I just came to a realization

I’m a sick, twisted, downright awful person. 

After watching the new episode of RWBY (v3, c11), I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t angry. I was happy

I couldn’t quite figure out why, but after some soul searching I came to the conclusion that I had repressed a large portion of my hopes for what RWBY would become, and it’s starting to surface. 

I first started to come to this conclusion when I was basically unaffected by Penny’s death. I had no feelings of loss, sorrow, or pain. But why? I loved Penny as a character… 

Now, with Blake stabbed in the stomach and Yang’s arm severed… I am relishing in the pain of these young girls. I am ecstatic that we are finally being shown that they are not invincible.

The writing can be iffy at times (see; Adam’s dramatic character changes), as well as the plot (see; The White Fang and the Faunus), but I feel like Miles and Kerry really nailed it with this change. It hopefully gives us major character development for Yang in the way of learning to adapt to having one arm, change her fighting style, and if we’re lucky, not charge into a fight feeling like she’s unstoppable.

This is a huge chance for the writers to redeem the mistakes they made in Volumes 1 and 2, and I sincerely hope they capitalize on it.