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Last month, accomplished chefs and winemakers from around the world gathered in Aspen, Colorado for the 30th annual Food & Wine Classic. If your invite was “lost in the mail,” you can still relive the event on the Food & Wine blog.

Four amazing photographers from the Tumblr community, Noah KalinaAlice GaoChris Ozer and Nicole Franzen, were given unprecedented access behind the scenes to document the event from their own unique point of view. From candid portraits of celebrity chefs to sweeping vistas of the Rocky Mountains, and even some F&W Classic street style (or is it tent style?), the images they shared create a completely immersive experience that goes far beyond the customary #food porn.

While the bloggers were encouraged to share photos with their followers by reblogging, Food & Wine also ran a paid campaign using creative from Alice Gao to increase engagement and awareness across the network.

Together, the Tumblr bloggers helped F&W craft an all-encompassing narrative so the event would appeal to a wider-range of Tumblr users, including fashion, interiors, and landscape photography fans. Through their photos, you can enjoy the natural beauty and the human charm of the Classic, even if you didn’t get to taste the food.

 - Jen “accepting leftovers” Pelka - Food & Drink Evangelist

Photo Credits (clockwise from Top Left): Jen Pelka x 2Chris OzerAlice GaoNicole Franzen, Alice Gao.