jen would want to see this

okay one last thing before i stop drawing for the day

so i really wanted to make an au for cc and after some thinking i figured i could do a coraline au!! 

basically everything takes place at the camp, max would be like a new camper showing up, nikki is a fucking furry bc i didn’t think anyone else fit very well (i mean heck nikki isn’t a perfect fit but oh well) david and gwen would still be counselors but they would take the role of coraline’s parents y’know?

and daniel and gen/jen? would be like the other parents 

Finally got my duo photo of Colin and Jen with my little Hook and Emma so I thought I would share it. Unfortunately my daughter wasn’t smiling in this one, but it was funny because she wouldn’t stop looking up at Colin and this was the best shot the photographer could get. I totally understand not wanting to stop looking at Colin’s face though!! And you can tell Jen was super happy to see the kids dressed up as Captain Swan. Good times!!!

That...makes so much sense

I have to thank @strixmoonwing for randomly reblogging the original post, which I didn’t just add to because this is a ML post, not a Superman one.  Even though it’s the same basic concept.

Go read the original Superman post (link) for all the mind-blowing concepts and credits.  The gist is that:

  • they can’t find your secret identity if they don’t think you have one 
  • that no one is going to think Superman, the suave, brave, protector of the world, is a clumsy reporter named Clark Kent who lives in a crappy apartment
  • they probably think being Superman is his day job.

So, what does that have to do with Ladybug?  Simple.

The majority of viewers (myself included) get annoyed by how obvious Marinette and Adrien are with their superhero identities and how their closest friends don’t figure it out.  Alya came close that one time in Lady Wifi

…which is entirely plausible because Adrien IS Chat Noir.  However, even the person that’s closest to him as Chat Noir (Marinette) and is also a masked superhero doesn’t connect those dots.  In fact, she denies it because Adrien is “so much cooler than Chat Noir”.

Fast forward to Simon Says / Jackady.  I recently posted a bunch of stuff (look under Gabriel Agreste for links) about how Gabriel probably knows his son is Chat Noir.  It took Adrien talking back to his dad while he was in costume for it to click.

Even then, Gabriel still had to check both Chat’s ring:

And Adrien’s ring:

Before it fully registered.  Granted, Gabriel isn’t what I’d call an attentive parent and probably doesn’t know Adrien as well as he should.

The point is that even though Adrien looks like Chat Noir and they’re never seen together, Adrien’s personality is so different as Chat that even his own partner refuses to believe they’re the same person and his dad only got it when the evidence was literally staring him in the face.

Read the Ladybug side of this after the cut…

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Why Guns Should Be Accessible Part Deuces

Once again, let’s discuss hypotheticals, firearms, and a new cast of stick people.

Meet Jennings. Jennings is a man or woman who has a pretty nice house and an obvious physical condition barring the use of his/her poorly drawn legs.

Meet Roberts, a criminal of indeterminate profession. He may be a thief who’s not afraid to rough someone up, a serial murderer who enjoys violence, a rapist, or anything I didn’t cover there. We don’t know. But he’s in Jennings’s house right now, and Jennings is not exactly fond of that fact. Roberts is not fond of the fact that he has been spotted, and is looking to inflict harm. As it stands, the able-bodied Roberts can easily overpower Jennings and do whatever he wants. This is generally considered a loss. But let’s add some hyper-realistic guns to the fray.

Jennings grabbed their revolver after hearing the nocturnal activity. Roberts did not come up with a response to this. Mind you, Jennings is still physically weaker, so I would consider this a draw.

In this situation, both came packing heat. As it stands, the first to win is the first to fire. And obviously, if only Roberts had a gun, Jennings would be at an obvious loss. Do you see any situation in which Jennings has a chance of surviving? Hint, it’s the ones where s/he is able to play rocket-tag.

Do you see why the common people should be able to arm themselves if need be?

“It was unselfish. It doesn’t follow what he really wants. At the beginning of the episode he said, if she knew what happened to Glenn and Abraham, she’d be leading the way to the Sanctuary. He doesn’t tell her because he knows that she doesn’t want to get swallowed up in the violence. She doesn’t want to lose herself. That’s why she had to get away, which is what she says. She says it a lot better than I just did. It’s unselfish because he sees that she left because she had to, and that this would draw her back. He both spares her joining up, but he also spares her in a way that she can preserve something else… He allows her her solitude, which he doesn’t want for her or himself. He’d like to have her back. It’s an incredibly unselfish thing that he does, what I hope that the audience even sees is heroic in some ways." 

Talking to @zedwordjen, we realized that this quote from Gimple is overlooked and not given the necessary importance it deserves.

 Y'all know I don’t like millhouse (sorry jen lmao), but this is one of the few times he answered something directly without being ambiguous, so I think it deserves a careful analyze. 

 Gimple is not an actor grasping at what he thinks it could be this or that particular storyline. He’s the showrunner who happens to be a writer and the one who, according to him, has "the plan” all written down to what will happen in this show. So let’s take a look at what he says:

He first explains where Daryl mindset is and why he lied to Carol. That it was unselfish because he wanted to protect her physically and mentally, because he knows she will lose herself and he knows she needs that. At the beginning he is all about the war and revenge and how carol would kick Negan’s ass because we all know she would. 

 But then, Gimple makes a very clear point that we need to pay attention to.

 “He allows her her solitude, which he doesn’t want for her or himself. He’d like to have her back.” Daryl feels alone without Carol. By allowing her solitude, he’s also self  imposing his own solitude (which is something he didn’t want) because it’s what she needs. 

But what he really wanted was to have her back because, without her, he feels alone.

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 17

A/N: i have no words

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“Are they gone?” You asked, sitting next to Thomas at the end of the slide. He nodded, looking over your shoulder. His hand brushed the skin on your neck, and you looked away, playing with your fingers. He noticed your silence.

“I, do you hate me, Y/N?” He asked, standing up. He held out his hand to yours, and you thanked him, pulling yourself off the red plastic. You wiped off your jeans.

“And why would you think that?”

He shrugged, “I have not done the most honorable things in my life. Having realized how the times have changed, I know what I did. And I know it was wrong. But,” he looked down, “It’s something that I cannot change. I came here, and all of my opinions on topics changed immediately. I don’t know how, but my mind just told me what was right and wrong.”

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Mi gente I have to address a topic very quickly: Overweight people at the gym.

(Put down your pitchforks and let me talk)

Overweight people at the gym ARE NOT THERE FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT.

They’re not there for you to fucking dehumanize them by taking pictures or videos and uploading them to twitter and snapchat. They’re not there for you to fucking stare at while you stifle giggles with your friend Suzie Thigh Gap.  If you see someone at the gym struggling with a machine or an exercise that you know how to do the most common decent thing you can do is help them. But of course that seems to be too hard for some people.

Today I saw this exact thing go down. I was in the middle of my circuit (just finished burpees and I don’t even wanna talk how hard it is to get back into the zone after fucking burpees) and I heard giggling next to me and looked over to see these two girls snacphatting another girl ( she was doing squats with a medicine ball and her posture really could have led to her hurting herself) I stopped and stare. And I almost didn’t say anything. It really crossed my mind to stay quiet and just keep on with my circuit, but then a voice that sounds like my Mimi said, a lo hecho, pecho. 

 So I stopped my circuit walked over to Mandy Makeup to the Gym and Suzie Thigh Gap and told them to delete those videos right now in front of me before I went to get personnel.They were stunned. They were embarrassed. They were fucking red face which good because te juro if those two pendejas had tried to justify themselves well un papelazo would have formed in Australia. I then walked over to the girl (Sammy)  who immediately just hunched in on herself (and I really hope she didnt notice these two other brats) and said i noticed that her squats needed a bit of help and if I could just fix her position. The grin this girl gave me, holy hell, she lit up and was like yes that would be great.

The point of this is don’t be a fucking dick. And if you see things like this call them out and if you don’t feel comfortable confronting the person tell the people working there. No-one should be made to feel ashamed of their bodies. No-one should be made to feel ashamed of wanting to change. 

Heart Breaker

Jensen breaks up with you thinking you had cheated on him, however, you were actually pregnant. The reader tries to hide but gets discovered, then moves to make sure she doesn’t get noticed at all. When Jensen finds her he tries to get her to come home.

Jensen and Reader

Angst, accused of cheating, depression, breastfeeding, sweet fluff

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           When I was with him, I was always on cloud nine. We had been together for three years, then suddenly one day, he breaks up with me. He never explained or gave me a reason, just shattered me completely. I was at home that day, finding out the most amazing news, I was pregnant. Jensen would be thrilled or so I thought, I never got the chance to tell him.

           Instead I was packing my bags and leaving my life behind. The worst thing though, Jared, Misha, and Mark stopped talking to me. Vicki was the only one who kept in contact with me after everything. She never understood why it happened, it was so random. So, I moved to Dallas, I found a little ranch with a couple horses. It wasn’t much but it was home, something I had lost along the way.

           I didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy, so I just went through the pregnancy alone. I found out I was having a girl, and I was ecstatic. I was eight months pregnant when I was spotted by Gen at a store, I was picking out things for the nursery and she saw my huge bump. I saw her walk up to me with a questioning look on her face. I sighed “It’s Jen’s, I never got a chance to tell him” I started crying and got out of the store as fast as I could.

           Once I got home, I sobbed until my eyes hurt, that’s when the calls started. Now they wanted to talk? I turned off my phone and decided to get a new phone number tomorrow, right now I was starving. So, I grabbed my food for the night, and vegged out on the couch. I knew it was a matter of time before they would find me.

           I did the only thing I could think of and sold the farm, I packed up my truck and loaded the horses on the trailer. I had left a note with the realtor to give if one of them came around. So, I left Texas completely, I went to Nebraska. I found a beautiful little farm that I could settle in nicely. I was about a week overdue at this point, and I was never more scared in my life.

           I had a sweet older gentleman helping me with the chores, and feedings of the animals. I woke up this morning not feeling well, so I left a note on the door asking him to watch over the animals while I went to the ER. Once I made it, I knew I was in labor, they got me settled and the contractions started growing closer and closer together.

           Once it was time to push, I found every ounce of energy to push. It felt like a lifetime of pushing, until I heard her cries. They placed her on my chest and I fell in love already, she had his eyes and dirty blonde locks. I missed him so much but she’s my connection to him, she was amazing. I decided on Ava Rae y/l/n, she was beautiful and she was mine.

           I was in the hospital for three days, and then we could go home. I carried her into the house and took her to my room. I put her in the bassinet and laid down for a nap, I woke up to hearing her crying. I looked at the clock and knew she needed to be fed, I got comfortable and watched her with amazement. Once I knew she was fed, I burped her, changed her and then put her back down.

           I heard a knock on the door and hesitantly opened the door to see Dave, my ranch hand. “The misses made some meals for ya” “Thank you so much” “She was happy to do it, and a gentleman came by and dropped this off for ya” I grabbed the letter and opened it up. I knew the hand writing, but he didn’t deserve a chance. “I know it’s none of my business, but he looked like a man who lost something very important”

           I made him a cup of coffee and explained what had happened over the course of what had happened. I could see the sadness in his eyes, he could also see how I still felt about Jay. “You should talk to him, I’m not saying take him back but that little one needs a momma and daddy.” “Your right Dave, I should at least talk to him” We said our goodnights and I sent Jay a text to come back around lunch time.

           Lunch time came quicker than I expected, I had made a small lunch and waited for him to knock. I waited all day, and he never showed. It came to about ten at night when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see him with a bouquet of pink roses, I scoffed and walked away leaving the door open for him to come in.

           I heard Ava crying, so I went to check on her and I knew automatically she was hungry. I picked her up gently and grabbed a blanket to cover me up while we talked. It was a tense silence, neither of us knowing what to say. “Why are you here? You broke up with me” “I know and I will never be sorrier with how things happened” “Why did you? I was always faithful and always by your side” “I thought you were cheating, I saw you pulling away and thought the worse” “You couldn’t talk to me? Instead, you dump me when I needed you most”

           “When Gen came over that day and told me what was going on, I broke right there, I sobbed the whole day at how I treated you. I tried calling and tried tracking you down, but it was no use” Once Ava was done I fixed my shirt and patted her on the back. I walked over to him and put her in his arms. “Jen, I want you to meet Ava Rae”

           He smiled a watery smile and looked down to see this little human being we both had created. “Y/n please come back, I miss you, actually we all miss you. I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you and this little one.” I sat on the couch and just cried, I was absolutely broken and the walls came down. He sat down next to me with Ava in his arms. “I missed you so much Jensen” “I missed you too honey, please come home” “I would love too”

           He kissed me, just like he always had, there was no time lost. Over the next week, we had everything packed and ready. I put the ranch in Dave’s name, and he was happy that we had fixed things. I did hear him threaten Jay that if he pulled that stunt again he would be castrated. I hugged him tightly and thanked him for the help, and he just reminded me that I was the daughter he never had.

           We packed and headed back to Austin, I was ready to be home, ready to be around the people that I call family.

Chat & Nino: The Bromantic Fluffcanon

Some of you may be aware of the classic Marichat trope where Chat Noir starts visiting Marinette and they kiss kiss fall in love.  I’m gonna turn that headcanon on it’s, well, head.  :D

  • something brought him here
  • fate, destiny, a cheese-loving cat…
  • for whatever reason, Chat Noir starts visiting Nino
  • as if Adrien wouldn’t take this opportunity to hang out with his bestie outside of his schedule
  • Nino has a fanboy meltdown
  • because OMG IT’S CHAT NOIR
  • they play video games, trade music they like
  • but something’s missing
  • Nino suggests that they sneak Adrien out of his house to join in their frivolity
  • Chat/Adrien is really touched by this and tears up
  • even though Nino is hanging out with his hero
  • he’s still thinking of his best friend
  • since Plagg doesn’t care either way, Chat tells Nino who he is
  • After staring at him for a minute
  • Nino has ANOTHER fanboy meltdown because his best bud is a superhero 
  • and because he’s also an Adrien fanboy
  • obviously ¬‿¬ 
  • after that, it gets easier for Adrien to sneak away during akuma attacks
  • because his best bud’s his alibi
  • …not that he has anyone to explain it to when Alya and Marinette (and even Chloé) disappear whenever Adrien becomes Chat

Bonus: Chat Noir vs. Chloé Bourgeois

My husband came up with the best one.

  • the Nino thing worked out so well
  • Adrien decides to use Chat to rekindle his friendship with Chloé
  • he knows how she usually reacts to him in this form
  • but he knows her weakness
  • He. Knows.
  • he’s just chilling on her balcony one day
  • and she comes out to see what the hell this idiot wants
  • …and sees the McDonald’s bag
  • they bond over their mutual love of Les Chicken McNuggets

(Technically Dave’s first Ladybug fanart and it’s this. *sigh*)

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Pairing: Cop!Sam x Nurse!Reader

Word Count: 1,900

Warning: Mentions of shooting and stabbing, not graphic though. INCREDIBLY fluffy otherwise.

A/N: The nurse in me dreamed about this and the writer in me wanted to share. The personality of the nurse is also me basically all the time. Enjoy!!

“Y/N! Room 11, you have a new admit. Just check in on him before your relief gets here in a few. Ten out of ten chest pain, 48 year-old male, say’s he’s having a heart attack. Pretty sure the only heart attack he’ll have is the one you’ll give him if you try and take those chips from him.”

“Oh, awesome, can’t wait.” Flashing your signature ‘kill me now’ grin at your co-worker you close out of your computer and head over towards the room.

Saturday nights in the downtown ER. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always been more a can of Redbull to you anyways. The hustle, the bustle, the insanity that never ceases to amaze; who would ever want to leave that?

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BlackPink Reaction To: S/O Being Easy To Tease

Anonymous asked: Blackpink reaction to their s/o being easy to tease? Please x

A/N: I assumed you meant non-sexually, I hope this is okay (if you meant it 18+ then just re-request and I will do it for you 😊)


Jisoo would absolutely adore this. She would actively take the chance to tease you over anything she could, but it would all be with the sweetest intentions. Jisoo would tease you to get you to blush; she would think it’s the cutest thing to ever happen when you do. Chi Choo wouldn’t hesitate to tease you in front of the others either, it would become normal for you, the fact that you’re easy to tease makes the whole thing so much easier for her. It would be a playful teasing that would never come across as anything but that.

Originally posted by lunaqian


Jen Jen would be the chill one when it comes to this. She would tease you occasionally (because you blushing is hell cute) but she wouldn’t tease you all the time. She would tease you mainly when it’s just the two of you together and it would be a sweet kind of loving teasing. She would instantly stop if she felt that you were becoming uncomfortable with it; I see Jennie as the type to not want other people to tease you either and would stop them from doing it as well. She would be really sweet with it.

Originally posted by girlqroup


Chaeyoung would tease you quite a lot, she would be very playful when it comes to teasing you. Skinship would happen when she teases you, like she would touch your hand or your waist to get you flustered. Chae would whisper her teases in your ear so only you could hear them and would chuckle whenever someone asked why you were blushing. She would be loving about it though and as soon as you blushed she would tell you exactly how cute you looked and how much she adored it. Expect lots kisses on your cheeks whenever this happens.

(when she finds out how easy you are to tease)

Originally posted by rosehey


Lisa would be quite sweet when it comes to teasing you, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you a lot because boy oh boy she would. She would tease you at the most inconvenient times; you’d be visiting her at dance practice and some of the older YG artists would be there and she would start to tease you lightly in front of them, she’d frequently do it. Seeing you blush would make Lisa’s heart explode with warmth, she would do it often but like the other would stop if she thought it was bothering you too much.

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Jennie x Reader (fem)

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your girlfriend forces you to go furniture shopping. The thing is, you’re doing furniture shopping for your apartment not hers.

Requested by someone 

A/N: I’m sorry, I deleted this request by accident, but it was basically a scenario for Jennie to go furniture shopping with the reader. Also, warning, do not read if you don’t like things that are all over the place.

Word Count: 1,635

Warnings: Implications of smut, probably swearing. Writing is all over the place.

“You didn’t have to come with me, you know.”

     You and Jennie were shopping at IKEA. You had recently moved into a new apartment and as a result, you’re currently in the process of acquiring new and better furniture. The old ones were, after all, disgusting, moldy, and bug infested as Jennie liked to describe them and it would be a crime not to throw them out.

     These were all words taken straight out of your girlfriend’s mouth.

     Still, you’d be lying if you didn’t agree.

     Today was one of Jennie’s free days and at first, you’d insisted on, well, anything but going furniture shopping. After all, your girlfriend rarely ever had vacations and usually, when she did, the two of you stayed in and relaxed or went outside on a particularly special date. It was supposed to be a day for enjoyment, not for spending ages in some place shopping for things you had absolutely no interest in.

      But Jennie had insisted, in fact, she’d even seemed excited. You had no idea why. Furniture shopping was, in your opinion, the worse.

     But she had persisted, and had even pleaded with you in that baby voice of hers and god knows you can’t resist that. Who could, really.      

     Jennie glances over at you from a particularly nice chair and lifts a shoulder in a shrug, trailing a hand down the back of the wood absentmindedly. “Why not? I spend just as much time in your apartment as I do in my dorm. Might as well.”

     A spark of joy burns suddenly and abruptly in your chest because while you knew she spent a lot more time than she probably should at your place, it was different hearing her say it out loud. Why? Because, well, didn’t it mean that she was admitting your place felt just as much like home as her dorm did? That your own home…felt like home to her as well?

      Or…were you just overthinking things? You tend to do that these days.

     You can see Jennie looking at you out of the corner of your eye, her gaze searching, obviously trying to see what impact her words had given you . You don’t give her the pleasure, however, and instead mask your emotions behind an unamused exterior.

     You cock an eyebrow and turn around abruptly, pausing in your footsteps. Your finger traces the engraved pattern on the large mahogany desk that you had considered buying just moments ago but had ultimately given up on because one, it was too big, and two, you didn’t really have the money.

     “So,” you tilt your head slightly to the left, “are you saying that my apartment is also your home?”

      Jennie pauses as well and you can see the corner of her lip curving upwards in the beginnings of a smirk. “Well…..only half of the time.”

     You stare at her, playfully offended, grimace and shake your head. “I think you should begin to pay rent, Jen, considering the amount of time you spend in my apartment. Using all the water, eating all my food-”

     “You’re the one who wanted me to cook,” Jennie retorts, interrupting you with practiced ease, “and let’s be real here, if I wasn’t cooking, for free, by the way, you would be living off burgers and McDonalds.” She catches your look of surprise and grins in response, casually slipping her fingers through yours.

     “There’s nothing wrong with McDonalds,” you mutter, but there’s a smile on your face and no bite in your words. It had been too long since the two of you had gone out alone together since Jennie had been extremely busy with Blackpink promotions and you’d been buried in piles of work and study. “You know Jisoo would agree with me. And you’re my girlfriend. Who pays their girlfriend to cook for them?” You shoot her a dry look. “Not to mention, I didn’t even ask you to. You just waltzed into my kitchen and started commandeeri-”

     “Commandeering?” Jennie raises an eyebrow.

     “Yeah, don’t you know what that means?” 

      She chuckles and there is a sudden fondness in her eyes that takes you by surprise. It’s so simple but it catches you off guard and suddenly, your throat turns dry, your heart pounds a little too fast and you find yourself at a loss for words. You can’t believe that looking at her, just looking, can evoke such a reaction in you.

      You are so whipped for her. But for some reason that even you’re not sure of, you can’t let her know how deep your feelings for her really run. 

      Distantly, in the midst of your thoughts, you notice a flicker of concern flit through Jennie’s eyes. You’re desperate not to have this conversation turn sappy and in an attempt to stop it from moving in a direction you’re simply not ready for, some inappropriate sentence slips from between your lips.

     “You know, like, how I commandeered you in bed,” you smirk at her cheekily and press a quick kiss on her lips, somewhat pleased with yourself for turning this whole situation around. Like, damn, even you had to admit that was some nice wording there even if it wasn’t entirely true.

     Jennie can feel a flush crawling up her neck as she glances around frantically, checking to see if anyone had heard what you’d said. When she’d confirmed that no, there wasn’t anyone around, she dug her fingernails into the undersides of your palm and hissed into your ear. “What is wrong with you?

     You wince. “Nothing. I was just giving you an example since you didn’t seem to know commandeering meant. It just so happened to be a little bit…you know.”

      Jennie stares at you, clearly unimpressed. “We both know you’re lying,” she states, her tone dry.

     “Well, I don’t, so, no, we don’t both know I’m lying.”

      But Jennie just smirks at you, as if she knows something you don’t. “Come on. We both know I’m the one doing the commandeering in bed.”

     Yeah. On second thoughts, you should probably have expected that.

     You mutter something about girlfriends under your breath and look away. Jennie suppresses a smile and takes a moment to look at you in all your stubborn, annoyed glory. You’re beautiful, she thinks, even when you’re dressed in one of your stupid black t-shirts paired with grey sweatpants and nike trainers. Especially because you’re dressed in those stupid black t-shirts and grey sweatpants.

     “Hey,” you nudge her, smiling softly. “What’s up? You look like you’re about to turn into a zombie, or something. I do not want a zombie for a-”

     “I really love you,” Jennie blurts out, her own eyes widening. 

      You stare at her silently, dumbfounded. It wasn’t the first time she’d professed her love for you, but every time she said it, your heart beats a little faster and your chest burns with something that might not have solely been from the caffeine.

     But because sudden confessions are not your thing and you’re really bad at expressing your emotions in general, you just stare at her until her face cracks into a grin. You smile as well, except yours is sheepish and you scratch the back of your head awkwardly.

     “I mean, I was just going to ask you what you thought about commandeering me in this bed, but I guess I love you too,” you say, regaining some sort of confidence.

     Jennie doesn’t really mind the fact that you don’t express your emotions often. She understands that you find it easier to say you love her through written words or actions. And if she was being honest, she finds it cute that you can write heartfelt, sappy letters confidently but blush like an idiot when she says similar things out loud.

     “I think we’re using the word ‘commandeer’ all wrong,” Jennie says, flinging herself down onto the bed with a grin.

     You plop down beside her and stretch your legs, your jaws widening dramatically in a yawn. “Who cares?” you say, blinking sleepily up at her. “Damn it, I want to sleep.”

     Jennie laughs and it’s a sound that you want to hear for the rest of your life. She stands up and drags you with her. “It’s your fault for pulling that all-nighter. Come on, we’re here to shop for furniture, not sleep on the beds.”

     You grumble but oblige willingly. “How about you choose for me. The furniture, I mean. Like you said, you spend half the time at my place anyways so you might as well help with the place.”

     Jennie’s heart skips a beat because….well, she couldn’t move in yet and not for a couple of years, or maybe more, but this, this was nearly the same thing for her. This was you telling her indirectly that your home was her home as well.

     “Hey, Y/N,” she murmurs, her voice going soft and as you turn to look at her expectantly, she cups your face and kisses you. It’s sweet and soft and gentle and Jennie feels that technically, it wasn’t her fault that the two of you landed on a bed, with her on top, straddling your hips.

     You smile against her lips before breaking away, mussing her hair up affectionately. “I don’t think this is appropriate,” you whisper, your eyes never leaving hers.

     “I don’t think it is, either,” Jennie whispers back, a grin lighting up her face.

     You laugh, and smile fondly up at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Hey,” you murmur.


     “I wasn’t joking when I said I love you, earlier.”

     “I know,” Jennie says simply as she crawls off you and offers you a hand. You take it gratefully and after you brush yourself off, you flash her a crooked grin.

     “So, I’m thinking…not this bed.”

     Jennie laughs and shakes her head, slipping her fingers through yours once again. “No, I agree, not this bed.”

“Hey girl!” Jensen smiles, running at you with a big goofy grin on his face. You still see your good ol Texas boy best friend in there, but you could definitely see the California boy in him too. And damn did he look good.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and swung you around, burying his face in your neck, inhaling deeply. You tried not to over analyze and opt for squealing in surprise instead.

“Hey, Jen!” You laugh with delight, throwing your arms around his neck and hanging on for dear life.

He laughed against you, and you feel a warmth settle in you. Man, you’ve missed that sound.

Finally he lets your feet hit the ground and gets a good look at you. “God. I’ve missed you,” he says, his hand coming up to caress your cheek. You lean into his touch for a second before you snap out of it.

“Boy, you’ve really picked up some moves haven’t you bud?” you tease, pushing at his chest playfully.

His eyes flicker briefly to your mouth and back to your eyes before his hand drops from your face like he suddenly realized that wasn’t something you guys did all the time. You let out a shaky sigh at the loss of contact.

Then without warning, his hand lands on your hip, and he pulls you flush against his chest. “I’ll show you moves, Y/N,” he almost growls, his lips approaching yours quickly.

You have no time to register what is happening before he is kissing you, and you’re letting him. His hands are in your hair and yours in his. The kiss is slow and heated, but builds into desperation. Years and hidden feelings, at least on your part, suddenly flooding to the surface as you cling tightly to Jensen.

Finally, he pulls away leaving your chest heaving as you stare open mouthed at his swollen lips. His mouth turns up in a smile.

“I’ve wanted to do that since we we’re 14,” he admits, his eyes flying to meet yours, darting back and forth between yours, gauging your response.

“Seriously?” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Why didn’t you?”

He scoffed and laughed a little. “You really don’t know why?” He stared into your eyes. When you didn’t answer and just looked at him waiting for him to continue, he powered on. “You were my best friend. You always came to me about every guy that was chasing you. I gave you advice. How was I supposed to tell you that I wanted those guys to go to hell? That I wanted you to be mine when you were so excited about them? I loved seeing you happy,” he smiled sadly.

“Jen,” you whispered, placing your hand on his face. He leaned into your touch. “I talked about all those guys because I wanted YOU to say something,” you sighed, resting your forehead against his. “Teenagers are idiots,” you laughed.

His lips crashed to yours again, and this time you were ready. A moan left your throat as his hands roamed your body. You’d always wondered what it would feel like to have Jensen really touch you, and it took him running off and becoming famous for it to happen.

“Well, we aren’t teens anymore. Be mine? Stay here with me?” He asked, a flicker of what looked like fear of rejection in his eyes.

You kissed him again. “I got the record deal, Jen. This isn’t just a visit. I’m moving out here,” you smiled.

He picked you up again and swung you in a circle. “I told you!” He practically yelled into your hair. “That’s amazing!” he smiled, setting you down again. “Where will you stay?”

You shuffled your feet and glanced down. “Well, I had plans to ask my best friend for a place to crash but I’m not sure he is my best friend anymore,” you admitted.

“Best friend, boyfriend. Just means we get to make out now. And stuff,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “And of course you’re staying with me. Not crashing. Staying,” he said with finality.

He kissed you as if that sealed the deal. You moved to LA for a record deal and to be close to your best friend. In a matter of hours your world seemed to turn upside down.

LA man.

I saw you asking for gifs especially Jensen. I thought this was cute. 😄

Loved Me Back To Life

You come back to set to film your final music video and circumstances change, so after a severe panic attack Jared suggests that you just admit your feelings but you just can’t figure out what to do.

Jensen and Reader *No Hate towards Danneel she is our queen*

Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Jensen being cute and a dork

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           The minute I walked on the Supernatural set, I was welcomed with open arms. It was an amazing experience. The first time I met Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He was everything I could have ever wanted in a man, but I knew I couldn’t. Over the time, we had gotten to know each other, I fell deeply in love with him. After I had found out he had a girlfriend I had asked them to kill me off.

           I had my record company create a tour just so that I could get out of here, away from Jay. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Did it feel like I was numb on the inside? Every damn day. For those six years, I worked day and night, no vacations, no relaxation, just hard work.  

           I had just heard that they were renewed for their thirteenth season, and I was happy for them. I kept in contact with Jared and Misha mainly, and they always told me that Jensen had felt the same way, but I couldn’t accept it. After about twelve years in the music business I decided to do a final single then retire. I had enough money to last over several lifetimes so I wanted to relax and just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest.

           I had gotten a call from Robert Singer asking if I wanted to use the set for the last music video I would ever do. I hesitantly said yes and he assured me that no one would know I was there. I wanted to do ‘In the Dark’ by Billy Squier and had gotten the ok to do it.

           I had taken the red eye out to make sure I was there before everyone would know I was there. I had a trailer I could stay in when I needed to rest or whatever I needed, I wanted this to be an amazing video for those fans who had supported me all these years.

           Once I had gotten there nothing had changed, I took a quick nap and headed to the stage that was reserved just for me. I walked in to see my band and choreographer to help get things started. I started warming up my vocal chords while the band went through their instrument checks. ‘Ok y/n! You can do this’ I walked up to the microphone and started singing when it was my time.

           I gave the song everything I had, I kept my emotions in check to make sure I didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I saw Jared and Misha come in, they were a little shocked at my song choice but that’s what was going on in my head. I finished the song a little rough but I would work on it.

           I stepped away from the mic feeling dizzy, I then collapsed having issues with my breathing. I knew it was one of my famous panic attacks, I tried to play it off but this one was a mean something. Both guys were at my side helping me up, I had no strength so Jared had to carry me to his trailer.

           He sat down with me in his lap helping me through it with ease. Misha handed me a bottle of water. I heard the door open but I was too out of it to know who it was. Jared just sat there rocking me, calming me down. I had called him many times over the years when they got bad. So, he knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

           Once I finally calmed down, I was exhausted, so Jared led me back to his bed so that I could rest. In no time, I was out, resting from the war against my brain.

Jared POV

           I walked back after getting her comfortable, I knew they were bad, but this was beyond bad. I was tired just from watching her have the panic attacks, I closed the door and went back out to talk to Misha and Jensen who had come in with coffee, and got the shock of his life.          

           “What was that?” “That was one her famous panic attacks” Misha shook his head, I could see the sadness on his face. “Jay, I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she was here until I heard her singing” “That’s ok, is she ok though?” “No, she’s not, she’s pushed herself beyond exhaustion, she’s retiring so she thought that would be a good song to end her career with, but it just destroyed her mentally”

           “I should have told her how I felt, I was with Sarah then, but I should have just grown a pair” I felt bad for him, I knew how he felt and I also knew how she felt, I had to come up with a plan and fast.

Reader POV

           I woke up feeling better than ever, I decided to change my finale song, I didn’t want to deal with that again. I walked out to see a note from Jared saying to help myself to the snacks, and to also think about changing my song choice. I saw a post it note on the fridge and opened it up see cold coke and a turkey sandwich. I’ll have to thank him later.

           I called my manager asking if I could do something different, and of she quickly agreed and told me to think about it. I went through my iPod and quickly had an idea to mind, I finished my lunch and text Jared about my plan and of course he was on board with it. For six years, he told me that love was mutual from Jay, so now I tell him the only way I know how.

           We got everything planned, and ready for this to work. I stayed with Jared that night and everything was hammered down. I was really excited about this and hoped that I wasn’t going to get my heart broken. I decided to go shopping the next morning and find the perfect dress to sing in.

           The video was going to be simple, just me singing with my band and the guys from Supernatural hanging out. It would be my greatest or my worst decision. I had finally found what I wanted and got myself ready for the reveal.

           Misha had snuck me in so that Jen wouldn’t see me, and once I got there it was so simple yet so awesome. Misha gave me the thumbs up and the band started the intro, ‘Loved me back to Life’ by Celine Dion. The boys came once I started singing, Jay was in shock and just stood watching me sing the song the told my true feelings.

           Over the next week, we filmed the video and got everything ready for the reveal to my loyal fans. Over that week, Jay and I got to know each other again, it was amazing. The first time he kissed me was when we livestreamed my last video and wanted everyone to know that I was now taken.

           The video was a big success and it was my highest selling single to date. The record company tried to get me to reconsider but I declined. When the hiatus had come, Jay had planned a vacation, just the two of us. When we had arrived to our destination I was in shock to see the house from the twilight movies. The secluded island was just what we needed, I giggled at him, he knew I was an inner twihard so he made sure I had an amazing time.

           Over the next month, we spent time just enjoying our free time. There was one day where we found a beautiful waterfall. He had a picnic made and wine at the ready, he just had on a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. I had on my red bikini that showed a lot of skin but I didn’t care I was proud of my curves.

           The whole day was spent eating, drinking, splashing and chasing each other. The sun started to set showing the true beauty of this paradise. “Whatcha looking for hot stuff?” “Nothing now” He laid back down next to me and pulled me to him. “He started kissing down my neck leaving hickeys in his wake. I felt something weird on my left ring finger only to see a beautiful diamond ring.

           “Yes!” “But I didn’t ask yet” “Sorry” “No you’re not!” I laughed at his whine that sounded way too much like Dean. He held up his phone and took a picture of us and tweeted out that ‘she said yes!!’

           “So, tell me, have you ever made love on a beach?” “No but I know sand gets everywhere!” “Woman!” I squeaked and ran away from him, yelling at him to catch up. He finally caught up to me and threw me over his shoulder carrying me the rest of the way to the house.

           He went in and started a bath so that we could get the sand out, we soaked and just enjoyed each other, the way we wanted. After we were dried off properly, he carried me out to the living room where he had blankets on the floor in front of the window showing off the night sky. The entire night was spent on those blankets, crying out each other’s names and celebrating your engagement.

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If you were a space pirate, what would your backstory be?

Part Two (Part One can be found here.)

Captain Lik-Jennings in all her glory stared down at Adri. Adri the human from Earth. Adri, whose business tag labeled her as “Corporate Philosopher” (Lik-Jennings had taken a class concerning the planet Earth three years ago and was faintly sure Earthen philosophy was a thing of the past, but had learned to never be sure with humans). Adri, who kept annoyingly leaning rocking back and forth in anticipation.

“So,” the captain began, adjusting the translation device cupped around her tympanic membrane. 

“So,” Adri mimicked, nervously. She also wore a translating device. The deckhand who had dumped the female here watched on from a few paces behind. 

“So,” the constant repeated, businesslike. “You’re the human journalist that’s been sending me fanmail for the past five years.”

Adri nodded. “I—yes. That’s me.” The tiniest of smiles formed in the middle of her small, pale face. 

Lik-Jennings nodded back to show she was knowledgeable in human body language and customs. “I see. And now you’re here.”

“I—Well, journalism got boring,” Adri admitted, fiddling with her name tag. Lik-Jennings waited for the female to elaborate, but she did not continue speaking and only gazed off the bow of the ship. The cosmos beyond were an impressive sight. It was the first time Adri wasn’t seeing them from behind the screen of her suite’s window in Geyser Technologies’s production tower.

“…And you’re wanting to become part of the crew? I understood that much from your letters, I think, but co-organizing your own escape and leaping out of a building into the vacuum of space just to be with us…?”

Adri stood up taller. “I’m calling it ‘trying something new,’ but yeah, basically.”

Lik-Jennings was now confused. “What do you mean by ‘trying something new?’ Is that your only reason?” She exchanged glances with her second mate. “You haven’t just escaped from prison? Your parents weren’t murdered by an arch-nemesis? You want to join just like that? Because your old job was ‘boring?’”

The human dipped her head bashfully, but still met the captain’s eyes. The captain knew she would not back down. “Yeah, I guess. Just because.” She looked around again, at all the deckhands watching them. “I read news about you guys all the time, and, well…it seemed…fun?”

Ah, so it was the romantic aspect that was making her do this. Lik-Jennings grinned, or did the equivalent of grinning her own anatomy would allow. “You’re doing it for…‘fun.’ Well. I’ve heard all these crazy stories about your species, but this time I can finally see reason in your endless determination.”

Adri perked up. “Oh, thank god. You don’t think I’m crazy.”

Lik-Jennings shook her head. “Oh, no, I definitely think you’re crazy. All of you Earthlings; you’re in for more than you’re asking for. But that doesn’t stop you from wanting and trying, does it.”

There, again–the tiniest of smiles. “Nope.”

Co Workers (Part Twenty-Four)

A/N: Ok so I’ll be saving part 25 for Saturday. Since I have a problem with posting on the weekends for some reason. But you have no reason to worry anymore, it’s all gonna be okay <3

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Breif smut, some language (smut related

Word Count: 1.5k


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The truth was, he didn’t think he things were going to be alright either. There weren’t words he could use to describe the way he felt; and seeing you so broken and torn down added onto his pain.

You wrapped your arms around him the best you could while both of you just laid there, holding each other. Trying to forget.

Things did get easier. For you anyway.

As your body healed and as time passed, you felt that you could let go. The pain was still there, you would always be sad over losing your son. There was no way to describe how it felt.

Your mom and sister had stayed in Vancouver with you for a few weeks to help you out and to keep you company.

Misha had left nearly two weeks ago, and you hadn’t heard from him since.

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Help! Not Just Anybody

Props to @louiseeleanorbee for helping me come up with the title way back when I wrote this.

Also…. So Y/N was Ella’s Mom in Secrets And Lies but in this story it’s a COMPLETELY different character. I was gonna use an OC but in my experience, people prefer reader characters sooo… Don’t get confused.

“How many more have we got left?” Spencer asked JJ with a loud sigh.

His friend look at the page in front of her and squinted. “Two. The next one should be along any second now. I’ll go put another coffee on whilst we wait. You doing okay?”

Reid nodded, grasping Jen’s hand when she squeezed his shoulder as she stood.

“I’m good. Just tired. And fed up of listening to people tell me how they’d raise my daughter for me. And then seeing the judgement on their face when they hear about her sister.”

“What’s funny is watching them struggle to hide their judgement. From two profilers at that. Nah, don’t think so,” JJ grinned at him, collecting their mugs.

“You’re doing the right thing Spence. A live in nanny will help you so much. And it’s not like you can’t afford it. You won’t have to worry about finding last minute sitters or having to run Ella over to Georgia or Amanda in the middle of the night. And I know you’ve missed being out in the field.”

“I know. It just….it feels like I’m asking someone to replace her mom. And that’s not right.”

Jennifer tilted her head to the side and gave Spencer another smile, a sadder one this time.

“You’re not though and she knows that. But you miss your job and Hotch can’t keep you out of the field forever, not unless you switch departments. And it’s not often were out of state for more than two or three days at most recently. I can’t remember the last long one…. ”

“Seventeen months and four days ago. We were out for thirteen days. The Edison Strangler.”

“See, good run. And you’re offering a great deal here. Accommodation, a car, an amazing salary. Jessica was doing all of that for free when she was looking after Jack. And you can’t rely on Georgia or Amanda forever. Amanda loves her grandchild to pieces but she’s getting on a bit herself and expecting her to take care of a nine year old constantly is a bit much.”

Reid shoved his hands through his hair. “I know, I know that you’re right. And I’m sure once we find the right one I’ll feel better about this.”

“You will, I promise. Now, coffee?”

JJ left the room leaving Spencer to his thoughts. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about having a stranger live with them and looking after Ella but both JJ and Georgia had convinced him that it was the right thing to do. Gee would still have Ella on the last weekend of the month but she couldn’t keep picking her up from school for him, not now that she had gone back to work full time. It hadn’t been so bad before when the girls were at the same school but when Gee had remarried and moved in with her new husband it meant a new school district for Ellie.

After Ella’s mom had died and Spencer had finally managed to pull his head together enough to care for his daughter, he’d made the decision to move Ella and him to a two storey town house near to his old home with Georgia, changing her schools so that she was in the same one as Ellie. But now, he hadn’t wanted to uproot her again, she’d already changed schools twice and although Ella and Ellie were obviously close, they hadn’t actually been in the same class so had both made other friends. It didn’t seem fair to make her change schools just so that it would be easier on him because she could go home with Ellie and wait there until Spencer could collect her. So for the past six months Spencer had been relying on Ella’s Grandma Amanda to travel across town to pick her up or Georgia and Tim, Gee’s new husband, to watch her until he could get home from work. Occasionally even Will would pitch in and Ella would spend time with Henry.

It was all affecting Spencer and Ella badly. When he had free time he wanted to be able to spend it with Ella, and when it was his weekends to have Ellie he wanted to be able to take the girls out. Instead, because he was rarely at home until late in the week because of work and then having to drive to various places to collect Ella from whichever caregiver was looking after her, chores were piling up which meant he needed to spend time doing them. He was also neglecting his job because he was constantly having to think about making sure he was in a certain place at a certain time, or what things he needed to do that night before he could finally rest. Hotch had been fantastic about letting Spencer stay at HQ but that wasn’t what Spencer had signed up for when he joined the FBI. He actually enjoyed travelling to the different states on cases but because of his situation, he’d had to pull back from that a lot. And so JJ had suggested he look into a nannying service. He had the room at home for a live in and he could afford it. Having someone there all the time would make things easier for him and Ella, she could come home from school and start her homework straight away and be in her own home. And as part of the role would be basic housekeeping, he wouldn’t have to worry about chores so could spend more time with Ella, and Ellie when he had her.

He was just apprehensive about having someone in his home with him. But he could see the benefits of it so had finally called JJ and had sh to and Derek help him redecorate and kit out the spare bedroom, as well as contacting agencies to put in ads. As Ella’s godmother, JJ was helping with the interviews although he could tell that she was getting exasperated with him. They’d interviewed last weekend too and none of the eight applicants they’d seen had been right in his eyes. They’d seen another five today, with two more to go. Hearing a knock on the front door he realised that the next applicant had arrived. He sighed deeply to himself.

Y/N had been sitting in her car for the last twenty five minutes, parked slightly up the road from the home of her next potential employer.

Her current family that she’d been with for four years were leaving for England in three weeks time and although she’d been offered positions with three other families, she hadn’t felt that initial click with the parents that she liked to. Whilst her main focus was of course the children she’d be looking after, Y/N had found that most children liked her and that she could adapt to them. It was the parents that were the problem. If she couldn’t work with them, she wouldn’t enjoy the job and that would have a negative effect on the children and her. And she wanted to be happy with her work, especially when it was one that involved her living in on the job.

Her next prospective employer was Dr Spencer Reid of the FBI. Her existing employers had actually informed her of the current new position, suggesting she go for it. The mom of her current charges had heard about the job from another mom at the school, a woman known as Jen. Jen was one of Dr Reid’s colleagues and friend, and had asked that Y/N go and interview when she learned that she wouldn’t be joining the family in England.

Y/N had done her research on the man, discovering that he was 37 years of age and had numerous degrees and accreditations, more than seemed humanly possible for a man his age who’d had a full time position within the FBI since he was 24. His resume was impressive and sightly intimidating to her but she wasn’t going to let that show. Her lack of degrees and honours had no reflection on her abilities as a caregiver. Interestingly enough the articles she’d read had not mentioned the fact that he was father, only stating that he was divorced and resided in Virginia. She guessed that given his job he liked to keep as much of his personal life as private as he could.

Checking her appearance in the rear view mirror a final time, Y/N gathered her bag and her resume up, locking her car and making her way to the front door. She was surprised when a pretty blonde woman answered the door, a woman she recognised from the gates of the school. She wasn’t there often but when she was, her son would always run to her beaming.

“Hi. I’m JJ. You must be Y/N?” her smile was welcoming and Y/N grinned back, extending her hand to be shook.

“Hello! Yes, I am. I recognise you from Green Acres.”

“Ah yes, Henry loves it there. Come on through and I’ll take you in to meet Spencer. I’ll pre warn you now, he’s a little cranky. This is the second weekend of interviewing.”

JJ was feeling optimistic about this applicant. Another school mom that she talked to had recommended her, singing her praises and lamenting how sad the family were that they couldn’t convince Y/N to join them in England. Jen had seen her too at the school gates, picking up her charges and they always seemed pleased to see her. Maybe that families loss would be Spencer and Ella’s gain.

JJ led Y/N through to dining room to where Spencer was sitting gripping a cup of coffee like his life depended on it. She felt bad for her friend, but she truly believed this was best option if Reid wanted to keep working at the BAU.

“Spencer, this is Y/F/N. Y/N, this is Dr Spencer Reid.”

Y/N crossed the room quickly and held her hand out to him, surprised when he didn’t take it. Behind her she heard JJ sigh.

“He has a thing about hand shaking…. ”

“The amount of bacteria passed during a single handshake is….” the man began to speak.

“Spencer, really? I’ve heard you say that line to every single applicant. You really should just shake their hands, it’s polite.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry Dr Reid, I completely understand,” Y/N did to an extent, the amount of germs and bacteria the human came into contact with each day was immense and she always drilled good cleanliness and hygiene practices into her charges, carrying bottles of antibacterial gel in her bag at all times.

JJ touched her arm and gestured to one of the chairs. “Please, take a seat. Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“I’m fine actually, thank you. I have bottled water in my bag, one of the habits of being a nanny, always having snacks and drinks with you wherever you go.”

She didn’t mention the apple, boxes of raisins and the zip lock bag of carrot sticks she also had, or the bag of Reeses miniature pieces.

“Alrighty then,” JJ pulled up the seat next to Dr Reid. “Let’s begin. I’m Ella’s godmother, so I’m helping Spencer out. We’re trying to keep this relatively informal. If you could just tell us about yourself and how you came into this profession?”

“Okay, erm… So I’m 26 years old and I’ve been nannying for eight years with two separate families.”

“So you started when you were eighteen?” Dr Reid furrowed his brow slightly.

“Yes,“ Y/N replied, knowing where this was going.

“Did you not go to college?” he asked.

Had he not even read her resume at all?


“Can I asked why not?”

“You can. You see, I had a bit of a turbulent time during my teenage years, I’m not going to lie and cover that up. My mom passed away when I was eleven leaving my dad and I, and my three younger siblings. Up until I was fifteen I was the good little daughter, helping to raise them and ultimately taking over from my mother. It felt natural to me, I’m great with kids hence why I do what I do. Then a few months after my fifteenth birthday I seemed to hit a brick wall and suddenly careered drastically off course. I started hanging with a bad crowd at school, skipping classes and generally being a teenage tearaway. My school work slipped massively and I suddenly had no ambition in life. I finally managed to pull myself back a few months before graduation but by then it was too late. I barely scraped together enough credits to graduate.”

Y/N paused to take a sip from her water bottle that she’d pulled from her bag.

“After I left school I started waitressing at this little diner. A family used to come in at least three times a week. A mom and her two kids. They were regulars, the mom worked long hours so didn’t want to waste time to home cooking so she took the kids out to eat most nights, and the dad worked away a lot. I started making small talk with them and getting to know them and after around four months, the mom approached me and asked if I’d ever consider nannying. She’d seen how good I was with her kids. She loved her job dearly but was feeling pressure to give it up because she felt like she was neglecting her kids. They had different sitters a few nights a week and she was constantly being let down. They had a spare room at the house and she offered me a better wage than what I was making at the diner. It was a no brainer really. I ended up staying with them for five years, until the youngest was headed off to middle school. I still see the family regularly. During my time with them, I completed some courses at the community college so I at least had some basic qualifications. I found my latest family, the Thompsons through my first job. The moms worked together. I’ve been with them for three years and would stay with them longer still except I don’t wish to move to another country despite the very attractive package they’ve offered me to go. My own family and friends are here, and two years ago I started taking a weekend class at the college, working towards a degree in psychology. It involves some online learning modules which I’ve been doing when the children were at school. Eventually I want to become a guidance counsellor so hopefully I can help other children make the right decisions instead of flying off the handles like I did.”

Both JJ and Dr Reid were nodding by the time she finished, JJ a genuine looking smile on her face. JJ then began to explain the ins and outs of what this particular position would entail. Only one child which Y/N wasn’t used to, but she would be on call pretty much all the time. Due to the nature of their jobs Dr Reid could be away for days at a time.

“The last weekend of every month you’d have free though. My ex wife looks after Ella then and she would still be on call for emergencies as would Ella’s grandmother. I am home most weekends, in recent months our unsubs seem to have been thoughtful enough to keep their activities to weekdays,” Dr Reid chuckled nervously at his joke and Y/N indulged him with a grin.

“Ella’s mom only has her once a month?” she did ask, feeling confused.

“Erm no,” a glance between Dr Reid and JJ.

“Ella’s mom passed away four years ago. Ella spends time with my ex wife so she can see her sister. You’ll meet her too and part of your role could also entail looking after her if I’m called into work suddenly on the weekends I have her. That’s only happened a handful of times though,” he explained.

“Oh okay. So how old is Ella’s sister?”

“She’s also nine. Ellie is four months younger than Ella…. ”

Y/N’s brain did the maths and took in the slightly sheepish look on the man’s face, noticing how attractive he actually was. It sounded like Dr Reid hadn’t quite been the oh so faithful husband which was odd. Y/N was no expert but she somehow didn’t expect that from the man sat in front of her, but then again people change.

Dr Reid sighed loudly, an annoyed look crossing his features.

“I can see you judging me. The same look every applicant has had so far when I’ve mentioned Ellie.”

He was right, she was.

“Sorry,” Y/N apologised. “I thought I was doing a better job of hiding my judgement, I guess I’d have to work on that being around a profiler. You do kinda deserve it though, you’ve got to at least expect it, especially when you don’t give the whole story.”

Dr Reid looked shocked and JJ’s grin grew wider. Every other applicant had stumbled over their words and blushed when Spencer had called them out on it, which he’d done every single time. He knew he deserved the judgement, the girl was right. This one though, was the first applicant to actually respond honestly and openly to his accusations.

Jen was pleasantly surprised though when Spencer pushed back his chair and stood.

“Y/N, would you like a tour of the house? I can show you the bedroom that would be yours if you accept the job offer, and you can see Ella’s room.”

“Wait… Job offer? Is the interview over?”

Dr Reid nodded. “It is for me at least. I appreciate how honest you’ve been with me about your past, and I respect that you didn’t try to lie when I called you out just then. As a profiler, you learn to read people and from what I’m reading from you, I think you’d be very good for my daughter. If you want the job, it’s yours.”

A silent ‘yes’ went through JJ and she resisted the urge to fist pump when Y/N stood up next to him.

“Show me my new bedroom then, Dr Reid.”

“Please, it’s Spencer.”


I’ve been thinking about the Swan Queen fandom lately after reading some fics. I have never had the pleasure of being apart of such a diverse group of people. I’ve never been apart of a fandom thats so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and the Womens Rights movement. I have never seen so many people from so many different back rounds come together over two amazing women. Some people in this fandom make fanart, some write fanfiction, some send Lana and Jen gifts and flowers, some cosplay, and some just sit back and enjoy all the magic going on around them and support the people who dedicate all their time to these women (that would be me). Im not talented. I cant write, I cant draw, I dont cosplay and I dont send gifts but I have never been ridiculed for it. My presence and personality is excepted no matter how I chose to involve myself in this fandom. We have worked and fought so hard to be heard. To be listened to. We got that hug, the simplest thing we could ask for and we had to fight for it and sure the writers completely messed it up, but dammit we got that hug. So just because Swan Queen is over, its not over. I hope this fan base never fades and never dies because then everything we have built and fought for would be for nothing we have to stay together and keep posting and writing and showing Lana and Jen how much they mean to us and make sure they know we havent forgotten about them. Some people connect more with Lana some connect more with Jen and some people just love and care for them equally and it doesnt matter which. We have changed peoples veiws about SQ and got people to start shipping it and involving themselves. I didnt ship it at first I didnt see what everyone was talking about, but then someone took the time to talk to me, debate with me, and show me things that I was to blind to notice. We are a beautiful group of people. I want us to grow and spread and keep Swan Queen alive. I already been seeing other ships dying down and it would break my heart to see us do the same. These women, Jen and Lana, have been my anchor for 6 years. Im not sure where I would be without them. I know we can keep this going because are the most epic relationship to ever exsist. WE ARE SWEN.

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