jen x henry


anonymous ask me: who do you think was the right guy for Jen?
“Henry…9 months ago, you paid $500 to kiss me, and I was too dumb to realize what that meant and what you were really offering me, but I know now. It means that there really is such a thing as a second chance and that no matter how old or how jaded you are, when you meet the person you’re supposed to be with, everything’s gonna be new…a sunset, a cheesy love song, and especially sex. I have been with guys before, but I have never been with anybody that I l o v e d.”

I will never stop being mad about

how they broke up Jen&Henry. It was just really stupid, and I know it’s Michael’s (Henry) fault because he didn’t want to come back, but like, not even for one episode? or they couldn’t of written it any better? Henry was constantly trying to be with her, telling her how crazy he was about her, and how he wasn’t going anywhere- and then just randomly over the summer he emails her best friend to dump her? I would have rather, since he wouldn’t come back, they killed him offscreen.. that’s stupid too, but at least it wouldn’t be as out of character as him breaking up with her was.