jen x joey

Season 5 of Dawson’s Creek? Or the Twilight Zone, Boston Edition?

1: Joey has an affair with her Professor???? And then magically forgets how in love she was with Pacey just a few short months ago and thinks it’s totally fine- great even! That Pacey and her roommate date and have lots and lots of sex. She also somehow has learned how to become a blackbelt in Karate. 

2: Pacey forgets how in love he was with Joey just a few short months ago and decides it’s totally fine- great even! To date Joey’s roommate and have lots and lots of sex (but only after becoming a borderline misogynistic man slut who sleeps with everything that moves without even knowing their name). Oh, and also finds it completely and totally acceptable- great even! That Joey runs straight into the arms of Dawson after breaking up with him. 

3: Dawson turns into Void!Dawson and forgets the past four years of pining after Joey and decides he feels absolutely nothing for her. He also, somehow becomes….less whiny and annoying? Likable even? Also, no longer a virgin??????

4: Jack think’s it’s a good idea to morph into an alcoholic douchey frat boy college drop out and completely forgets that Jen is Queen/The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Him TM.

5: Jen decides that- actually, never mind. Jen is still a Queen in every single type of way who only get’s better and better each and every episode from now until the end of her time. 

honestly the second half of season 3 of dawson’s creek is quite possibly my favorite run of episodes of any show…I was such pacey and joey trash and those episodes will forever be golden