jen lang

A mix with both original songs and covers that attempt to capture the experience of being a teenager and hella gay (and a girl). 

Includes songs by both out musicians and not, but with all female pronouns.

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Jenny - Lily Sevin

Secret - Missy Higgins

Nicest Thing - Kate Nash

Take Me To Church - Hannah Gill

Riptide - Taylor Swift

Vinyl - Angel Haze

Just Kids - Brandi Carlile

Best Song Ever - Gabrielle Aplin

Teenage Dirtbag - Mary Lambert

She Looks So Perfect - Danielle Stez

At Seventeen - Janis Ian

Here is a Heart - Jenny Owens Young

Not In That Way - Lily Carrazana

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Ingrid Michaelson

I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

Constant Craving - k.d. Lang

Fearless Love - Melissa Etheridge

I Couldn’t Be Your Friend - Tegan and Sara

Crazy - Au Revoir Simone

I Want To Hold Your Hand - TV Carpio

I’m the Only One - Melissa Etheridge

Stay With Me - Hannah Trigwell

Higher Love - Stassy

Sweater Weather - Kina Grannis 

Same Love - Angel Haze

Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High - Miley Cyrus

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her - Jen Foster

Drove Me Wild - Tegan and Sara

I Think She Knows - Kaki King

Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

anonymous asked:

Hey- I'm a huge She Hulk fan; what would you say are the best FF comics that feature her? Can you recommend any?

I love Jen and I love her relationship with the FF, so, yeah, there are plenty of comics to recommend!

Some background: Ben asks Jen to take his place in the FF at the end of Secret Wars and she returns to Earth as a member of the FF in Fantastic Four #265. She remains a member of the team until Fantastic Four #300, when Ben rejoins the team after Johnny’s wedding to Alicia who is really Lyja, a shapeshifting Skrull spy. Jen appears in nearly all of those 35 issues, so I tried to pick out the ones that are mostly about her.

Links are included.


Ben and Jen meet for the first time! There’s a lot of flirting from Jen at first and Ben does not approve of that (he’s still dating Alicia) or Jen’s driving, but they eventually get over their differences and go on to become very close friends.

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Asaran After Rehearsal-(Jennylyn vs JuliElmo)

Grabe lang si Jen at Julie :) Hahaha #JuliElmoReunion