jen prior

I’ve seen several people posting about Jen watching Ghost prior to this season and theorizing/wondering if he might not have a physical body. ( @the-jolly-swan @hellowherearemypeople @optomisticgirl @firstbeanstalk
And anyone else I didn’t see)

It seems like that could be totally possible, and could be a way to creatively handle the whole TLK thing. It would be weird for them NOT to kiss for the whole season and it would be AWESOME for them to have a TLK that actually transcends planes of existence.

I mean we know other people in the UW are corporeal, we have them making physical contact with people several times (Cora hugging Regina, James punching David) but I don’t know if we’ve seen any BTS of Killian touching anyone? Does anyone know?

I mean on the rooftop he could have grabbed her arm I suppose or they touched foreheads I don’t remember. They were close but I know they definitely didn’t kiss.

Have we seen them hold hands or anything in BTS? Or him touch anyone in a fight or confrontation? Liam? Henry?

Killian seems to be an exception right out of the gate, he’s being tortured and is a weird “Other” place separate from the other Underbrooke residents so he can definitely be the exception here.

We know also that there are the various Rivers in the scene with Hades so it stands to reason there could be different sections of the Underworld and Killian is in one that lacks a physical presence.