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Dawson's Creek 25 Day Challenge

Day 1 - Favorite Season

um, either season 1 or season 3

Day 2 - Favorite Episode

castaways, the one where Pacey and Joey get locked in Kmart over night

Day 3 - Favorite Romance

Joey and Pacey <3

Day 4 - Favorite Male Character


Day 5 - Favorite Female Character


Day 6 - Favorite Friendship

Jen and Jack, every show needs a will and grace

Day 7 - Least Favorite Season

season 5, it was just so boring…

Day 8 - Least Favorite Episode

The long goodbye, Mitch should not have died, he is too cool for that

Day 9 - Least Favorite Romance

Joey and Jack

Day 10 - Least Favorite Male Character

Dawson, he is such a little whiny bitch, suck it up

Day 11 - Least Favorite Female Character

Andie, she cheated on Pacey wtf

Day 12 - Least Favorite Friendship 

I don’t think I have a least favorite friendship

Day 13 - A Scene That Made You Laugh 

Dawson’s ugly cry, whenever Joey’s drunk

Day 14 - A Scene That Made You Cry 

like everything, but mostly whenever Pacey was with Joey

Day 15 - A Scene That Made You Angry 

when Joey at first picked Dawson over Pacey at the end of season 3 and when Pacey broke up with Joey at Prom

Day 16 - Something You Wish Had Happened

I wish Jack had gone out with Jen before realizing he was gay

Day 17 - Something That You Wish Had Never Happened 

Joey ditching Pacey for Eddie in season 6

Day 18 - Saddest Character Death 

tie between Mitch and Jen

Day 19 - Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time

no one really

Day 20 - A character you loved at first then ended up hating 


Day 21 - A character you hated at first then ended up loving 


Day 22 - A character you relate most to 

Tie between Joey and Jen, I’m like Jen because in a way, I am a slight rebel and try to stand up for what I believe in but I’m also like Joey who is too afraid to hurt others by making decisions and we are both very spunky and sassy

Day 23 - Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did

Dawson and Audrey

Day 24 - Two Characters Who Got Together That You Wish Didn’t 

Joey and Jack

Day 25 - Favourite Scene 

anything involving Pacey and Joey together, first kiss scene, the count to ten scene, the scene where Pacey rants on to Dawson about Joey being a goddess, the ski trip scene, the castaway episode, and the scene where Joey makes her final decision between Dawson and Pacey

Every girl should have a Pacey Witter

I Just Watched: Dawson’s Creek "The Pilot" (1998)

A little back story here, I watched Dawson’s Creek as a kid, when this episode came out, I was 9. I vaguely remember anything, the most vivid memory I have of Dawson’s Creek is of course the intro song. It was ubiquitous back then. I was exchanging TV series with my best friend the other day, and I saw this on her hard drive, I figured I’d copy it and transport myself back to the cheesy 90’s.

The Pilot opens with a shot of Dawson’s Creek, of course, and pans up close to Dawson and Joey watching Psycho. Katie Holmes is just too cute (I’m just going to use this word because it has never been appropriate) with her cheeks and crooked smile. James van der Beek looks like a 90’s poster boy. And then they argue about Gandhi winning Oscars over  Psycho. Dawson drops some Stephen Spielberg “Peter Pan Syndrome“comments. Both show hints of being ardent film geeks.

I’m just going to assume everyone else know this show’s story. I mean, I kind of know its theme. Joey and Dawson are best friends since they were kids. Joey climbs a ladder to Dawson’s window to sleep in his room every night. Then the pilot creates a conflict that would stir that friendship, emerging hormones. Joey raises a logical thought to Dawson, them having gone through some bodily changes might affect their relationship. Joey being a female and Dawson being a guy he just shrugs it off. Both goes to sleep and into the awkwardness of being a teenager.

Cut to the song! I swear I sing along to this song every time I hear it. It’s crazy.

And then, shots of Joey sun bathing on the dock, a monster comes up from the water and grabs her and Dawson screams ‘cut!’ It turns out they’re shooting a film. The monster takes his monster head off to reveal a cute Joshua Jackson! (I might use the word ‘cute’ a lot in this review). Camera switches to a cab, the door opens and reveals a hot Michelle Williams. Dawson and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) enter Dawson’s house. Pacey switches shirts! He was wearing a different shirt on the way to the house. Anyway, they enter the doors just in time to see Dawson’s parents humping on the coffee table.  I had a feeling that more scenes like this are going to come.

Every important character has been introduced so far which is makes the story really easy to follow.

As if the teenage life is not cringe worthy enough, next scenes follow Pacey and Dawson working in a video store where a considerably hot old woman walks in and Pacey flirts with her. True to this shows loyalty to pop culture allusions, she rents “The Graduate”. Cringe-fest.

Dawson goes home and sees Jen sitting on the dock. Cue the generic 90’s pop song. He goes and talk to her, about what else? Movies. Then Dawson drops my favorite line of the show so far “I reject reality” when Jen asks him why he likes movies. He then invites Jen to see his Spielberg donned boy cave. Joey catches the two while she climbs her ladder. Jen goes home and Joey enters Dawson’s room. She pretends she did not see Jen. Dawson then starts an argument about his suspicion that his mother is sleeping with her co-anchor. Joey strongly disagrees saying Dawson is always looking for a conflict in his perfect life.  These two are too smart to be 15 year-olds.

Next scenes follow Jen’s relationship with her grandparents.  Her gramps especially is conservative and do not want her to hang out with Joey and Dawson. Jen declares she’s an atheist and the look on her grandmother’s face is priceless.  

Cut to Capeside High School, another main character of the show, I suppose.  Dawson is starting to play his “I’ll walk you to your class” card with Jen. Hmmm. I went through that phase too Dawson. And then come more scenes of Dawson declaring his love for film. It is quite commendable. Jen and Dawson are becoming noticeably chummy, much to Joey’s jealousy. Also, the hot older woman whom Pacey flirted with is actually his new English teacher. Yaay high school!

Fast forward to the gang deciding to watch a movie so Pacey could go on flirting with his English teacher. Pacey invites Dawson to appear inconspicuous. Dawson invites Jen, well because he likes her. And somehow Dawson also invites Joey to appear like they’re having a double date at the movies. Conflict rises when Joey starts making sarcastic jokes about Jen, well, because Dawson is not saying a word to her and his attention is a hundred percent focused on Jen. And then a confrontation follows. Joey then throws a big “Stop living in the movies, grow up” speech not just at Dawson, but also at me.

The pilot ends with Pacey somehow kissing his teacher. I loved The Graduate but again, cringe-fest. Dawson on the other hand was not able to kiss Jen (a pretend kiss does not count as a kiss, duh). And Joey and Dawson had another long argument on how adulthood is going to affect their lives because there are things they can’t tell each other anymore. But the two settles the argument just like typical teenagers bickering, only their argument is a bit more well put than most adult arguments I’ve heard in real life.  

Apart from the cinematic allusions, what I like about Dawson’s Creek is that you can watch a scene and say that I went through the same situation, except the kissing your teacher part (in my case that is). 

Dawson’s Creek “The Pilot” aired on January 20, 1998 and is directed by Steve Miner.