jen rightly

anonymous asked:

HG, Dujour article especially about C is very planned by Josh PR and his team. Look at that, when does josh talk about his personal life and his future trips like visiting after his birthday etc and also there is not one endearment word about her. All it was frustrating, kind of cool, international, young and we make it work. And jen rightly used we make it work eye rolling! Why cant everyone pick up the scenes when they are leaving so many clues! No real active gf can tolerate this behavior!

He discussing his personal plans and so specifically was bizarre.  Josh definitely was not anywhere else for his birthday except his house party and he then went to Madrid. No doubt that he did anything else. And he had no problem telling a reporter this?! But yet he hates social media and people prying into his personal life.

“We make it work.”

Yes - he and Jen make it work alright.