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Stolen Moments (Part 2)

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Jensen Ackles x Female Reader

You work as a makeup artist on Supernatural during season 1. You find yourself very attracted to Jensen and he to you, but that attraction has led to some problems between Jared and Jensen.

Part 2 of ?

Contains: strong language, smut, slow burn

Want to catch up? Part 1

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Put Your Money On Me (pt. 6)

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 5,798

Summary: Jason and Jen have dinner together.

Warnings: None.

Note: I am so sorry this took so long to get out! This chapter is like cavity inducing in it’s fluffiness, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!

As always, a HUGE thank you to @naughtyneganjdm for being my beta! You’re probably sick of me saying this, but you are for real the best. :P

Previous Chapters: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

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Watching this back, I can honestly say this is amazing writing and exactly what Jen and Colin were talking about when saying the show does an amazing job at showing what real relationships are like.  Although it’s a tad different because not everyone’s partner has killed their significant other’s grandfather, it’s still the same in the sense of communication, trust, and being a team.  That’s why this scene is so perfect because it shows that Emma wasn’t angry about the situation, she was angry because he withheld the truth and I think many people in real life can relate to that.

When you love someone and are with someone, you become a team.  You rely on one another for help and support.  That person loves you no matter what and will never be angry with you for telling the truth, they will get angry if you withhold the truth.  And that’s what is shown in this clip and it’s perfectly shown.  Killian and Emma are a team, they will always be a team.  Killian has to rely on Emma and tell her when something is bothering him and Emma will always be accepting of him because she loves him.

Honestly, I am so excited for the upcoming episodes because it will show Emma having her worst fear come up again, abandonment, but we will have Killian fighting for Emma and fighting to get back to her because he loves her.  Then we’ll have a second proposal and then they’ll get married!  I think us CS shippers have a lot to look forward to!

It’s a Ghost! (Snake) - Shyan

AO3 Link: Here
Fandom: Buzzfeed Unsolved
Ship: Shyan (Shane Madej/Ryan Bergara)
Rating: General
Content Warning: fluff, getting together, adopting a pet, oblivious!Shane, really it’s just fucking tooth rotting
Summary: Ryan’s been courting the oblivious Shane for months. Jen comes up with a surefire way to win him over.
Word Count: 1913
A/N: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
If you’d like to be added to a taglist for Buzzfeed Unsolved let me know!

Ryan Bergara’s death would be caused by a snake. Not that one would bite or physically kill him – Ryan had done enough research to know the breed he needed posed relatively little real threat to a human of his size. But looking for one. For the perfect one for the gangly limbed, messy haired coworker he’d been courting for six months and crushing on since he came to Buzzfeed – that would kill him.

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Illya Request

This is a request, I’d like to have for Illya from the Man of U.N.C.L.E? May it be like if you have argument and you fight but then, you guys break up! And then, like then, your in a mission together an reconcile? May I please have it?

You and the team were currently going over a mission and deciding which part each person would get. “Y/N, should take the lead undercover,” Gabby said. “You all saw my incapability of playing the fiancee- wife role; I think Y/N should take this one on.”

“Then I should be husband, no,?” Everyone turned and looked at your boyfriend, and fellow agent, Illya.

“Afraid not Peril,” Solo spoke up, “We need someone with charisma, making friends, not intimidating off the target before we can make contact.”

“I can make friends,” he defensively said.

“It’s better that you let Solo take this Illya,” you laid a hand on his shoulder but he jerked away and walked out of the room. You sighed and looked at your teammates, “Excuse us.” You ran after him. “Illya,” you made him stop in his tracks just as he was about to descend the staircase. “What’s gotten into you?”

“What’s in me is you with Solo.”


“You’ve been pairing up with him on mission for weeks! If you don’t want me any longer then just tell me. Don’t rub it in my face.”

“Illya, you’re all wrong-”

“Have fun on your play date with Solo, Y/N, because I am done with this,” he gestured to you and him. Before you could say anything else he turned and walked away.

“Are you ok YN?”

“I’m fine, Gabby, thanks. Let’s get inside; we have 7 hours until the mission goes live.”


“You look beautiful, my wife,” Solo reassured you once you were at this fancy auction, where the mission would be taking place. You kept your face neutral. “What’s the matter? Not feel any attraction towards your husband tonight,” he joked.

“Not feeling anything for anyone right now.” Solo snaked a hand around your waist as he lead you into the main hall. “Do we a favor and don’t go too far with your actions tonight,” you gestured towards his hand, “Illya may have broken up with me but I don’t want him thinking what he thought about you and me is true.”

He could tell you were upset. “Y/N,” he stopped and pulled you briefly to the side, “Illya’s an idiot if he thinks you’d do anything behind his back. He’ll come around; I’m sure of it. Now- put on a happy smile and be a good trophy wife.”

You walked in the immaculate room and got swept onto the task. Making friends with the targets, Matt and Jen Lastraut. A young couple who had inherited both their family businesses and were dabbling their money in biochemical warfare.

You had successfully made contact with the targets and were working with Napoleon, to draw out intel. “Excuse me for a moment,” you addressed to your new “friends” and “husband,” “I need a drink. Can I get you anything?”

“I think we are ok,thank you though,” Jen replied.

“How about you honey? Thirsty?”

“Parched,” Napoleon replied. “A scotch, please, my dear.” You made your way to the bar. “A scotch and some champagne please.”

“Right away,” Illya turned around in uniform.

“I was wondering where you and Gabby were.”

“I got put on bar duty. Gabby is off with one of the Lastraut bodyguards trying to get intel as well. Here are drinks for you and your boyfriend,” he said dryly.

“Thanks.” Glasses in hand you made your way back to Solo. “Your scotch.”

“Thank you my wonderful wife. Our new friends were just asking if we’d like to accompany them to their club downtown later tonight.”

“What an amazing offer. But I’m afraid I couldn’t keep up with you. I barely got any sleep last night and I think I’d fall asleep if we stopped moving for one minute,” you laughed and earned chuckles from the whole group. After talking and watching the first bidding you were ready for another drink. Solo’s all to real proper-man performance was driving you crazy. “I think I’m ready for another drink. Can I get anyone anything?”

“I think I’ll accompany you. Give us some time to get away from this annoying guy talk.” You two walked to the bar and took some seats. “I’ll take a martini. So,” Jen began. “what’s with you and Mr. Perfect?”

“What do you mean,” you asked. “I’ll have a whiskey, please,” Illya barely glanced at you.

“I mean you’ve been shaking off his affection all night. You two have a fight before you came?”

“You could say that. He got it in his thick skull that I had my eye one someone else.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“I know,” you glanced up and saw Illya pretending to not be listening. “I’m a one man kind of gal. And he’s the best man I know; why would I give him up….”you let the rhetorical question hang in the air.

“Might want to make that a double whiskey for my friend,” Jen told Illya. Illya handed you two your drinks. “Let’s get back to our lovely dates before they decide to waste our money on something,” you faked a laugh and glanced at Illya as you walked away.


“Thank’s Solo,” he opened the car door for you as you arrived back to the house. With shoes in hand you walked into your room. Letting the shoes drop to the floor you quickly got out an oversized shirt and a pair of sweatpants. You tugged on the zipper of your dress and felt that it was stuck. You let out a loud, tired groan. ready to just sleep in this dress.

“Need help?” You turned around and saw Illya in the door frame. You nodded slowly. His large hands gave a hard tug and the zipper came down swiftly.

“Thanks,” you held the dress against your body. You walked over and grabbed your sweats.

“You were right, what you said tonight. I do have thick skull. Solo gets under my skin and you two have been paired up so many times recently. I guess I’m jealous when it comes to you.” You smiled at your goof of a boyfriend.

“I accept that as an apology,” he smiled shyly at you.

“How bout you get ready for bed and I will make us your favorite hot chocolate?”

“I’ll meet you back here in 10,” you kissed him before heading to bathroom to get ready to cuddle up with your man.

rmspigot  asked:

yoooo I'm not usually one to get hyped about movie adaptions from books I love, but you must've sacrificed something to the adaption gods cause the cast! THAT CAST! I'm so excited I can't imagine how you feel.

I was telling Jen the other day that they managed to pick people I never would have thought of, but who are actually pretty perfect for the roles–this is why I’m not a casting director! I love that they’ve all become friends. I feel like you guys are going to get some pretty funny stories from them during their future press tour. :)

Anonymous said to jleeoutfitters:

I love this Christmas countdown idea! Especially since it’s my fav holiday 💖 I’m from Chicago!!      

Hi anon! I hope you like it, i was getting vintage vibes so why not. It must be super cold in Chicago, perfect Christmas setting! Anyhow Merry Christmas to you!

Love, Jen

deaninthebackseatoftheimpala  asked:

you said you have a full time job right? How do you get so much content out and read and do everything and still have time to work and spend time with your family?

I do have a full time job and it sucks the life out of me more often than not. That is one of the reasons why I write. I need it to escape reality and go to a place where I feel happy and safe. More Than a Fling and Perfect have helped me out more often than not. I love writing for that reason. The same goes for reading, which I haven’t had the chance to do as much recently due to other obligations with what i have going on with my family. :)

ok So

While i’m definitely still interested in buying my first horse anytime now, I’ve accepted that the one I wanted isn’t gonna happen. so in the meantime jen said listen, Hocus Pocus needs a lot more attention lately and I’m really focused on bringing Dragon and Aesop along but Hocus is at just about the perfect level for you to practice with a lot, so why don’t we do all your weekly lessons with him and have you bring him along

So I’m gonna learn a lot of stuff with him, including longeing, in-hand, postural work with the whip, etc. over time. She wants to get him doing long conditioning walks in the field next to her farm and would like me to do that so that’s really exciting???

so this is essentially like having a dedicated lesson horse and a free lease.

Hocus Pocus is a friesian/saddlebred cross (he’s registered as a georgian grande)

so next time I’m up at jen’s I’ll get some pics and do an intro post on him

Game Night

Jungkook sat on the couch, staring at his phone in muted disbelief. There was a text pulled up on the screen, and it was from Jimin. 

‘I’m not gonna be able to make it today. Jen invited me to the movies.’ 

He blinked slowly at the message, as if it would make more sense after a while, but it didn’t. He laughed humourlessly. 

Jungkook blew Jimin off regularly. It was like a game with them. Jimin was endlessly attentive, aware of Jungkook’s every movement, and Jungkook pretended not to care. 

But even Jungkook never blew off game night. He had snacks lined up on the coffee table, and he felt like an idiot now as he stared at them. He made sure to get all of Jimin’s favourites, and even organised them the way Jimin liked. He thought it was stupid that Jimin always wanted his snacks split up into ‘categories’ as he called them, but he knew it would make Jimin smile, so he did it anyway. 

He threw his phone across the room in a sudden fit of rage. Why did Jen have to appear out of nowhere? Weren’t they already happy as they were? Wasn’t everything perfect before this? But now Jimin doesn’t come home until late, and this is the third time he’s bailed out of plans this week, and Jungkook spends his time sitting at home, wondering what the hell happened. 

It used to be that if you saw Jungkook it meant that Jimin was somewhere nearby. But it seemed Jimin didn’t want that anymore. Maybe he had gotten bored of Jungkook, or maybe he just realised that since he was Park Jimin and he could have any girl he wanted, he should just pick one and move on. 

Jungkook stood up suddenly, marching towards the door. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he needed to yell at someone, preferably Jimin. 

How could Jimin do this? He didn’t think Jimin was the type of person to ditch his friends the second a pretty girl walked by, but he guessed he must have been wrong. 

He yanked the door open, and stopped dead when on the other side of the door stood a shocked looking Jimin. 

‘Where are you going?’ Jimin asked, at the exact same time Jungkook said, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I-’ Jungkook lost the ability to speak. 

Jimin glances behind Jungkook’s shoulder, and Jungkook immediately moves to block his view, his cheeks burning. 

‘Why is there so much food…Oh.’ Jimin’s eyes snap up to Jungkook’s with a strange look. ‘Is that for game night?’ 

‘No.’ Jungkook snaps. He steps aside to let Jimin in, taking the brief second it takes Jimin to walk in to gather his thoughts. ‘The rest of the guys were having a movie night.’ 

‘But nothing’s been touched…’ Jimin turns around, looking confusedly between Jungkook and the table. 

‘Well they haven’t watched the movie yet, genius.’ Jungkook snaps, but his heart is racing. He feels like an idiot. Idiot. This is why he doesn’t do stuff like this. He just ends up looking like a fool. 

‘Then where is everyone…?’ 

‘Why are you even here?’ Jungkook asks, trying to distract him. ‘Weren’t you supposed to be out with Jane or whatever her name is?’ 

‘Jen.’ Jimin corrects. ‘Her name is Jen, and you know that.’ 

‘Whatever. Why aren’t you with her?’ 

‘Umm…’ Jimin swallows awkwardly, looking down at the floor. ‘She uh, tried to make a move on me.’

‘So?’ Jungkook wishes his throat didn’t feel so tight. Why is his heart hammering? Why are his palms sweating? Why does he feel like Jimin has the ability to rip his heart out of his chest with his answer?

‘So, I turned her down.’ Jimin’s mumbles, still staring at the floor. 

‘Why?’ Jungkook can barely get the word out. 

‘It doesn’t matter why.’ Jimin’s voice sounds defeated, and he begins turning away, but Jungkook’s hand on his arm stops him. 

‘I asked you why you turned her down.’ Jungkook repeats. ‘Answer me.’ 

Jimin rolls his eyes, before finally bracing himself and staring straight back at Jungkook’s dark, fierce gaze. 

‘You already know the answer.’

That’s all Jungkook needs to hear. It’s like a trigger, and suddenly he’s pressing his lips to Jimin’s, and his hands are in his hair, pulling him forward and closer and together, and oh God this is amazing.

It doesn’t feel quite like dying, to kiss Jimin, but more like being brought back to life. The second their lips meet Jimin is kissing him back, fisting the front of his hoodie in his small hands, holding on like Jungkook is a life raft and he’s been in the middle of the ocean his whole life. 

The minute they pull apart, Jungkook leans down, pressing his forehead against Jimin’s. 

‘Don’t ever bail on game night again, got it?’ He tries to sound gruff, but his smile is too wide, and his heart is pounding too fast. 

Jimin’s laugh is the most perfect sound in the world as he looks up, smiles, and presses another kiss to Jungkook’s perfect mouth. 

‘I promise.’ 

She’s Just A Broken Girl (Part 3)

Pairing: Reader X Simon (It can easily be replaced by a boy/girl of your choice)

Warnings: Nope, little sad but nothing too bad.

Requested(?): Nope. but requests are open!

Additional Notes: Here is part three, it’s not overly dramatic. If anything it’s probably not that great but i have pt. 4 done, and it’s L O A D E D with plot twists and stuff. Anyways, enjoy!

… … . 

(Reader’s POV)

I woke up and Simon was still sleeping next to me and I slightly smiled to myself. It was strange how in the space of 24 hours my whole life had flipped again. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen from now on forward. I could feel Simon stirring in his sleep, and he slowly opened his eyes and began stretching. “Morning” He said, rubbing his tired eyes.

“The boys will be wondering where you are” I tell him, taking a brush from the floor and brushing though my tuggy hair.

“Well Josh dropped me off so they probably know where I am” He tells me, grabbing his shirt from the floor and pulling it over his obvious bed-head.

“You are going to get questioned so much when you get back then if they know you were here” I tell him, stretching my arms out and hearing a satisfying crack from my shoulder.

“It’s so weird waking up here again” He says, he only stayed at my house on the weekends or when he took a day off from YouTube. I spent the majority of my time at the old sidemen house.

“Good weird or just weird?” I ask him, standing out of bed and pulling the sheet up to the pillows.

“Good weird I guess” He says, pulling on his shoes.

“You’re leaving?” I ask, looking at him with a slight pout.

“I’ll call you or something. I’ve got some things to sort out” He says, walking over to my side of the bed and kissing my forehead before leaving my flat. Suddenly it felt empty again.

I moved into my kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. I began watching some TV, not really paying attention anyway. After I finished my breakfast I took a quick shower and dried my hair. I had a bad habit of wearing pyjamas constantly unless I had to go out, something I’ve always done.

My phone lit up with an incoming call. I ran over in hopes it was Simon, but it was just my annoying brother. “Hey” I answered.

“I was just calling to make sure you were okay” He told me. “I saw you leave the house in a hurry last night and was a bit concerned as to why Simon suddenly wanted a lift to your house” He adds.

“I’m alright I guess, I’ll be fine anyways” I tell him, taking a seat back on the couch. “Is there much tidying to do in the house?” I asked, when I left there was cups everywhere and crisp packets.

“Oh yeah, I took a quick break from it though. Nothing was spilled thankfully, the carpets are brand new” He tells me.

“The house is really nice. A lot more spacious than the last one” I compliment their new house, and I wasn’t lying. It was lovely.

“Yeah I’m really ha- oh okay, bye Simon, oh and bye Jen see you soon.” He interrupts himself to wish goodbye to Simon and Jen. I wonder why she was still there. “Sorry, yeah, we’re all really happy with the size of the rooms and stuff. Plus, Tobi and Ethan have moved in now, and I think Harry is thinking about it” He says.

My mind was racing thinking about why Simon was with her, or why she was at the house. He said he had stuff to sort out, maybe he was calling it off with her? They were never properly together. At least that’s what he told me. I didn’t want to call him and bother him.

“I’ll make sure to visit during the week so I can actually see it as a house and not a party fest” I laugh. “Anyways I’ve got a few things to do today so I’ll talk to you another time” I tell Josh.

“That’s fine. See you later” He says, hanging up the phone.

I un-paused the TV and continued watching whatever was on. Right now it was Family Guy, which wasn’t something I usually watched. I kept checking the clock, then my phone, then the clock again, then my phone again. I didn’t want to seem obsessive, hence why I was waiting for him to reach out to me. But I was still paranoid, when he last left my flat he never spoke to me for months. It wasn’t until he released a video explaining why we broke up, and it was all new to me.

Time was pushing on, and it was already dinner time. I wasn’t in the mood for cooking anything, so I picked up my phone to order some food when Josh started calling again.

“Hey” I answer.

“Hey again, we’re going to order a takeaway to the house so we were wondering if you wanted to come over for tea” He offered. Perfect timing.

“Uh will Simon be there?” I ask, kind of hopeful.

“I don’t think so, he left with Jen a few hours ago now and hasn’t said anything about coming back or wanting anything to eat” He says.

“Well I’ll just get some clothes on and I’ll be over soon. You know what food I like” I tell him.

“Okay, see you soon” He says, hanging up the phone. I threw on some skinny jeans and an Adidas jumper with my short UGG boots. I grabbed my house keys and car keys and left quickly. I was pulling up outside the modern house in no time, hopping out and jogging inside due to the cold weather outside.

To Be Continued

It Had to be You - Chapter 7

My huge thanks to Girlwiththeflowers for her beta skills, and the support in writing the story (including kicking my ass for writing faster)


I twirl and turn, trying once again to forget about the camera and the crew around me.

“Cut!” Francis’s voice stops the music and the camera. The familiar buzzing of a working crew starts to replace the extras as I shake my head. I know the take wasn’t really bad, but I also know that it could be way better. I lack the grace of a dancer, the confidence in the steps, and anyone looking at this scene on screen would spot it immediately. Hell, I would spot it immediately.

“We’ll do it again in five, okay Jen?” Francis asks. I nod, unable to talk for now. I’ll use these five minutes to rehearse again and again. I have the time to do it three times.

I spot Josh coming over from where he was waiting and I’m afraid that he’ll come to me – I need to work on this damn routine if I want to go to bed tonight. Of course he shot his routine in three takes, and I wonder what he stayed for. I’m relieved when I see him heading towards Eddie, the sound engineer who shares Josh’s passion for rock music.

I close my eyes and try to breathe so my pounding heart can calm down? . I need to feel the music, Tony told me. Feeeel the music. Yeah. It might have worked on Baby with Patrick Swayze as a dance instructor, but the only thing I feel right now is sweat coming down my spine . Certainly not music.

I’m clasping and unclasping my hands, trying to find the calm I need in the few minutes I still have before we reshoot, when the music starts. I open my eyes as I recognize the tune I used to listen to a few years ago. The sound of the tambourine, the folk music remind me of the SNL episode I hosted. As soon as Wesley starts to sing , I see Josh’s form approaching and I see he’s smiling at me. I smile back, and he takes my left hand and starts to twirl me to the music.

“Josh! What are you doing? I need to get ready!” I tell him, trying to break his embrace, but his arm isn’t moving an inch.

“Shh, just relax. Close your eyes. Listen to the music, remember how you felt at SNL. I got you.” he whispers in my ear, making us turn slowly.

He has me.

I do as he says, always trusting him without question, and I close my eyes to find that it’s easier to relax now, since I’m dancing with my friend. Once upon a time in my life, this friend had been my very best friend, the only one I could rely on to tell me the truth, or call me on my bullshit. I feel my heart twinge at what happened between us, and swear again not to let that happen again.

I really have no clue how long we dance, but it’s like we were in our little bubble, apart from the noise of the set, as if nothing could bother us. At some point, my head found Josh’s shoulder and lingered on it, and it felt so good … I’m glad Sophie’s not wearing heels in this scene – she’s in her rebel outfit, complete with a mini skirt, leather jacket and Doc Martens- and I don’t tower over Josh, even though I know he doesn’t care at all.

I feel his grip around my waist loosen as he lets go of my left hand, and he starts to whisper to me again “Now, dance and do your thing, don’t care about the music, just do the dance.”

And since I trust him, I nod and start with the steps. It’s not the soundtrack I’m used to dance to, it’s something else, but somehow, it’s easier to move to this music. I let go of everything so easily it’s almost scary, and I do it. I perform, and I can feel that this time, it’s good. As the routine comes to an end, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to feel that again, feel that freedom I felt while dancing when Francis will call me to shoot the scene.

“And cut! This was it, Jen, it was absolutely perfect!” our director’s voice takes me out of my reverie. They filmed this? But it wasn’t the right music? I’m not even sure I did all the steps? Why didn’t he call action?

In a flash, Josh is at my side, smiling.

“You were great. They’ll edit the music . Relax now, the take was awesome, you were so lost in the music, and that’s what Sophie would have done.” Oh. He remembers. He helped me, again. He knows how tense I am before scenes I dread, and he’d always find ways to help me relax or focus on what I have to do, whether by making me laugh, or by any other means he could find. And yes,that definitely includes pranking.

I’m sure I look completely lost – and truthfully I still am a little bit – standing in the middle of an empty dance floor as everybody’s starting to move all the cameras, sound thingies and cables. The next scene will be filmed tomorrow, another scene I dread. A scene where Sophie hits on Nate.

I spot our director moving towards the music-man, and I rush to him.

“I didn’t even do all the steps right, Francis!” I whisper, a bit ashamed. I’ve rehearsed this routine countless times, and I know deep down I can perform it with closed eyes. But I also know that what I danced wasn’t 100% what Tony taught me. Francis turns to me, his kind eyes smiling.

“And since when do I really care that you say your text to the word? If you felt better dancing like this, then there is no problem. We created this routine for someone else. You just needed to make it your own for the scene to work. And trust me, Jen, it works.” I shake my head in disbelief, and Francis smiles even more. “Come here, watch.”

I’m afraid of looking and watching myself be ridiculed.But Francis is already turning the laptop so it faces me, and he clicks on the keyboard.

The video starts, and I see myself dancing with Josh. “We wanted to use it as a BTS footage, you know how it works, right?” Maybe Francis keeps on talking, but I’m not listening to him anymore. I can’t take my eyes of the small screen, and watch as Josh lets go of me, and I begin to dance to the Lumineers’ song. And I can see it. My body moves of its own accord, and I seem lost to the world, just going along with it. Yes, this is what Francis wanted from the start. This free girl, who doesn’t dance to the beat of the music around her, but to her own beat, it’s almost as if she creates the movements. In a way, that’s what I did, changing the steps so they would fit me.

It ends too soon. I look straight into Francis’ eyes and nod. There’s no need to speak. I understand now what he meant. The scene is perfect like it is. He pats my shoulder gently, before turning to Eddie, who apparently has already started working his magic on the take.

Suddenly, it dawns on me. Realization. If the scene works, it’s not because of me. It’s thanks to him. I need to find Josh to thank him. I look around the set, but his seat is empty, and I can’t seem to find him anywhere around. It was easier when André was with him, as you could always spot the tall guy .

I realize after a few minutes that he has already left the set. I go straight to the wardrobe and get rid of Sophie’s outfit – even though my involvement in the movie is still not official, there is always the risk of paparazzi being around, and I really really don’t want them to see me in Sophie’s punk version . I got mocked enough times during my Dior period. I don’t bother to go to Ve to take off my make-up, and head straight to Josh’s trailer.

It’s strange, really, to be standing outside his trailer, and to knock on the door. I remember when we used to share one, barely knocking up before coming in … but those days are over. I hope we’ll get back to that one day.

He’s on the phone when he opens the door and lets me come in, showing me the sofa to sit on before he goes to the other end of the trailer, talking quietly. I sit down, and start looking at my fingers, doing my best not to pay attention to the words I can hear.

He comes back a couple of minutes later, tucking his phone in his pocket.

“You want a beer? To celebrate this successful first day of shooting?” he doesn’t wait for my answer to go to the small fridge.

“Sure. And thank you, Josh.” He halts before turning to me.

“For what? I didn’t do anything;”

He takes two bottles of Mcadams from the fridge and hands me one before making himself comfortable on the sofa.

“Come on, Josh. I wouldn’t have been able to do the scene without you.”

He laughs, then takes a sip.

“Yes, you would have. Eventually. You would have screamed at yourself, or would have cried for a few minutes, or whatever, but you would have done it. Because that’s what you do, Jen.”

“I would have danced the routine, yes. I would have done Emma’s thing. But thanks to you I was able to do my own dance…. That’s why I want to thank you. For making me remember that I’m better when I’m myself. I wish I would have remembered earlier.”

He shakes his left hand in a don’t-mention-it way, but I’m not ready to go right now. “You read for tomorrow?”

He takes another sip at his beer, and I can see it, so quickly that if I hadn’t paid attention, I would have missed it. The tension. The slight tension when thinking about tomorrow’s scene. I’m not the only one who’s dreading it.

"I guess I am. I’ll go through the lines again tonight, but it should be okay. You?”

“A bit nervous, you know. It will be the first scene that will show Nate and Sophie. I can already hear Francis saying we need to make an impression.”

“yeah, no pressure, though.” Josh sighs. “I hope it will work.”

He puts his beer on the table and suddenly rises from the sofa, turning his back to me.

“Thank you, Jen. Really.” He says in a soft voice, barely more than a whisper. And I suddenly wonder what he is thanking me for. “Thank you for stepping up for this movie. I’m sure Francis would have found someone else, but you’re here. I know you’re used to it, but for me ….” I know what he means. It’s his first solid role as a frontman in a movie since Mockingjay was released. And this role can give him the opportunity to show how good an actor he is, how a film can be made with his name only and be successful.

“It’s okay, really. And don’t you worry about your career, Josh. If it hadn’t been with this movie, you would have found another one to star in. You made really great choices these last years – I loved ‘Coming Home’, you were great in it. And now you’re in a Scorsese movie… I’m so proud of you, Joshua. I hope you know it.”

He turns to me, a surprised expression on his face. “You saw 'Coming Home’?”

“Even though we weren’t … as close as we used to be, it doesn’t mean I stopped caring. I’ve seen all your movies, even the kid stuff.”

“It means a lot, Jen. And which one was your favorite?”

“Terabithia. Until I see the one with Leo, of course. How was it to work with him?”

“Awesome. He’s just, you know…” he rakes his hand through his hair, searching for his words. “He’s so talented, I don’t know how why he doesn’t already have a ton of Oscars, really. It was great working with him, and Martin – they are like father and son. It’s awesome what he can make us do, how he searches and asks us to go as deep into character as possible.”

I smile. I was lucky to be able to work with some of Hollywood’s most talented director – but never Martin Scorsese. And I’m happy for my friend.

“Looks like you should take your tux to dry-cleaning. You’ll need it for the Academy Awards one day, anyway . And tell your girlfriend to be ready! She’ll have plenty of time to look for a dress.”

I see a scowl between his eyebrows.

“My girlfriend? Something I’m not aware of?” he asks, taking back his phone and searching through it for some app. “bloody paps” he mutters under his breath.

“I don’t know.. I just assumed you had one, you know.” I feel the blush coming to my cheeks. “You seem pretty hung up on your phone nowadays, I thought… never mind, I’m going to go now, I’ve embarrassed myself enough for today.”

I rise from the couch, and make my way to the door, when I feel his hand on my arm.

“I don’t have a girlfriend. I admit I play too much Chess with Friends with Woody, and I’m waiting for a confirmation of a meeting in New York for a reading. But no girlfriend.”

“Oh.” I have literally no words. I didn’t want to pry – well, I wanted to, but not directly. But before I can say anything he turns me so I can face it.

“Let’s make a deal. If we’re both single when the Oscars come, we go together. Horowitz will have a field day.” He pauses, and I see his eyes going down my body. “So Sophie’s got a tattoo? What is it?”

I’m glad I didn’t take the time to rid my face of the make-up. I’m not ready to tell him it’s not Sophie’s, but mine. Hopefully, Josh is looking at my stomach where the word is written just under the belt, plainly visible now that my top has lifted a bit, trying to decipher it. I collect myself before taking my top down to hide it, and wink at Josh.

“Well, that’s for Nate to discover, but at another time, right? You need help rehearsing tonight? ”

“Not sure, but if I do, I’ll call you, okay?” I turn to leave his trailer when I hear him say, smiling “you’ll have to give me an answer for the Oscars. So I can match my suit with whatever you’re wearing.”

I do not miss a beat in answering. “That’s the thing with us, Josh. We always match.”

Jai Imagine For Dana

“SURPRISE!” I jumped back in shock, a massive smile filling my face. 

“GUYS!” I yelled, leaping to hug the people nearest to me. 

“Happy Birthday!” James shouted into one ear.

“Whoooo!” Beau screamed into the other.

“You’re amazing!” I yelled out to everyone else. “Seriously, I can’t believe this!” I said to Luke next to me.

“Well thank Jai! It was his idea!”

“Yeah, speaking of which, where is my lovely boyfriend?” I beamed, looking around.

“Happy Birthday!” One of my friends hugged me from behind. I hugged a few more people, still looking for him. 

“Hey there birthday girl." 

"Skip!” I hugged him hard.

“Happy Birthday!" 

"Thanks! Hey, have you seen Jai by any chance?” I asked, leaning away to look at him.

“Ummmm…” He looked away, not quite catching my eye.

“Skiiip… What is it?” I asked again suspiciously.

“Well I’ve seen him. I’m not sure you wanna see who he’s with though…" 

"What’s that supposed to mean!” I demanded, 

He twitched in my gaze, his eyes flickering to the door. I whipped around, then stepped back slightly as I took in what I seeing. “Is that-?” I asked under my breathe to myself. Ariana Grande. Seriously! And who was guiding her in? None other than my “loving” boyfriend Jai. He caught sight of me, waving. I nodded stiffly in reply, making no move to go over to them. I turned my back on them, to greet someone else, nodding absentmindedly.

“Hey!” I felt two hands around my waist, as he pulled me back into his chest. He kissed the top of my head, before spinning me around to face him.

“Hi Jai.” I said monotonously, ignoring her.

“Happy Birthday Y/N!” She said, smiling at me nervously.

“Thanks.” I said shortly, pulling away from Jai.

“What do you think of my surprise?” He asked expectantly, grinning, obviously pleased with himself.

“It’s lovely. Thank you.” I said bleakly, starting to turn away from him. He caught my wrist, pulling me to the side slightly.

“Hey what’s the matter?” He lowered his voice. “Is it Ariana? Because she really did want to wish you! And she was all alone, I thought I’d.-”

“Look it’s nothing OK? I need to go-”

“Come on, please don’t be this way!”

“What WAY Jai? So you bring your EX famous, much prettier girlfriend with you, and you expect me to just be fine with it?”

“Well I thought you were more mature than that! Guess I was wrong!” I turned away, tears prickling my eyes.

“Yeah, I guess you were…” I walked away, leaving him behind. He stalked off, towards the bar.

“Hey Y/N what happened?” Luke asked as I walked past him.

“Oh it’s nothing! Don’t worry!” I plastered a cheesy grin on my face, flashing my teeth.

“Is it Jai and-”

“Please don’t say her name! Ok I’m just gonna dance.” I stormed into the middle of the dance floor, dancing with some of my friends. I could see Jai from the corner of my eye, chugging down shots. I rolled my eyes and turned away, swaying to the beat. When I turned back, he was gone.

“Typical boy…” I muttered to myself, turning back around.

“Hey Dana!” I heard someone call. I turned to see Jen one of my friends.

“Hey Jen what’s up?”

“I just wanted to say I feel really bad about you and Jai…”

“Umm excuse me?” I asked, confused.

“Well I can’t believe you broke up! You guys were perfect!”

“Jen we haven’t broken up! Why would you think that?” I laughed in spite of myself.

“Oh, I…” She trailed off, looking stricken. I felt the smile melt off my face.

“Jen… What happened?”

“Well… Um.” She gestured towards the couch. I looked and stopped, all the breathe escaping me.

Jai was there.

So was Ariana.

There were kissing.

I felt hot rage seep through me, the blood pounding in my head. “What the fuck?!” I stormed over, standing in front of them.

“Oh Dana…?” He asked, dazed.

“Yes! Dana! Your freaking girlfriend you twat!”

“But?” He looked at Ariana, confused.

“How dare you? You have the audacity to bring her here in the first place, then you decide to casually make out with her? Wow some birthday this has been! Thank you Jai, thank you so fucking much!” I felt hot tears streaming down my cheeks. I wiped them away roughly refusing to let him win.

“No you don’t understand, I thought you?”

“What? Pray tell what you thought Jai, please tell me why you thought it was okay to cheat on me, in front of my face, on my fucking birthday! Actually forget it! I’m going!” I turned on my heel, ignoring everyone’s stares.

“Y/N wait!” James and Beau stopped me.

“Guys, I just really need to go. Please?” I choked out, more tears leaking out of my eyes.

“OK, just… Be safe yeah?”

“Sure.” I pushed past them gently, climbing into my car. I furiously wiped my face again, and started driving. My phone buzzed in my pocket. The again, and again. I whipped it out, throwing it on to the passenger seat.

Hey guys! Part two of this will be posted later, it was just getting really long and I wanted to post something for you! I hope you like it Dana! xx

Elizabeth and Scott dubbing Anna and Kristoff on the ‘foot size doesn’t matter’ scene

Scott impersonating Emma Swan’s ‘you traded your ship for me?’ then Colin answering ‘Aye’ in pure emotion

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Jen, Lana and Victoria being in ultra sync shouting ‘STOP !’ and the end of the convention





The Oscars: The Dress - Joshifer One Shot

The Dress

Jennifer tossed her phone to her assistant, “Can you take a picture of this dress?” she asked turning to the side so the sheer strip down the side of the dress and the sheer back were visible in the photo.

“Are you trying to kill him?”

“Just an incentive to keep him up until I get home,” Jennifer winked, while her fingers flew over the phone, shooting off the picture in a text as she walked into the Vanity Fair party.  A smirk crossed her face when she felt a buzzing coming from her clutch just a few minutes later.  Quickly she opened up her bag and excused herself from the conversation and meandered into the corner of the darkened ballroom, looking down to see his picture flashing across the screen.  “Hey there stranger,” she flirted.

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