Imagine Fall Out Boy announcing that at their next concert they have a surprise, and they keep building hype about it for weeks. Everyone’s wondering what on earth it could be, but Pete and Patrick refuse to answer no matter how much they’re pestered about it, and Andy and Joe ignore any questions, or simply answer them with a “You’ll see.”

It’s the night of the concert, Fall Out Boy walk out on stage, met with screams of eager fans. The stage is far too big for one band, but no one pays any attention to that, wondering who’ll announce what the surprise is. The lights left stage are on, but you can’t see right or centre of the stage. Shuffling is heard on the right, as if someone walked onstage. The lights go on, Panic! At The Disco are there, smiling. Someone is seen walking out from the side of the stage and over to Panic! It’s Ryan. Ryan is back, and they’re all happy about it. Next comes Spencer, met with more cheering from the crowd.

The lights centre-stage remain off, but a lot of rustling and drums being hit accidentally can be heard, even over the crowd screaming. Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco all remain quiet, occasionally glancing at the centre-stage, but other than that their gaze remains on the crowd, smiles on their faces. Everyone knows something’s up. No one knows what it is, but whispers run around the crowd, people guessing. 

Patrick and Brendon don’t have to tell the crowd to be quiet for what happens next shuts everyone up. A g note is heard. A single note, and now familiar outlines are visible in the black centre stage. The lights switch on and the crowd are speechless, no one can even scream, surprisingly. Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro stand centre-stage, instruments in hand, dressed in Black Parade attire. 

Gerard walks to one of the two microphones that are positioned at the front of centre stage, smiling at the crowd, though it’s fairly obvious that he’s nervous as his hands shake when he takes the microphone out of the stand. Frank walks up beside him, taking the other microphone. An instrumental version of Welcome To The Black Parade is playing in the background, played by the members of Panic! and Fall Out Boy as Gerard clears his throat.

“We’re back,” he says with a chuckle.
Frank places his hand on Gerard’s shoulder, then looks at the crowd. “Trust me.”
The crowd are screaming now, having recovered from the shock. They’re back. My Chemical Romance are back and the Emo Trinity is restored. 

FC Barcelona iconic 14/15 moments for the signs
  • Aries:Beating Cordoba with 0-8
  • Taurus:The offside trap against PSG
  • Gemini:Sergio Busquets' 94th minute winning goal against Valencia
  • Cancer:MSN becoming the first attacking trio in history to score 122 goals in one season
  • Leo:Suarez' double nutmegged David Luiz
  • Virgo:Jordi throwing the "siempre igual" and getting send off with red
  • Libra:Ter Stegen's worldclass save against Bayern Munich
  • Scorpio:Pique outran Bale
  • Sagittarius:Messi's goal in the CDR final
  • Capricorn:Claudio Bravo yellin EEEEH AAAAAH
  • Aquarius:Xavi playing his 700th game for the club
  • Pisces:Neymar getting McDonalds during the celebration parade