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i had an mgg dream and he didn't even try to brutally murder me in it wow. basically he started replying to my tumblr messages and we just had a really chill conversation abt movies and whatever the fuck we wanted to talk abt and i asked him to draw a tattoo for mish and we were just chilling, hanging out, becoming best buds, AND THEN JEN MADE A POST ABT MY THING FOR HIS ((nipples)) AND HE WOULDN'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE, FUCK OFF DREAM JEN

@reidbyers why are u so fuckin r00d to fox what did he ever do to u :(

“I’m so scared all the time – and the fear hurts. Feeling like everything is over, was over long before I got here, so long, hiding, or trying to outrun this.”

“I get it. This won’t stop until I die. But when I die, I want it to hurt.” 

“When my friends leave, when I have to let go, when this entire town is wiped off the map – I want it to hurt. Bad.”

“I want to lose. I want to get beaten up. I want to hold on until I’m thrown off and everything ends…”

“And you know what? Until that happens, I want to hope again and I want it to hurt. Because that means it meant something. It means I am…something, at least.”

– Mae, Night in the Woods

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I know some ppl are trying to question Jen's timing of the announcement but from Matt Mitovich in his article in comments he tells someone who said, Jen should of waited till next week, but Matt replies the news was going to be announced anyhow in the media. So it seems to be Jen took it on and did it first then just media letting everyone know beforehand.

Thanks for the heads up

This is why I adore Jen so much. She made sure that she was the first one her fans heard from about this. 

ATVfest - Ouat Panel
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy (x)
  • Jen said it was really hard not to laugh during the scenes with “Old Crazy Drunk Hook” (x)
  • Old Drunk Hook “thinks he’s awesome. He doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” - Colin (x)
  • Jen’s talking about the fight with Gideon (x)
  • Colin wants a sitcom with Old Hook (x)
  • “There’s good Captain Swan-age” in upcoming episodes (x)
  • Jen suggests “Dark Swan with Old Hook. It’s a lot of black leather.” (x)
  • hasn’t been shot yet but will be soon (x)    
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show” (x)
  • “oh true love” Colin on Emma leaving Hook at the beanstalk (x)        
  • They’ve made Jen a red leather jacket that’s warm for this season (x)
  • They said “black fairy backstory” and the crowd ooh'ed and Jen and Colin had the cutest reactions “I didn’t know people ooh’!” - Jen (x)      
  • “Be kind. It’s a tv show.” - eddy on social media (x)
  • “I’m picturing Emma with the Dustin Hoffman version [of Hook]. That’s a whole different story.” - Jen (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show. Adam doesn’t think they can get The Rock (x)     

Part 2

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Quick happy MSR drabble / extended headcanon for @snowvitamins <3

Peering out the window over the kitchen sink to one of her favorite sights, Scully smiled. In front of her, their figures backed by tall golden grass, were her two boys, leaping across the puddles in the uneven gravel driveway.

The summer heat was oppressive and with their air conditioning broken on this lazy Sunday, the three of them had splayed out in the living room all day, fans at full blast, wearing minimal clothing, until the whoosh of the downpour started.

Scully had insisted that shoes of some sort were a necessity. As a result, Mulder was now wearing only gym shorts and his work boots as he chased a squealing William through the puddles and around the yard.

Mulder had never looked more ridiculous. Scully had never loved him more.

ATV Fest, Adam, Eddy, Colin and Jen Panel Roundup
  • When asked about a season 7, Eddy said: “The show is about hope, so have hope!”
  • On Gideon: “Gideon is bringing Rumple and Belle back together.” (x)
  • Jen thought she was going to “pee herself watching Colin film Wish Realm!Hook”. (x) (x)
  • Talking about Wish Realm!Robin, Adam and Eddy said “he’s a different character”. (x)
  • On reintroducing Robin’s feather: “It was a sign of faith..that she should be faithful about bringing this Robin back” (x)
  • Colin says that Hook thinks Wish Realm!Hook “is awesome, he doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” (x) Colin wants a sitcom with Old Drunk Hook. (x) Eddy jokes, “Old Hook was gonna be under the hood but his liver gave out so they gave it to Gideon” (x)
  • “If you like Captain Swan, there will be a lot of #CaptainSwan-age in the second half of the season… ‘Captain Swan’ fans will be happy!“ (x)
  • Colin and Emma tease each other about the ups and downs of #CaptainSwan. Colin says “Ah, true love!” in his charming accent.  (x)
  • Musical episode confirmed, Has not been shot yet, but will include all original songs. Jen is not as excited as the fans. (x)
  • Any bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle? “It’s a TV show!” (x)
  • They made Jen a warm red leather jacket for this season. (x)
  • “Producers announce that the new season will see Tinkerbell, Ariel, more of Aladdin/Jasmine, & the Black Fairy’s backstory.” (x)
  • Writers considered letting Hook keep his Irish accent for Hook. (x)
  • “Be kind, it’s a tv show.” -Eddy (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show but Adam doesn’t think they could get The Rock. (x)
  • “Q: Will we ever see Moana in Storybrooke? Ed: “We have a great relationship with #Disney and are always open to adding new characters” (x)