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Simon Says / Jackady



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*screams into the void because this took so fucking long* ANYWAY! Behold! One of my last few commissions, done for @psych0chiken, who wanted comic of a Pink Twins AU resulting out of Marble Madness, in which Garnet saves Steven, but not Dipper, so he kinda… you, know… dies outside the warp stream. Hence we have Pink Dipper! Imo tho this is kind of a fucking mess cause I haven’t done comics in so long. Like, I know shit about character positioning and also my handwriting is shit so sorry if none of you can read this. Still, I’m so glad its finally done like this was wracking my guilty conscious while I was writing Full Disclosure and so its a huge relief to have it done. But anyway, hope ya’ll like it! 


Alas! The last of my commissions is finally done! This one’s for @fivenightsatuniversefalls, who asked for a journal entry on, what else, the Pink Twins! (imo my two biggest commissions were both {Pink Twins related, I don’t know what to make of that). So I did that and I think it turned out pretty cute. I kinda had to color this pretty creatively, what with it being a journal entry (and it has been almost a fucking year since I’ve made one of these tbh) but eh yeah again, I think its alright. And with all my commissions finally said and done, I’m off to draw some self indulgent Swap AU stuff while working on that Swap AU oneshot (I’ve had Swap on the brain lately) before starting Joy Ride next week I guess idk as long as its done before my trip to Oregon next moth then I’ll be happy but anyway, enjoy!

Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 19

Warnings: Death, violence, blood, PTSD
A/N: Sorry I took so long friends, had to restart it, and decided to put warnings because a lot of shit happens. Apologies beforehand

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You woke up, in a cold sweat. Jenny was sleeping next to you, unable to sleep on Lafayette’s mattress alone. You moved slowly, trying not to disturb her rest. You tip toed through your room, and out the door. You saw a light in the kitchen down the hallway.

“Thomas, we cannot just leave them, we have to stay. Y/N and Jenny will be quite worried, and I don’t think it’s a good idea.” You heard Lafayette whisper. You stayed in the shadows, listening.

“They’re safer here. Look Gilbert, we saw what we saw. Aaron Burr? That’s impossible for him to be here, and yet, there he was,” You heard some shuffling, and a zipper being pulled, “Now, I either go alone, or you come with me. Make a choice, monsieur.”

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I’ve been thinking about making this cc au where everyone is glittery and sparkly?? Like they have different aesthetic styles and colors. Some really gross David art I made as an example. I’ll make a list right now explaining which character is which color
David- Lightish Lime Green
Gwen- Pastel Purple
Max- Navy Blue
Neil- Orange
Nikki- Turquoise or Teal (I’m not 100% sure if there’s a difference??)
Preston- Yellow
Ered- Hot Pink or Magenta
Space Kid- Baby Blue
Nurf- Red
Harrison- Golden Yellow/Yellow Orange
Nerris- Dark Purple or Blue Violet
Dolph- Blue
Daniel- White
Jen/Gen- Pastel Pink
Jasper- Neon Blue
That’s all I got at the moment.. It is 2 am where I’m at so. Goodnight I guess? If you have any questions, please ask !!


This is Ellie or Eleanor Belleanore Jelleanore Beans. She loves how beautifully green the stickies are just like her favorite blanket. She gets lots of good belly rubs at night when her 2 warm trees are looking at the stickies blog. She wants to show off the pinkest of her beans but you can not touch them.

Hi Ellie! 😊🐸

Jens is very impressed with your Super Extreme Very Extra Fluffy Jacket! He thinks it is just marvelous! 😀

Jens sees your stunning pink toe beans, and you even have extra fluffy jacket in your toes to protect them! 

He sends you one hundred pats of your marvelous jacket and a special Jens smile! 🐸

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I'm not part of the CC fandom but I'm now so intrigued in the ShipCrew AU. What weapons everyone has and what color siren features?

hmm well earlier someone said jasper was like,,, Fully Equiped with like,, two hand guns, a shotgun, and a sword, so i’m assuming gwen would have mostly the same thing and david probably wouldn’t go as wild as that y’know but he’d have a sword at least,,

oh! and the sirens colors would be pink, purple and blue but,,,, v muted and dull y’know