jen trail

Morrilla Mini-Fic.

(Please DO NOT send this to any of the actors, this is pure fiction for tumblr and I intend it to stay that way. Thank you.) That being said, this totally did not go how I originally planned it since I’m not big on angst, oh well.

“To Lana!”

The close group of friends lifted their glasses in the air, congratulating the short haired brunette on her recent engagement who smiled and raised her own glass in the toast.

“Thank you all so much.”

As everyone brought their glasses to their lips two pairs of deceivingly innocent eyes remained locked on each other from across the table, silently communicating what neither would be able to voice out loud.


“That was a great party.  Don’t you think that was a good party?”

Jen stifled a chuckle at the slight slur of Lana’s words as she stumbled down the hotel’s hallway towards her room.

“I don’t know about you, but I had a wonderful time,” Lana stated, her hand shooting out to grasp the wall.

The blonde wasn’t much better off than her brunette friend, but at least she could walk a fairly straight line, Lana had tripped in her heels three times now.

Taking a large step forward Jen wrapped an arm around the petite woman’s waist to help guide her, “Yes, Lana, it was great, everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

The brunette chuckled as she leaned her weight into the warm body next to her, attempting to place one foot in front of the other.

Finally, they reached Lana’s room and Jen watched blankly for a moment while the brunette fumbled with the room key.

Jen breathed out a playful huff and grabbed the card, managing to open the door on the first try.

With an exaggerated eye roll Lana slipped in the room, the blonde trailing behind her.

The room was dark except for the haze of moonlight that filtered in through the open curtains on the back wall.  Jen watched as Lana slung her clutch into the corner chair before unsteadily swaying on her feet, turning back around to face the blonde.

“So…” Jen trailed off, wanting to get out of the room before her thoughts could travel back to where her mind had been all evening. “Will you be alright for the night?”

Lana’s grin faded into a pout, “Not going to help out a drunk friend?”

Jen laughed and leaned against the wall, “What, need assistance with your heels?”

“Not exactly,” Lana purred out, her voice dropping an octave.

Jen swallowed and clamped her hands together, feeling her palms grow clammy.

“Lana, I…” Jen stuttered and lost her train of thought as the brunette swaggered her way across the room, getting closer with each step.

Soon Jen could hardly breathe as she felt a warm body press against her own and hot breath against her neck, lips trailing towards her collar bone.

“We… we can’t Lana.” God, she couldn’t even think, let alone talk.

“Just one more time,” Lana whispered, her hands lifted to trail along the blonde’s sides, gripping her even closer.

Jen groaned, she wanted this, so badly, but not an hour earlier they had been celebrating Lana’s… no, this couldn’t happen.  As much as she wanted it to, this couldn’t happen again.  She buried her nose in soft dark locks, committing the scent and feel to memory.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Gently, she pried tanned arms from around her waist and met watery brown eyes, filled with an emotion that she knew all too well.

Jen watched the movement of Lana’s throat as she swallowed back sobering tears, trying desperately to keep them at bay while she found her voice.

“One last kiss?” Lana asked, her voice much too even for how many drinks she had consumed.

This time it was the blondes turn to bite her lip in order to hold the tears back.  She gazed at the beautiful woman in front of her, taking in every detail.  It wouldn’t be the last time she saw Lana, but it would be the last time she saw her like this, exposed, raw, vulnerable.

Gathering any last ounce of strength she had Jen took a small step back as she raised her hand and trailed her thumb over a smooth cheek, shaking her head no.

“Why?” the brunette choked out, leaning into the palm caressing her face.

“Because,” Jen said, “one more would never be enough.”

Her hand slipped away as she turned to leave the room, the first of many tears beginning to make their decent.