Here you will find #225 small, high quality gifs (245x160) of Nolan Gerard Funk as Collin Jennings in “Awkward” that are all under 2MB. Every gif here was made by me, so please don’t steal/edit or claim as your own. If this is useful to you in any way, make sure you like or reblog this post! DOWNLOAD HERE.

The breakdown of the amount of gifs in this pack by episode: 3x05: 10, 3x06: 17, 3x08: 14, 3x09: 12, 3x10: 40, 3x11: 26, 3x13: 12, 3x14: 39, 3x15: 35, 3x17: 12, 3x20: 8.
TOTAL: 225

jen--ne--sais--quoi  asked:

Is there any way I can get a compilation of Gerard's tweets about Green Day? MCR and Green Day are my favorite bands and that tweet today made my LIFE. If it's too hard, don't worry about it (i just don't know how to use Twitter xD)

I think thats it, really. Credit to @jetpackblew-s for the last screencap too, because it looks like he deleted the tweet. If anyone has more they can send them our way! - M