jen why are you so perfect

killthebxy  asked:

⭐ let's be serious Jen, my own blog definitely would never be the same without YOU. you're the flaying knives to my soggy fruit loops. I am in so much deep love with everything we write together, be it crack or that HORRIBLY ANGSTY VERSE, and you are ---so--- talented and I just. love you so much okay???? I count myself blessed for having met someone like you <3 ps - a minute of silence for the toxic ship you made me start shipping.

send me a ⭐ if im one of your favorite mutuals and explain why

AHHHHHH LOOK AT THIS PERFECT HUMAN BEING EVERYONE!! Like follow rn okay or we can’t be friends anymore tbh it’s illegal.

No but more real talk your Jon Snow is perfect in every single way imaginable and so are you !! I’m so damn happy you joined the community, like you are a 10/10 human being inside and out and your writing is just so on point it’s like I’m actually reading one of the books, okay!? His voice is always there when I read your replies, even the crack ones. You’re sooooooo flawless in the way you write Jon Snow and I just love our babes to the moon and back AND I’M SO ECSTATIC YOU’VE JOINED THIS VERSE WE HAVE GOING LIKE HONESTLY WE ALL LOVE YOU AND COULDN’T BE MORE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR EXISTENCE !!!!