting 🔫
*Cockles bleeding to Destiel
*All the dirty jokes between Jensen and Misha in the bloopers (I’m crying because of all the ones we would never see 😭)
* Don’t get me started on octopus Jensen during cockles photo ops AND the unicorn laughs, also the whipped looks on their faces EWW! 😖
* Jensen’s accent kink (indiarussia anyone?)

* And how could I forget the Cockles on stage orgasm?! Well, it was Misha but Jensen’s eyes almost came out of his sockets, among other things 😅

What else am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting plenty but I need to go back to sleep. Add your own if you remember any ~

Bye 👣

I can see how you look when you’re not even here
Experience the feeling…delight
I can plan a resolve that might never adhere
Imagining thoughts in the night

Came into my life oh, such a long ago
Not sure I remember the name
But seeing the face that is held in my mind
Is like having that one here again

Corrections are made as I plan out the plot
Mistakes being wiped from the board
In my mind it’s not what happened back when
But what’s now in my mind going forth

In my own mine’s eye, I see what I see
I can hold or cast into the sea
Imagination takes me to a place
To where I’ve needed to be.

Guy McFarland Jennings

So I went to this Steven Universe discussion panel at Animaritime 2015 and somebody got talking about how Ruby and Amethyst are the reason Sugilite gets so out of hand and the whole room is nodding and I’m just sitting there in this bigass Garnet wig with shades on grinning to myself like


Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

Jennifer Morrison - Hollywood Life Podcast CS Quotes

Jen: My boyfriend Captain Hook. It’s one of my favourite things to say…‘You know my boyfriend, Captain Hook’.

Interviewer: Do you think that you and your boyfriend Hook will have a happy ending?
Jen: I think that…I hope so. I, as an audience member, hope so.

Interviewer: You are a hot Storybrooke couple
Jen: I’m blushing. I’m not sure what to say.

Jen: I do feel like they really are true love. And I think that they are going to do whatever it takes to fight to be together.

Interviewer: It’ll be so cool to have Hook getting down on his knee and presenting you with an engagement ring with his, you know, which hand.
Jen: I don’t know, I mean, I think it might be Emma getting down on her knee the way this ones going.

About casting Colin.
Jen: I think they ultimately just cast the best actor. I know they looked at a million tapes, I mean not a million, but a lot. I know they went through a lot of casting to find him. He was an immediate fit on the show, you know. When he came on, the first day we worked together was like, we knew we had chemistry, we knew we’d get along, we knew he’d fit in with the cast.