jen's crappy gifs

I think I see why her friends keep crushing on her…



Adrien: Has she always been this cute?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Pharaoh / Le Pharaon

Shout out to Kim for being the first person to empathize with Max after his defeat.

The Gamer / Le Gamer

Marinette & Alix: ROCK ON!

Adrien: *looks to Alix for social cue* Am I doing this right?

Rose & Alya: Mari’s cheerleading squad

Nathaniel: I’ll support you, but I’m not getting up to do it.

Nino: *the “my back is bothering me” dad cheer*

Juleka & Mylène: yay.

Can we change the “Adrien is secretly a sexy pole dancer” fanon trope to “Adrien is secretly a dorky fire fighter”?



The least mentioned talent of Adrien Agreste.  


What is your face, son…

He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum ¬‿¬